Friday, December 15, 2017

"Dangerous People" Blu-Ray Review

Sometimes at conventions, you come across films that you like enough that you want to write about when the release date comes along. I came across “Dangerous People” when I went to a screening of the film at Scare-A-Con New England after hearing about the film through one of my friends over at Dark Discussions Podcast.

The film is about two killers (Garo Nigoghossian, Vincent Stalba) who stumble into a bar. There, they meet a beautiful woman (Angelina Leigh) who decides to go with them to their apartment. The killers take her hostage, but their plan takes a vicious turn when they find out she’s not like their other victims. Who will make out alive in this twisted film?

This was one of those films where I didn’t know what to expect as I went to it the first time blind. After watching this for a second time recently, I enjoyed the film even more.

Garo Nigoghossian’s direction was very good. What I liked about his direction was the way he approaches his direction. He does a great job making sure the film move at a good pace. Whether it was the way he makes sure the action scene had a horrific tone to the way the gore effects were handled, everything is done in a way that makes horrifying elements work. The other thing that I liked about the direction was the way that he directs his cast including himself. Each of the three main people in the film had a very good chemistry with each other. It helped moved the film considering there’s a lot of dialogue in the film. It’s one of the better acted micro budgeted films current out on DVD, VOD and Blu-Ray.

The screenplay also written by Nigoghossian had a very trippy and sleazy feel to it which made it feel like a grindhouse film from the seventies. One of the things that he does well to make sure that this story has grindhouse feel to it. From the exploitative elements of the late sixties/ early seventies tone to the surrealism that he uses to make his story work, everything is written well to the point that it comes off as shocking. It helped gave the film its sleazy tone. The other thing that I liked about Nigoghossian’s screenplay was the way that he approaches the film’s dialogue. I liked how he keeps the scenes moving with the offbeat dialogue. It moved the pace of the story and made the scenes between the three main characters interesting considering most of the film takes place in either in one room or in flashbacks sequences. It made all the craziness that goes on works very well as I was into this from start to finish.

If that wasn’t enough, the film also has very good cinematography work from Wheat and a trippy soundtrack from Palm Tree Lumberjacks, J.D. Blackfoot and Bren Scott.

The first featurette on disc 1 is the behind the scenes featurette. The featurette features on set footage from the filming. It’s an interesting look at the filming process of this film. The first disc wraps up with the film’s official trailer.

Disc 2 stars with the film’s audio commentary track. The track features star/writer/director Garo Nigoghossian, actress Angelina Leigh, actor Vincent Stalba and moderator Hunter Duesing from the Midnight Movie Cowboys podcast. This was a very good track as it goes into various aspects of the film’s production while diving into some stories that took place while filming. This track moves at very good pace as moderator Hunter Duesing does a very good job making sure the conversation keeps moving throughout the film. It allows the track to be informative while being entertained.

The next featurette is “Critiquing Raw Footage”. It was an interesting look at one of the film’s shocking scenes. Nigoghossian shows some of the do’s and don’ts when filming and creating a scene while also going into his thought process. It shows the pain taking process of getting the right shots for a scene to work. Interesting featurette for people into the process of film making.

After that it’s “Angelina’s Naked Storytelling”. It’s very similar to the film’s behind the scenes featurette as it show how one of the film’s dialogue scenes being filmed from its direction to completion.

The disc wraps up with extended, alternate and deleted scenes, a thirty plus minute NSFW photo gallery, teaser and red band trailers for Dangerous People and a trailer for “Actress Apocalypse”.

This is one of those films that plays very well to fans to grindhouse inspired films. The blu-ray is one of the most loaded indie releases that I’ve ever seen as there is a lot material on this disc.  I was happy that I took the chance with “Dangerous People” as this is one of the better micro budgeted releases that I’ve seen this year.

Review Rating: Five Stars
Extras: Five Stars

Open the Door with the Official Trailer for "The Rizen"

Uncork'd Entertainment recently released the official trailer for their upcoming film "The Rizen". The film stars Laura Swift (The Snowman), Sally Phillips (the Bridget Jones series), Bruce Payne (Warlock III, Passenger 57), Julian Rhind-Tutt (Lucy), Tom Goodman Hill (Everest) and The Young Ones’ Adrian Edmondson.

