Monday, December 28, 2015

SGL Entertainment Launches The Killer Movie Channel

SGL Entertainment recently send us information that they've launched "The Killer Movie Channel" The channel will contain SGL Entertainment releases along with films like "City of the Living Dead", "Deep Red", "Killer Nun" and more.

For more information on this channel, you can visit the channel's official website at:

Press Release:
SGL Entertainment is pleased to announce that they just launched THE KILLER MOVIE CHANNEL an all new movie streaming subscription service featuring Horror, Exploitation, Cult Films and More. Not only will you find more than 40 Exclusive SGL Entertainment releases including: Nocturnal Activity, Jezebeth, Deadly Revisions, The Day of the Dead, Hellbilly plus more than 18 of Ted V. Mikels most Classic Films including The Corpse Grinders and Cauldron: Baptism of Blood, but you will also get tons of killer movies that you won’t find on all the other platforms like: Alice Sweet Alice, City of the Living Dead, Eternal Evil, Deep Red, Death Warmed Up, Killer Nun, Last Orgy of the Third Reich and Many More. Many of the movies are in Full HD but we also have a great collection of movies straight from VHS. And, we plan on adding more killer movies every month. We want to make THE KILLER MOVIE CHANNEL your alternative choice for Horror and More!

Watch THE KILLER MOVIE CHANNEL on your PC, Big Screen TV, Roku Box, Apple TV, iPad, Android and Chromecast. Start Watching Now with UNLIMITED ACCESS and No Commercials for only $3.99 a Month or $36.00 a Year. Begin with a FREE 3 Day Trial. Powered by VHX the Future of Streaming Technology.

For More Info and to Start Your FREE 3 Day Trial go to:

For More Info on SGL Entertainment Go To:

Official Preview Pages for "The Black Hand'

Alterna Comics recently send us over preview pages for their upcoming release "The Black Hand". The comic is written by Erica J. Heflin with illustration by Fares Maese, Wes Locher, Jim MacQuarrie, and James O'Callaghan.

"The Black Hand" hits digital comic retailers on December 30th.

Press Release:

A childhood brush with death left Victoria Addair with a blackened hand that has the power to slay the undead with a touch. Drafted into the Order of the Black Hand, Victoria is sent to an old mining town to slay a ghost--the Grey Boy--who haunts the mountainside. Soon Victoria learns that all is not as it appears and the secrets of the Grey Boy's origin could save--or doom--them all.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Jen & Sylvia Soska Set to Co-Write and Co-Star in "Puppet Killer"


Twisted Twins Productions recently send us over information that Jen & Sylvia Soska will be producing. co-writing and co-starring in their upcoming production "Pupper Killer". The film is slated to be directed by Lisa Ovies and starring Aleks Paunovic (Continuum, iZombie) and Richard Harmon (The 100, Bates Motel).

Production begins this week and no release date has been scheduled at this time.

Press Release:

Yup, you've guessed it. We're up to no good, yet again. Here's what we've got cooked up for you this time around... A brand new film!


Tagline: Someone's Been Watching Too Many Horror Movies


Years after the mysterious disappearance of his step mother, Jamie and his friends return to his family's cabin that holds a very dark secret for a Christmas getaway, but the holidays always have a way of letting these things out. Convinced that his childhood puppet is a magically animated killer, will Jamie be able to save his friends from a blood body count or is he the one who is actually crazy?
Our Story:

No stranger to the film community, former student of Chicago Second City Lisa Ovies is an award winning producer, writer, director, and actress with over 12 years of experience in the business. Commencing shooting this winter, PUPPET KILLER marks her feature film directorial debut. The story itself is a macabre satire about the co-relation between violence in film and television and violence in reality. Lisa is an avid lover of film and horror and this project has been years in the making for her.
"It has been almost two years since I came up with this idea and I can't explain the joy I feel watching it come to life. I created my production company because I was tired of waiting around hoping for opportunities and ready to start kicking down doors. 5 years later I am making my dream film with the strongest cast I have ever been honoured to work with," says Lisa.

Joining the cast are sci-fi fan favorites Aleks Paunovic (Continuum, iZombie) and Richard Harmon (The 100, Bates Motel).

PUPPET KILLER will also partner director Lisa Ovies with industry titans, Jen and Sylvia Soska, the Soska Sisters (American Mary, Hellevator), who are coming on to not only produce, but will be at long last returning in front of the camera to act in the film. Ten years ago the Twins started off their own filmmaking directorial debut with Dead Hooker In A Trunk which also shot in Vancouver in the winter. Now years later and with numerous projects under their belts, they're the ones who are happy to be throwing their support behind another strong, emerging female voice.

"We see a lot of people talking about the severe gender misrepresentation behind the camera in the film world, but we don't often see people doing something to change that. Ten years ago we took our first steps with our debut feature film and diversity representation remains a struggle in the industry. I believe in Lisa Ovies, I love her project, I want to see it made, and I am going to be a part of making that happen. I'm not just going to talk about diversity, I'm going to do something about it," says Sylvia, President of Twisted Twins Productions.

