Monday, April 23, 2018

Official Stills for the Upcoming Creature Feature "Soft Matter"

Wild Eye Releasing recently released stills for their upcoming film "Soft Matter". The film stars Ruby Lee Dove II, Hal Schneider, and Mary Anzalone.

"Soft Matter" hits VOD on May 22nd.

Press Release:

The Shape of Water meets Get Out in the unique Sci-fi Horror Soft Matter, premiering on VOD 5/22 from Wild Eye Releasing.

Jim Hickcox’s feature debut tells of two graffiti artists that break into an abandoned, reportedly haunted research facility in hopes of creating an art installation, but stumble upon a team of demented researchers who are in the process of resurrecting an ancient sea creature - who they now must fight in order to not become their next experiment.

Ruby Lee Dove II, Hal Schneider, and Mary Anzalone star in a "fiercely original and incredibly entertaining masterpiece" (A Word of Dreams) out May 22.

Tempe Entertainment Announces Blu-Ray Debuts for "Platoon of the Dead" and "Poison Sweethearts"

Tempe Entertainment recently released information for their upcoming blu-ray releases of "Platoon of the Dead" and "Poison Sweethearts". Both films will include English subtitles.

Special features for "Platoon of the Dead" includes Audio commentary with the director & cinematographer, Behind-the-scenes featurette, Zombie House tour, Tough Tom’s Movie Boot Camp, Director & cinematographer interviews, Cast & crew interviews, Deleted scene, Blooper reel, Optional English subtitles and Tempe Digital trailers.

Special features for "Poison Sweethearts" includes Audio commentary with The Campbell Brothers, Scenes from the unfinished 2002 version, “The Opening Heavens / Burnt Steaks” Luke Campbell music video,, “Delicate Adventures” The Wildcats music video., “I Believe In You” The Killer Dudes music video, “Cordoba Nights” preview trailer, Optional English subtitles and Tempe Digital trailers.

Both "Platoon of the Dead" and "Poison Sweethearts" hit retail on May 15th.

Press Release:

Tempe Digital announces a pair of new additions to its Blu-ray line with the release of "Platoon of the Dead" and "Poison Sweethearts" on May 15, 2018. Each title is priced at $24.99 SRP and includes all bonus material from the original DVD releases, as well as optional English subtitles.

Platoon of the Dead (2009)
In the distant future, man’s greatest enemy is one another as the flesh-eating undead wages war against the living! A Marine platoon is ambushed during a mission, leaving only three soldiers alive to fend off the growing army of the living dead. En route to their pickup point, they come across an abandoned house with three mysterious women hiding out inside. If they can make it through the night, they’re home free...or so they think, because someone is hiding a dark secret that may alter the course of this gore-drenched war...


Audio commentary with the director & cinematographer
Behind-the-scenes featurette (25 mins.)
Zombie House tour (7 mins.)
Tough Tom’s Movie Boot Camp (4 mins.)
Director & cinematographer interviews (16 mins.)
Cast & crew interviews (7 mins.)
Deleted scene (3 mins.)
Blooper reel (6 mins.)
Optional English subtitles
Tempe Digital trailers

Poison Sweethearts (2008)
On the depraved streets of Cleveland, young women are dealt hard lives. Trudging through days of filth, poverty and crime, they do what they can to survive. Women backed against a wall — mistreated and abused — now, see them strike back with horrifying vengeance! A beautiful dame forced to sell her body for her pimp. A sweet 16-year-old girl starved for affection who turns to a pair of smooth-talking breakdancers she meets in the park. The kitten who sacrifices her freedom to care for her drunken, degenerate father. Witness these blood-soaked stories and more in a cautionary tale of what happens when innocent women are pushed too far!


Audio commentary with The Campbell Brothers
Scenes from the unfinished 2002 version (9 mins.)
“The Opening Heavens / Burnt Steaks” Luke Campbell music video (3 mins.)
“Delicate Adventures” The Wildcats music video (3 mins.)
“I Believe In You” The Killer Dudes music video (4 mins.)
“Cordoba Nights” preview trailer (2 mins.)
Optional English subtitles
Tempe Digital trailers

Both Blu-ray titles are now in stock from the Tempe Online Store and available for preorder from Amazon, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers through our distribution partners at Allied Vaughn.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Troma Invades Your Home with Sick Sock Monsters from Outer Space

Troma Entertainment recently released information for their upcoming blu-ray release of "Sick Sock Monsters From Outer Space". The film stars Eddy Endolf, Alberto Pagnotta, Alessandro Bianchi, Paola Masciadri and Massimo Muntoni.