"The Rizen" hits VOD on January 2nd.

Plot Synopsis:

A door to unspeakable horror opens this January.

Laura Swift (The Snowman), Sally Phillips (the Bridget Jones series), Bruce Payne (Warlock III, Passenger 57), Julian Rhind-Tutt (Lucy), Tom Goodman Hill (Everest) and The Young Ones’ Adrian Edmondson star in writer-director Matt Mitchell’s “fast-paced and thoroughly entertaining”* action-horror The Rizen, invading VOD this January from Uncork’d Entertainment.

The year is 1955. NATO and the Allied Forces have been conducting secret, occult experiments in a bid to win the Arms Race. They have finally succeeded, but what they have unleashed could tear our world apart. Now one woman must lead the only other two survivors past faceless horrors that threaten to kill or capture them at every turn. They are the only ones left who can fight to close a door that should never have been opened.

The Rizen available on VOD January 2 from Uncork’d Entertainment.

"The Rizen": Official Trailer

Monday, December 11, 2017

"Puppet Killer" Director Lisa Ovies Joins "Beverly Hills Lizard People"

Cthulhu Crush Productions recently released information that "Puppet Killer" director Lisa Ovies will be directing the horror comedy "Beverly Hills Lizard People". No cast has been announced yet.

"Beverly Hills lizard People" starts production in summer 2018.

Press Release: 

Cthulhu Crush Productions have announced that filmmaker Lisa Ovies will direct horror-comedy Beverly Hills Lizard People.

Written by Cthulu Crush’s Jody Wheeler, Beverly Hills Lizard People is described as a mix of Slither and Scream, and tells of an ancient race of shape-shifting Lizard People from the depths of the Earth who return to the surface to reclaim what was once theirs: Beverly Hills.

An estimated 12.5 million Americans believe in the existence of Lizard People.

Wheeler and Steve Parker produce for Cthulhu Crush Productions alongside I No.Films.

Ovies is an award winning producer, director and actress. Her feature Taking My Parents to Burning Man took home audience choice awards at the Sonoma International Film Festival, the Newport Beach Film Festival and the Maui Film Festival. Puppet Killer, currently in post, has gotten huge buzz and anticipation based on its unique premise.

“Lisa got BHLP from word one. She not only got the horror elements, but the moments of humor peppered through the script, laughs that emerged from the terror, not in spite of it,” Wheeler said.

“Everyone swears they’ve met people who were not quite human,” Parker said. “Who knows? They may indeed have been shape-shifting reptilians looking to rule the world. Or just looking to improve their tan.”

“I had to direct this,” Ovies said. “It’s a crazy blend of horror, humor, and personal empowerment — precisely the kind of stories I love to tell. I’m looking forward to getting people to wonder what’s really beneath the skin of their best friends or loved ones.”

Ovies is represented by Moving Pictures Talent & Entertainment Group.

Beverly Hills Lizard People will be the fourth Cthulhu Crush Production, whose films include Love, Colin and the current horror flick WTF!. Wheeler and Parker were also creatives on cult hits Judas Kiss and The Dark Place.

Production is slated to begin Summer 2018, in Vancouver, Canada.

Official Synopsis
Disturbed from their ancient slumber by the excavation of a cross-town subway, the ancient reptilian masters of a faded empire strike out to reclaim what was once theirs: Beverly Hills.

Ground zero for their invasion? A once popular, though now faded, hotel, currently the site of a reality TV cooking show competition, and directly overhead of their secret city. Can the collection of unlikely contestants — ambitious, backstabbing, and determined — stop the shape-shifting Terrors From Below below before the reptilian ravagers achieve their goal of conquering first Beverly Hills and then the world?