"Over the years I have built an amazing family of both cast and crew that I consistently work with and to include the twins in that has been inspiring and empowering," adds Lisa. "Women love horror, women love Sci Fi and comic books. We aren't not directing them because we don't want to, we aren't directing them because we aren't being invited to. I adore the attitude that me and the Soska's share; we are in charge of our careers and our content and we are making this film our way.... and our way is covered in blood, refusing to sacrifice content and quality. This film is 100% ours and you will see that on the screen."

PUPPET KILLER is written by Kevin Mosley (Suspension) and the Soska Sisters. There will be more surprises for horror fans revealed about the film so be sure to stay tuned. Filming begins in Vancouver this Friday.

Fright Meter Films Gets Ready to Have a Party with "Party Night"


Fright Meter Films recently released information that their first film "Party Night" is in pre-production. The film is written by Troy Escamilla and is inspired by such films as "The Mutilator", "Prom Night", and "Hell Night".

"Party Night" is curretly in pre-production and currently slated for a late 2016 release.

For more information on this film, you can visit the film's official Facebook page at:

Press Release:

Troy Escamilla, President of the Fright Meter Awards, as well as owner and editor of the Fright Meter Blog, is extremely excited to announce the creation of Fright Meter Films. This independent production company will specialize in producing horror films for true lovers of the genre, as well as true crime documentaries.

The first feature from Fright Meter Films is the 80's throwback slasher Party Night. Written by Troy Escamilla and inspired by such films as The Mutilator, Prom Night, and Hell Night, the film will focus on six friends who become prey for a sadistic psychopath when they decide to ditch their school's after prom party for their own celebration at a secluded house near a river. Escamilla is a huge fan of the slasher genre and promises that Party Night will not only be a wink and a nod to the heyday of the genre, but a frightfest in its own right.

Currently in the early stages of pre-production, Party Night is anticipated to be filmed in the summer of 2016 in the Houston, TX area and released in late 2016. Executive Producer will be Troy Escamilla, who started the Fright Meter Blog in 2007 and serves as President of the Fright Meter Awards Committee, which is comprised of over fifty individuals including directors, actors, producers, and screenwriters. The committee nominates and selects the winners of the prestigious Fright Meter Awards each year. Escamilla is currently interviewing for a director who shares his passion for the slasher genre.

In the meantime, fans can keep up to date with the development of Party Night by liking the official Facebook page:, following the film on Twitter: @PartyNightMovie or checking out the upcoming website: Escamilla hopes to launch the crowdfunding campaign within the next few weeks.

Guillermo del Toro's Latest Film "Crimson Peak" Heads to DVD and Blu-Ray

Universal Pictures recently released DVD & Blu-Ray information for Guillermo del Toro's"Crimson Peak".  The film stars Tom Hiddleston, Jessica Chastain, Mia Wasikowska Charlie Hunnam and Jim Beaver.

Special features on DVD & Blu-Ray includes Deleted Scenes, The Light and Dark of Crimson Peak, Beware Of Crimson Peak and Feature Commentary with co-writer and Director Guillermo Del Toro

Special features exclusive Blu-Ray includes four featurettes: I Remember Crimson Peak, A Living Thing, A Primer on Gothic Romance, Crimson Phantoms and Hand Tailored Gothic.

"Crimson Peak" hits retail on January 26th.

Press Release:

A sheltered young woman abandons the safe certainty of her upbringing for life with an alluring aristocrat on a remote English estate in Crimson Peak, a visually stunning and intensely disturbing thriller from writer and director Guillermo del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth, Hellboy), coming to Digital HD on January 26, 2016, and Blu-ray™ Combo Pack, DVD and On Demand on February 9, 2016, from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment and Legendary Pictures. Brilliantly unforgettable visuals and an atmosphere steeped in dread make Crimson Peak an elegant, gorgeously realized and completely original horror mystery that has been declared "a masterpiece" by Fox-TV. The Blu-ray™ Combo Pack comes with more than an hour of bonus features that reveal some of the terrifying secrets hidden behind the doors of sinister Allerdale Hall.

From the imagination of director Guillermo del Toro comes a terrifying Gothic romance masterpiece starring Tom Hiddleston (The Avengers, Thor series), Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty, The Help), Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland, Stoker) and Charlie Hunnam (Pacific Rim, FX's "Sons of Anarchy").

Friday, December 11, 2015

Spanish Slasher Shocker "Pieces" Makes It's Blu-Ray Debut in a 3 Disc Set

Grindhouse Releasing recently released information for the upcoming 2 Blu-Ray + CD release of the Spanish shocker "Pieces". The film stars  Christopher George, Lynda Day George, Paul L. Smith, Edmund Purdom and Jack Taylor.