Special features on the Blu-Ray includes Behind the Scenes, Deleted Scenes, A Merry Sick Sock Christmas Teaser, Tromatic Trailers, and More.

"Sock Sock Monsters from Outer Space hits retail on May 8th.

Press Release:

As the new king of the galaxy, King Grigorio, comes to power with an idea that 'fitness regimes' will keep his populace content, the once renowned bad-ass galactic rockstar, Captain Pixws, is tasked with delivering essential tanning beds to every corner of the Universe. Pixws and his crew of SICK SOCK MONSTERS find themselves on the mysterious planet, Nemesis, where they discover the gruesome truths behind King Grigorio's galactic reign! Intense sex, drugs and violence paired with a vibrant soundtrack of vintage sci-fi orchestral works and death metal makes SICK SOCK MONSTERS FROM OUTER SPACE out of this world!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Get High with the Official Poster for "Evil Bong 777"

Full Moon Features recently released the official poster for their upcoming film "Evil Bong 777". The film stars Robin Sydney, Jessica Morris, Mindy Robinson and Sonny Carl Davis

"Evil Bong 777" hits Full Moon Streaming and Hulu on April 20th.

Press Release:

The weed weirdos are BACK in Charles Band's 7th smoke-soaked entry in Full Moon's surreal and smutty horror comedy series. And we have your first look at Ryan Brookhart's UNREAL original poster art!

For this seventh spliffiest entry, Full Moon's founder - producer/director Charles Band - has dragged his merry band of misfits to Sin City itself! EVIL BONG 777 leaves off where last year's EVIL BONG 666 left off. Our scowling weed-spewing Eebee is out of "Sexy Hell" and heading to Las Vegas with danger on her tail! She's joined by her whack pack of fabulous freaks: Faux Batty, Rabbit, Misty and The Gingerweed Man.

Get ready for a tidal wave of smutty, skunky, surreal insanity as the gang gets into all manner of misadventures. Can Vegas handle this gaggle of ganja-fied weirdos?

EVIL BONG 777 will be released on Full Moon's Amazon channels, Hulu and on April 20th - 420! -an EVIL BONG tradition! A DVD and Blu-ray release will follow at a later date.

Massacre Video Brings Hell Home with "Enter the Devil"

Massacre Video recently released information for their upcoming DVD and Blu-Ray release of "Enter the Devil". The film 1974 stars David S. Cass Sr., Irene Kelly and Joshua Bryant.

Special features on the DVD & Blu-Ray includes Limited Edition Slipcover, 2k Master from original 35mm Inter-negative element, English Captions, SIZZLING BONUS FEATURE: Frank Q. Dobbs' CALIFORNIA CONNECTION (THE EROTIC ADVENTURES OF PETERE GALORE), Video Nasty Scholar, Kim Newman talks ENTER THE DEVIL, Extensive still gallery and Trailers for other Massacre Video releases.

"Enter the Devil" hits retail on May 8th.

Plot Synopsis:

Following the mysterious disappearances of several travelers in a rural part of southern Texas, a detective and a scientist from a nearby city are sent to investigate. Made to immediately feel unwanted by the locals, they soon discover the remains of one of the missing, but in doing so begin to sense that something sinister is afoot in the desolate community they've entered. Determined to uncover the truth, the duo quickly find themselves faced with an unimaginable evil; a terror linked to Satan himself!

Massacre Video proudly presents the Blu-ray debut of Frank Q. Dobbs' low budget regional chiller, ENTER THE DEVIL (aka DISCIPLE OF DEATH), newly restored from a recently discovered inter-negative.

Official Poster and Stills for the Upcoming Shocker "Tempus Tormentum"

Terror Films recently send over the official trailer and stills for their upcoming release "Tempus Tormentum". The film stars Tyhr Trubiak, Darren Johnston and Paul McWhinney.