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Holiday Horror Rings In with Official Stills for "Once Upon a Time at Christmas"

Lionsgate recently released stills for their upcoming release of "Once Upon a Time at Christmas". The film stars Laurel Brady, Susannah Mackay, Simon Phillips, Sayla de Goede, Brook Fletcher, Barry Kennedy, Jeff Ellenberger and Devon Mary Doherty.

No special features were announced.

"Once Upon a Time at Christmas" hits retail on December 12th.

Plot Synopsis:

Meet Santa and Mrs. Claus: he’s a one-eyed fiend, she’s a curvy, bat-swinging blonde. This serial-killer couple is terrorizing the holidays in an upstate New York town with a series of horrific homicides. Though the victims seem random — a mall Santa, a smooching couple, an innocent family — high-schooler Jennifer and clever cop Sam begin to unravel the sinister pattern behind the slayings. Can they stop the murders before Christmas comes — and there’s no one left to celebrate?”

Cult Thriller "One of Us" Hopes for a Following on DVD

Monarch Home Entertainment recently released information of their upcoming release on "One of Us". The film stars Christa B. Allen (Youth in Revolt), Derek Smith (Euogilia), Carly Schroeder, Chasty Ballesteros and Ashley Wood.

No special features were announced.

"One of Us" hits retail on December 12th.

Press Release:

One of Us is a thriller involving a lost friend and reclusive cult. When journalist Melanie Roberts goes to the Ascension Family Commune, she finds herself in too deep and Haley nowhere to be found. One of Us was directed by Blake Reigle (Beneath the Surface, 2007). As well, the film stars: Christa B. Allen (Youth in Revolt), Derek Smith (Euogilia), Carly Schroeder, Chasty Ballesteros and Ashley Wood. This shocking title will show at online DVD retailers, this December, through Monarch Home Entertainment.

The story focuses on Melanie (Allen). She is desperate to find Haley (Lisseth Chavez). But, she is soon enamoured by a charismatic cult leader. Haley’s disappearance grows more mysterious as the other cult members reveal nothing of her membership. Though, it becomes obvious that Haley has met a gruesome fate at the hands of this murderous cult.

Monarch Home Entertainment will bring One of Us to DVD, mid-December. The release date is scheduled for December 12th. The film has not been rated and will be released in this format. And, fans of horror or of thrillers can see the film, for themselves, in just a few days!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Official Preview Pages for Issue #9 of "Vampblade: Season 2"

Action Lab Danger Zone recently released preview pages for issue #9 of "Vampblade: Season 2". The issue is written by Jason Martin with art by Marco Maccagni and cover art by Winston Young

Issue #9 of "Vampblade" is in stores now.

Plot Synopsis:

After her adventures with the Danger Doll Squad, it’s time for Katie to get back to her life at the comic shop. But when your day-to-day activities include battling nasty other-dimensional vampiric parasites hellbent on revenge, life is tough!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Wild Eye Releasing Invites You to Take a Ride on the "Apocalypse Road"

Wild Eye Releasing recently released information for their upcoming release of "Apocalypse Road". The film stars Katie Kohler (Subterranea), Ashlyn McEvers (22 Jump Street), Billy Blair (Machete, Machete Kills) and Nellie Sciutto (Shutter Island).

"Apocalypse Road hits VOD this December.

Press Release:

Wild Eye Releasing runs rings around Mad Max this December with director Brett Bentman’s post-apocalyptic thriller Apocalypse Road.

Fuel up on a powerful mix of The Road and Fury Road as Apocalypse Road chronicles the tense journey of two sisters separated during a post-apocalyptic depression. A sweat-inducing story about the instinct of human survival and unbreakable bonds, the film stars Katie Kohler (Subterranea), Ashlyn McEvers (22 Jump Street), Billy Blair (Machete, Machete Kills) and Nellie Sciutto (Shutter Island).

Following a post-apocalyptic event, two sisters are hunted down and separated by a gang of ruthless killers intent on creating their own twisted form of law and order. The sisters must fight through this new, dangerous world to stay alive in the hopes of being reunited, and escaping to freedom.

Written and directed by Brett Bentman, Apocalypse Road premieres on VOD 12/5/17 from Wild Eye Releasing.