Special features on the Blu-Ray set includes TWO complete versions of this shocking gore classic: PIECES (83 minutes) - the original, unrated U.S. theatrical version, presented in English and MIL GRITOS TIENE LA NOCHE (86 minutes) - the original uncensored director's cut, presented in Spanish with original score by Librado Pastor, Spectacular new 4K transfers - scanned from the original camera negative, Brand new audio commentary by star Jack Taylor, Special 5.1 audio option - the Vine Theater Experience!, In-depth interviews with director Juan Piquer Simon and genre superstar Paul L. Smith, 42nd STREET MEMORIES - all-new feature-length documentary produced by Calum Waddell containing interviews with Sam Sherman, Bill Lustig, Larry Cohen, Frank Henenlotter, Buddy Giovinazzo, Jeff Lieberman, John Skipp, Lynn Lowry, Terry Levene, and many other exploitation icons, Extensive gallery of stills and poster art, Exhaustive filmographies, Liner notes by legendary horror journalists Chas. Balun and Rick Sullivan, BONUS CD - original soundtrack - newly remastered from the original studio tapes, Beautiful embossed slipcover, First 3000 units include an actual jigsaw puzzle! Strictly limited to 3000 units! AND OTHER SURPRISES!

"Pieces" Blu-Ray set hits retail on March 1st.

Plot Synopsis:


Grindhouse Releasing is proud to present the sickest and most violent of all the early '80s slasher movies. A psychopathic killer stalks a Boston campus, brutally slaughtering nubile young college co-eds, collecting body parts from each victim to create the likeness of his mother who he savagely murdered with an axe when he was ten years old! PIECES is a wild, unrated gorefest, with enough splatter and sleaze to shock the most jaded horror fan.

"Condemned" Set to Scare Your Home DVD & Blu-Ray

RLJ Entertainment recently send us over information for the upcoming DVD & Blu-Ray release of "Condemned". The film stars Dylan Penn, Ronen Rubinstein, Lydia Hearse and Jon Abrahams.

No special features were announced.

"Condemned" hits DVD & Blu-Ray on Janauary 5th.

Plot Synopsis:

Fed up with her parents’ bickering, poor-little-rich-girl Maya (Dylan Penn) moves in with her boyfriend who is squatting in an old, condemned building on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. With neighbors that are meth heads, junkies and degenerates, this depraved hell hole is even more toxic than it appears: After a virus born from their combined noxious waste and garbage infects the building’s residents, one by one, they succumb to a terrifying pathogen that turns them into bloodthirsty, rampaging killers and transforms their building into a savage slaughterhouse.

"Fear Town USA" Invades the Videology in Brooklyn, NY

Troma Entertainment recently send us information that this Saturday they will be Brandon Bassham's (The Slashening) new film, "Fear Town USA". The film stars Rob Lathan, Jim Santangeli, Ari Scott, Frank Hejl and Dana Clinkman.

The screening will be on December 12th at Videology on 308 Bedford Ave in Brooklyn, NYC. The film will screen at 11pm and admission is free.

For more information on this film, you can visit the film's official Facebook page at:

Press Release:

Greetings from Tromaville! This Saturday, December 12 micro-theater Videology in Brooklyn, NY will host a free screening of comedic slasher film, "Fear Town, USA", it was announced by Troma Entertainment President and creator of The Toxic Avenger, Lloyd Kaufman.

Directed by Brandon Bassham, director of The Slashening and a contributing writing to both Saturday Night Live and The Upright Citizen's Brigade, Fear Town, USA has been regarded as, "One of the best horror comedies ever" (The Vern's Video Vortex). John Noonan of described the film as, "puerile, deeply offensive and extremely funny". Fear Town, USA features a cast enlisted from the NYC's The Upright Citizen's Brigade including Rob Lathan, Amber Nelson and Jim Santangeli and Inside Amy Schumer's and Broad City's Will Hines. . The film tells the story of horny but doomed teenagers who congregate at a party in the woods only to be tormented by an escaped mental patient in one night of terror on the holiday of St. Belvin.

The screening will be held at 11 PM at Brooklyn's Videology, located at 309 Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Videology has been a longtime supporter and host to Troma Films. Admission is free to the public!!! "Fear Town, USA" is also available for commercial-free and uncensored streaming on Troma's new subscription video on demand channel, Troma Now.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Film Review: "Lost After Dark"

Every once in a while, I’ll come across a news story about a film that you never heard of but wanting to see it after hearing about it. This was the case with “Lost after Dark”. This film is a throwback to retro 80‘s slasher horror.

The film takes place in 1984, where an honors student (Kendra Timmins) joins a group of friends for some fun away from the school dance. Their fun plans take a turn for the worse when their car runs out of gas and they’re trapped on uninhabited road. But they manage to find a farmhouse so they can get help. But what is waiting for them is a sadistic cannibalistic killer that wants them as his next meal. Now they must find a way to outrun and survive the night before they end up dead.