"Tempus Tormentum" hits VOD on April 17th.

For more information on this film, you can visit the official website at:

Press Release:

Terror Films is set to release James Rewucki's, Tempus Tormentum onto Digital platforms this Tuesday, April 17. The genre distributor is unveiling the official poster and trailer, prior to the film’s chilling release, right here.

The film was written and directed by James Rewucki and produced by Absurd Machine Films. Tempus Tormentum stars Tyhr Trubiak as Mr. Mouse, an unlucky drifter who happens to become the prey of three masked psychopaths. The psychopaths are named: Clown (Dr. Rage), Devil (Darren Johnston), and Slashmouth (Paul McWhinney). After drugging and abducting their victim, the trio use a combination of psychological and physical torture to drive Mr. Mouse mad, kill him or both.

Tempus Tormentum features award winning cinematography and sound design and has played at multiple festivals. A selection of film festivals Tempus Tormentum has played at include FEARnyc (2017). Here, it won Best Lighting Design and was nominated for Jury Prize Best Feature and Best Actor. At the Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival (2017), the film was nominated for Best Feature, Best Director, Best Horror and Best Production Design. The film also showed at the Amarcord Chicago Arthouse Film Awards (2017) and the Hamilton Film Festival CA (2017). In total, the film has been nominated for or won at least ten awards - during its year long festival run.

The film’s official trailer is here:

In their ongoing effort to bring the best and most diverse indie horror content to the masses, Terror Films will be releasing the film in North American markets across multiple Digital platforms. The Digital release will begin with: Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Vudu, Google Play and XBox Live. This release will be followed by additional platforms (to be announced) and a DVD release, at a later date.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Film Review: "Terrifier"

Usually when I decide to buy or see a film a film, I would take a look at the film’s trailer. This wasn’t the case with “Terrifier”. The two main reasons why I chose to see this film with seeing the trailer are that it starred Catherine Corcoran whom I liked from “Return to Return Nuke Em’ High” and the fact that this films was being presented on Dread Central’s new film label Dread Central Presents.

The film follows two women (Jenna Kanell, Catherine Corcoran) who leave a Halloween party to head home. While walking to their car they find out that they are being stalked by a sadistic clown known Art the Clown (David Howard Thornton). To make matters worse, their car has a slashed tire so one of the women calls her sister (Samantha Scaffidi) to pick them up. Soon, all three women will be forced to play his deadly game as they have to fight to survive before becoming Art the Clown’s latest victims themselves.

When I saw and reviewed “Red Eye” almost two months ago, I thought that it would be most disturbing film that I would see all year as it was very bloody and shocking. Well that took almost two months because “Terrifier” has taken that title as most disturbing film of 2018 as this is one of the most gruesome slashers that I’ve seen period.

One of the main things that makes this film so good was Damien Leone direction. He does a very good job making sure this action is intense from start to finish. From the way that he edits the film to the way that he and his effects teams make the scenes very gory in a disturbing way, everything is done in a way that you are shocked at what’s happening on screen. It helped give the film its intense tone. The other thing that Leone does very well is to make sure the performances are directed in a way that it keeps you interested in the film. It makes for the action to work well with the story.

For horror films to be very good, it needs a good villain. This film has it as David Howard Thornton’s performance was very menacing even though he never utters a word in the film. He’s able to make his character feel horrifying through his body language and making his character very mime like. It helps make him terrifying to watch on screen.

The screenplay written also by Leone was very shocking. One of things that help makes it work was the way that he makes sure the story has a very dark and demented tone from start to finish. He achieves that by making sure every action scene had a sinister feel to it. It helped make the both the action and the death scenes in the story feel disturbing and dark. The other thing that I liked about this screenplay was the fact the way he approaches the Art the Clown character. To give the character no dialogue and make him frightening through his look and mannerisms is what makes the character very scary and downright frightening on screen. It makes this film very shocking to watch.

This is one of those films that felt like you were watching a splatterfest and that makes a very good horror film. With its directing and terrifying action, “Terrifier” is one of the most demented slashers that will make you afraid of clowns and earns the Horror Chamber Seal of Approval.