Going into this film, I thought that this was going to be one of those run of the mill slasher films where you either end up liking or having hatred towards it. Never did I expect that this would feel like a grindhouse film with lots of gore and effects that make the film look like it was from the eighties. But I have to say, I was amazed that I had a lot of fun with this film.

One of things that I liked about “Lost after Dark” was Ian Kessner’s directing. One of the things that he does well is to make the scenes interesting and fun to watch. Whether it was the way he approaches the death scenes to making the performances feel campy, Kessner does a very good job making sure those are effective. If those weren’t effective, this could’ve been an average slasher at best. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case as those worked very well here. The other thing that I liked was the way that this had the feel of a grindhouse film. Whether it’s the effects used to make it feel like it was shot in the late seventies to early eighties to amount of blood is used, everything that feel that it was a lost film from that time period. It added to film and not become a hindrance. The screenplay written by Kessner and Bo Ransdell does a very good job building the suspense throughout. I liked, how they were able to do that by making sure the action isn’t rushed and focus on character development instead. It made me more interested in the characters as it focuses on them for most of the first half of the film. It setups for a very bloody and entertaining second half. The other thing that both of the writers did well was the way they were creative with the death scenes. There were a lot of them but it didn’t feel repetitive. It had the shock value that makes films like this play well with horror fans and it also helped that the scenes moved at a good pace from a story standpoint.

There have been many films that have tried the grindhouse approach but this is one of the better ones. With its very good directing and a screenplay that is effective, “Lost after Dark” is a fun slasher film that looked like it came from eighties.

Review Rating: Four Stars.

Camp Motion Pictures Acquires Gregory Lamberson's "Killer Rack"

Camp Motion Picture recently released information that they've acquired Gregory Lamberson's "Killer Rack". The film stars Jessica Zwolak, Debbie Rochon (Axe to Grind), Michael Thurber (The Sins of Dracula), Lloyd Kaufman (Director of "The Toxic Avenger), Sam Qualiana (The Legend of Six Fingers) and Brooke Lewis (Slime City Massacre).

"Killer Rack" is slated to be released in fall 2016.

For more information on this film, you can visit the film's Facebook page at:

Press Release:

Leading independent home entertainment label Camp Motion Pictures announces the acquisition of director Gregory Lamberson’s newest film, KILLER RACK, written by Paul McGinnis. The agreement for world-wide distribution of the film in all formats and markets was inked during the 2015 Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival, and commences immediately after KILLER RACK concludes its film festival circuit.

KILLER RACK will be the fourth film by Lamberson to hit home entertainment on one of the POP Cinema / Camp Motion Pictures labels, titles currently available include SLIME CITY, NAKED FEAR, UNDYING LOVE and 2014’s dark comedy DRY BONES. Films produced by Gregory Lamberson currently available in the POP Cinema / Camp Motion Pictures library include SNOW SHARK and THE LEGEND OF SIX FINGERS.

Official Cover and Variant Covers for Grimm Fairy Tale's Van Helsing One Shot

Zenescope Entertainment recently released the cover art, variant cover art and preview page for their latest Grimm Fairy Tales release "Van Helsing One Shot". The comic is written by David Wohl, Artwork by Anthony Spay and Colors by Jorge Cortes. Official Cover by Sean Chen | Ylenia Di Napoli, Cover B by Pasquale Qualano | Ylenia Di Napoli, Cover C by Mike Krome | Sabine Rich and Cover D by Mike S. Miller | David OCampo

"Van Helsing One Shot" is available at comic retailers now.

Plot Synopsis:

Journey back to the 19th century, when Liesel Van Helsing was fighting vampires alongside her father, Abraham. But when tragedy strikes and takes the life of a loved one, Van Helsing will attempt to change the past by finishing her greatest invention yet. But is altering past events even possible? And if so, at what cost?

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sci-Fi Thriller "Painkillers" Makes its Way to DVD

Image Entertainment recently released information for the upcoming DVD release of "Painkillers". The film stars Tahmoh Penikett (“Battlestar Galactica”), Lesley-Ann Brandt (“The Librarians”), Erica Durance (“Smallville”), Julia Voth (“Package Deal”) and Colm Feore (“Gotham”).

No special features were announced at this time.

"Painkillers" hits retail on January 12th.

Plot Synopsis:

PAINKILLERS tells the story of a squad of marines sent on a classified mission deep in the war-torn mountains of Afghanistan, but when they find the mysterious item they were sent for… it’s not what they were expecting. The next thing they know, Major Cafferty (Penikett) and the surviving squad members wake-up in a military medical facility with no memory of what happened or even who they are. Using an experimental drug, doctors try to “reboot” the soldiers’ memories, but one by one they fall prey to bizarre hallucinations and homicidal fits of rage. Only through snatches of resurfacing memories does Cafferty begin to question the true motives of the hospital staff and discover the shocking, deadly reality behind the otherworldly artifact they found.

Intense Preview Pages for the Final Issue of "Zombie Tramp vs Vampblade"

Action Lab Danger zone recently send over the horror chamber preview pages for the final issue of "Zombie Tramp vs Vampblade". Issue #3 is written  Dan Mendoza and Jason Martin and illustration and cover art by Winston Young.

Issue #3 of "Zombie Tramp vs Vampblade" hits stores on December 9th.

Plot Synopsis:

This is it, the 90s comic book bad girl brought to life and the supernaturally powered zombie queen go toe to toe one last time. With Zombie tramp mastering Vampblade’s mystical blade to help destroy her sworn enemies, the disgusting other dimensional parasites, the two must now conquer an even deadlier challenge… friendship?!? Features a risque variant cover (limited to 2000 copies).

Monday, December 7, 2015

Film Review: "Krampus

It’s been a while since I had the chance to review a theatrical release on this site. Most of it was money reasons and most of it was just the handle of running two blog sites. When I heard “Krampus” was coming out, I knew that I had to reviews this because of how much I loved Michael Dougherty’s last film “Trick r Treat”.

The film is about a family that is completely dysfunction as they get ready to spend Christmas together. A young kid named Max (Emjay Anthony) becomes disenchanted by the idea that Christmas is a great time and doesn’t believe Santa is real. This unleashes a demonic entity on him and his family known as the Krampus. As everything starts hitting the fan he and his family are forced to fight together if they intend on making it to Christmas Day. The film also stars Adam Scott (Black Mass, Park and Recreation), Toni Collette (The Sixth Sense, Little Miss Sunshine), David Koechner (Anchorman) and Allison Tolman (Fargo, The Gift).

If you’re going in to this thinking that “Krampus” is going to be “Trick R’ Treat” all over again, you’re going to be disappointed. If you’re looking for a good Christmas theme horror film, you’re in luck as I had a good time with this film.

One of thing that make this film very good was the directing. Michael Dougherty does a very good job making sure the film has a creepy and sometimes dark feel to it. Whether it was the way the scenes looked to how he handles the material, everything felt dark enough to make the scares works well as there were a couple that made me jump out. It helped make up for the minor gore that this film has. The other thing that Dougherty does very well is the way he directs his cast. He does a good job making sure the performances hit the right note which was tricky as it had humor to go along with the terror. This is what makes the characters interesting even though there were annoying which this script was trying to go for.

The screenplay written by Dougherty & Zach Shields & Todd Casey does a good balancing the horror and comedic aspects. One of the things that makes this screenplay good was the fact the horror scenes were creative considering its rating. I know that this is a PG-13 (which I’m surprised given the language this film has) film but I liked the fact that this film had little gore. I liked how they just take away the characters or not get too graphic about it. It gives you the thinking of what happened to them in your mind and it also works with the payoff of the film’s ending. It’s different and something I wasn’t expecting but it went in a direction that works in the end. The other thing that I liked about it was the way they used the black comedy aspect. The writers do a good job making sure that its witty and timed right. It’s done in a way that it doesn’t drown out all the creepy and dark aspects of the plot and tone.

Would I add this alongside other holiday horrors like “Black Christmas”, “Silent Night” and other holiday horrors? Yes, as “Krampus” is a scary and fun horror film for the holidays.

Review Rating: Four Stars.

Intense Trailer and Poster for the Upcoming Revenge Horror Film "Survival Knife"

Wild Eye Releasing recently released the official poster and trailer for their upcoming film "Survival Knife". The upcoming film stars Danielle Donahue, Melissa Troughtzmantz and Tom Kolos.

"Survival Knife" hits retail on January 26th.

Press Release:

Wild Eye Releasing has armed revenge horror fans with Survival Knife's new key art and trailer. Arriving on DVD and VOD in January, Survival Knife follows the sole survivor of a killing spree as she attempts to rebuild herself following the deaths of her friends. But what she becomes may be deadlier than what she survived.

The lone survivor of a serial killer's attack tries to cope with the death of her friends and her mutilation at the hands of the maniac - but she fears the trauma has awakened a dark side within her as she slowly becomes something possibly even worse than the man who scarred her forever.

The DVD release of Survival Knife will be available in late January 2016.

"Survival Knife": Official Trailer

"Mosquito-Man" Serves Up Revenge on DVD

Big Screen Entertainment Group recently send us information for the upcoming DVD release of "Mosquito-Man". The film stars Michael Manasseri, Jordan Trovillion, Ricky Wayne, Kimberley Kates, Monty Bane and Lloyd Kaufman.

Special features on the DVD includes Behind The Scenes, Directors Cut Included, Out-takes, Cast and Crew Photos and Trailer.

"Mosquito-Man" hits retail on January 12th.

Plot Synopsis:

Jim Crawley (Michael Manasseri) is having a really bad day. He gets fired from his job, his car is towed and impounded and he discovers his wife is having an affair with his arch enemy. To make matters worse, Jim gets abducted by an evil scientist (Ricky Wayne) who is conducting illegal human testing on a vaccine against a deadly mosquito borne virus that's speeding across the planet. It turns out that years of exposure to nuclear radiation and mosquito DNA don't mix well... Jim transforms into a half man/half mosquito hell bent on revenge... Mosquito Man - Payback's an Itch

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Film Review: "Scary Little Fuckers"


With the holidays here, yours truly is in the Christmas mood with a little short horror film that will making its world premiere this Sunday at the Route One Cinema Pub in North Attleborough,MA. The film’s title is “Scary Little Fuckers”. Yes, that’s the title of the film.

“Scary Little Fuckers” is about a father (Rich Tretheway) who is having a troubled relationship with his son (Josh Fontaine). He brings his son a Christmas gift in hopes that I’ll repair some of the damage in their relationship. What his son discovers that he has brought over two horrifying creature known as a Fookah. Soon the horrifying creature begins to multiple, as the son along with his friend let them both in the cage together. Now, the three of them have a big problem as the Fookah are out to kill and ruin Christmas for all.

“Scary Little Fuckers is a film that I enjoyed a lot. One of the main reasons that it works so well was Nathen Suher’s directing. He does a good job moving the scenes along. Whether it was the way that he makes the screenplay work onscreen to how he approaches the scenes with the creatures, it made the film fun and entertaining. The other thing that I liked was the way that he make sure the lead performances were entertaining. Suher makes sure that there was some personality to the performances. It makes the lead acting very good and kept me interested in the film even though the screenplay felt like it was going too fast.

Speaking of the performances, I thought it was the best part of the film. I liked how actors Rich Tretheway, Josh Fontaine and Anna Rizzo made their characters interested through the way that they approached their characters. Their approach helped make their characters interesting and quirky as it helped make this film fun and entertaining. It something made me enjoy this film.

The screenplay written by Lenny Schwartz did a good job making sure the story was interesting to watch. Whether it’s the various quirks that each of his characters have to making sure the creatures had the “Gremlins” type feel to it, it made some of the dark humor and frightening scenes work so well. It almost made me forget the fact that I had a problem with the screenplay by the end of it as I had a good time with the story Speaking about my grip about this screenplay, the only problem with it that I had was the fact the execution felt rushed. It felt like he and Suher should’ve gone the feature film route with this story as it would’ve been an even better film when they fleshed the characters and could do more things. It would’ve made it more interesting but I enjoyed everything else about this film.

Even though I was left wanting more in a good way, I can understand funds were limited. Hopefully, they revisit this story again as a feature in the future. Besides that, I had a very good time with this film. With its good acting and good direction from Nathan Suher, "Scary Little Fuckers" is a very good short film to spend the holidays with.

“Scary Litter Fuckers” will be making its world premiere at the Route One Cinema Pub in North Attleborough, MA. To purchase tickets, you can goto: 

Review Rating: Four Stars

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

"What Have You Done to Solange?" Prepares to Shock You on DVD & Blu-Ray

Arrow Video recently released information for the upcoming release of the Italian Gallo  "What Have You Done to Solanger?"in a Blu-Ray & DVD combo pack. The film is directed by Massimo Dallamano, (cinematographer on both A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More) and stars  Camille Keaton (I Spit on Your Grave), Cristina Galbo (Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue) and Fabio Testi (I Spit On Your Grave).

Complete Specs on the DVD & Blu-Ray includes Brand new 2K restoration of the film from the original camera negative, High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard Definition DVD presentations, Original Italian and English soundtracks in mono audio, Newly translated English subtitles for the Italian soundtrack, Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing for the English soundtrack, Brand new audio commentary with critics Alan Jones and Kim Newman, What Have You Done to Decency? A conversation with Karin Baal - the actress shares her thoughts on Dallamano's classic giallo in this brand new interview, First Action Hero - a newly-edited 2006 interview with actor and former stuntman Fabio Testi, including a look at his role in Solange, Old-School Producer - a newly-edited 2006 interview with producer Fulvio Lucisano, Innocence Lost: Solange and the "Schoolgirls in Peril" Trilogy - a brand new visual essay by Michael Mackenzie, exploring the themes of Solange and its two semi-sequels, Original theatrical trailer, Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Malleus and Collector's booklet featuring a new article on the giallo scores of Ennio Morricone by Howard Hughes, alongside a Camille Keaton career retrospective from Art Ettinger, comprising interview excerpts with the Solange actress, all illustrated with original archive stills and posters.

"What Have You Done to Solange?" hits Blu-Ray on December 15th.

Press Release:

"An accomplished film that should keep even the most hardened of giallo fanatics guessing until the very end." - Flickering Myth

From director Massimo Dallamano, cinematographer on both A Fistful of Dollars and For a Few Dollars More, comes giallo classic What Have You Done to Solange?, the debut feature of actress Camille Keaton (I Spit on Your Grave). A sexually sadistic killer is preying on the girls of St. Mary's school. Student Elizabeth witnessed one of the murders, but her hazy recollections of a knife-wielding figure in black do nothing to further the police's investigations. Why is the killer choosing these young women? And what does it have to do with a girl named Solange? Also starring Cristina Galbo (Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue) and Fabio Testi (I Spit On Your Grave), What Have You Done with Solange? features all the hallmarks of classic gialli - the amateur detective, the black-gloved killer - as well as a lush score from Ennio Morricone.


* Brand new 2K restoration of the film from the original camera negative
* High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard Definition DVD presentations
* Original Italian and English soundtracks in mono audio
* Newly translated English subtitles for the Italian soundtrack
* Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing for the English soundtrack
* Brand new audio commentary with critics Alan Jones and Kim Newman
* What Have You Done to Decency? A conversation with Karin Baal - the actress shares her thoughts on Dallamano's classic giallo in this brand new interview
* First Action Hero - a newly-edited 2006 interview with actor and former stuntman Fabio Testi, including a look at his role in Solange
* Old-School Producer - a newly-edited 2006 interview with producer Fulvio Lucisano
* Innocence Lost: Solange and the "Schoolgirls in Peril" Trilogy - a brand new visual essay by Michael Mackenzie, exploring the themes of Solange and its two semi-sequels
* Original theatrical trailer
* Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Malleus
* Collector's booklet featuring a new article on the giallo scores of Ennio Morricone by Howard Hughes, alongside a Camille Keaton career retrospective from Art Ettinger, comprising interview excerpts with the Solange actress, all illustrated with original archive stills and posters

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Troma Entertainment Announces New Subscription Service Troma Now

Troma Entertainment recently released information for their new streaming service Troma Now. The service will feature Troma classics, new Troma releases, and exclusive content, all in beautiful HD.

Subscription price is $4.99 per month.

To subscribe to Troma Now, you can to for more information

Press Release:

Greetings from Tromaville! Troma Entertainment is thrilled to announce the new TROMA NOW channel, available through VHX.

Starting today, Troma fans, both old and new, can subscribe for only $4.99/month and get access to many hours of Troma classics, new Troma releases, and exclusive content, all in beautiful HD.

The roll out slate includes such classics as Troma's iconic The Toxic Avenger, Tromeo & Juliet (written by James Gunn), Monster in the Closet or Sizzle Beach U.S.A. with Kevin Costner, along with first-run films like the critically-acclaimed and hilarious The Slashening and Fear Town, USA.

Troma Now also feature episodes of Troma's Edge TV and The Chainsaw Sally Show, as well as the entire first season of Sgt. Kabukiman's Cocktail Corner. But not only expect to find the classic Tromastic sense of humor, Troma NOW also features every kind of genre, like romantic comedies such as Lollilove (Jenna Fischer) and documentaries like Fart of Darkness.

Many of the titles come with supplemental features including commentaries, behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and many more special Tromastic extras!

Visit for the best Troma viewing experience ever!!

Preview Pages for the Upcoming Release of Issue #2 of "Trancers"

Action Lab: Danger Zone recently released preview pages for the upcoming release of issue #2 of "Trancers". The comic is written by Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti with illustration by Marcelo Salaza (Pencil/Inks), Marcio Freire (Colors).

Issue #2 of  Full Moon Presents "Trancers" hits comic retailers on December 2nd.

Plot Synopsis:

Trooper Jack Deth has been sent back in time to the year 1985 to hunt down the man that killed his wife, but he quickly finds himself on the wrong side of the law. Wanted for a murder he didn’t commit, Jack is thrown into a jail full of zombified trancers ready to tear him apart piece by piece. His only hope is in the hands of his future wife Lena. Features a movie poster variant, limited to 2,000 copies.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Film Review: "Killing Brooke"

With "Killing Brooke" being released on DVD courtesy of Wild Eye Releasing a couple of months ago, I decided that it would be a good time to repost this review here inside my horror chamber.

"Killing Brooke" follows Brooke (Alex Fendel), a free spirit party goer who’s married her lover Chloe (Dina Baker) and are on their honeymoon. They come across Vance (Colin Allen), a mysterious drifter that they meet at a bar and spend a night of drunken debauchery. This leads everyone involved down the road to terror, as it will push Brooke to limits physically and mentally as she struggles to survive.

Going into this film, I didn’t know what to expect. I thought, this was going to be one of ultra-low budget films that I was going to forget about it after watching it. The packaging of the DVD wasn’t that great plus I was going into film virtually cold. To my surprise, “Killing Brooke” was actually well worth my time and money. One of the things that made this film good was the directing. Writer/director David Zargorski does a very good job with the way that he handles his direction. He does a good job making sure that the scares have an impact. Whether it’s the way he uses the gore effects to his ability to make sure the action on screen had a suspense feel, those scenes helped made the film come off as intense and shocking especially in last third of the film. The other that Zargorski does very well was to get his cast to make their characters and entertaining and mostly frightening. He’s able to the performances that he needs to make this film work. The cast did a great job making their characters feel like characters that you would normally see in this genre, than what you’re accustomed to with some of these releases. It really helped made this film feel serious than the normal ultra-low-budget films that you see put out there at these conventions.

The other thing that makes this film work was its screenplay. Zargorski does a good job with the way he creates the film’s story. I liked how, he started the story off as a typical cat and mouse serial killer film then turns into a “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” like story with some gory moments. This works very well, as it helps made the story and action better as the film went on. It also gave the story its intense and shocking feel. Zargorski also does a good job making sure the action matches the film’s story and tone. Whether it’s the horrific stuff that takes place during the film to how the villains were created, they had a creative and shocking quality to them. It helped made the horror aspects work so well in the screenwriting process.

“Killing Brooke” is one of those rare ultra- low budget films that works on all levels. Whether it’s David Zargorski’s direction or the performances in the film, it made this film entertaining.

For more information on this film, you can visit the film’s official Facebook page at:

Review Rating: Four Stars.

There's a "Voodoo Rising" on the Horizon

SGL Entertainment recently released information for the upcoming DVD and Blu-Ray release of "Voodoo Rising". The film stars April Needham, Sarah Domanick, Don Kilrain, Mark Cray and Shaphan David Seiders.

"Voodoo Rising" hits retail in early 2016.

Press Release:

SGL Entertainment is pleased to announce that they just signed a deal with Eddie Lengyel for the distribution of Voodoo Rising, a horror movie that was filmed on location in the Black Hills. “Eddie Lengyel also Directed Hellweek and Scarred aka Kandie land, but I think this could be Eddie’s best film to date quotes Jeffrey A. Swanson President of SGL Entertainment.

SYNOPSIS: A group of friends decide to spend their last summer together by taking a trip to the rural camping destination “Black Hills”. Once there, they find themselves in the middle of a deadly quarrel with a local family.

Voodoo Rising was Directed by Eddie Lengyel and Produced by Don Kilrain and stars: April Needham, Sarah Domanick, Don Kilrain, Mark Cray, Shaphan David Seiders, Robert S. Miller, Roger Conners, Silvia Marchena Guillen, Justin E. Sherman, Meghan Bakun, Brenna Roth, Kris Smith, Aaron Tomaselli, Mary Lu Garmone, Lisa Gaetano, Heather Longville, Eddie Lengyel, Lori Ingram, Erinn Bakun and James McGilbray.

Also, watch the new trailer for “Voodoo Rising” edited by Noelle Bye with music courtesy of Dark Star Records featuring “Scatter” by “A Beautiful End” who are also Featured in the movie as well.

Voodoo Rising will be Available in the US and Canada on Blu-ray, DVD, Comcast Xfinity Cable TV and the Top VOD Sites like iTunes, Amazon Prime, Google Play, M-GO and More in early 2016 via SGL Entertainment with their partners MVD Visual and Indie Rights Distribution.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Official Poster and Trailer from the Upcoming Supernatural Thriller "House of Afflictions"

Wild Eye Releasing recently released the official trailer and poster for the UK supernatural thriller "House of Afflictions". The film is the latest film from director Anthony M. Winson (The Witching Hour, Unholy).

"House Of Afflictions" is slated for a February release on DVD.

Plot Synopsis:

Wild Eye Releasing has opened the doors to the House of Afflictions with a new poster and trailer. The latest supernatural thriller from UK director Anthony M. Winson (The Witching Hour, Unholy) follows a crime author mourning the loss of her child as she tries to start life over in a new home. She soon discovers that she is not alone in the house. Is something from her past haunting her, or is it something deep within the house itself that wants to ensure she remain restless forever?

Kate Beckley was once a best selling crime author, but it's been years since her last novel following the disappearance of her daughter, Julia. While attempting to write again in a new home, Kate finds herself haunted by strange visions and paranormal occurrences - which become worse each night. Has Julia returned, or is something more sinister preying on this grieving mother?

The February 2016 DVD release of House of Afflictions will exclusively include a number of bonus features.

"House of Afflictions": Official Trailer 

Creepy Preview Pages for Issue #17 of "Zombie Tramp"

Action Lab: Danger Zone recently send us over preview pages for issue #17 of "Zombie Tramp".  Issue #17 is written by Dan Mendoza with illustration from Victoria Harris and cover art from TMChu (regular, risqué variant), Dan Mendoza (limited variant), Ryan Kinnaird (artist, artist risque variant).

Plot Synopsis for Issue #17:

Janey witnesses a teenage goth geek girl tortured and murdered by four trendy mall rats. Not her problem. But when she realizes the murderous click are using blinged-out iTablets to cast Necro-spells, she can’t let it slide. Follow this exciting story arc as Zombie Tramp returns to high school, Jumpstreet style, to solve the mystery of the iWitches!

Features a variant cover by series creator Dan Mendoza, a risqué variant cover, and an artist showcase variant and risque by Ryan Kinnaird (Empowered, Playstation Magazine).