Friday, February 27, 2015

Review: Poker Night

“Poker Night” is a film that got my interest almost instantly after seeing the cast list for the film. It also helped that I liked the trailer enough that it warranted me wanting to check this film out.

The film is about a detective (Beau Mirchoff) who gets himself captured by a deranged madman. He’s awakens to find himself tied up and caught in the middle of a madman’s game. In order to find a way to outsmart him, he has to rely on his experiences that he learned while at a poker game filled with a group of senior and retired detectives. Can he find a way to take all that he learned from those detectives and find a way to outsmart the madman? “Poker Night” also stars Ron Perlman, Giancarlo Esposito, Titus Welliver, Michael Eklund and Ron Eldard.

Going into “Poker Night”, I thought this film would play out like a conventional thriller that you would normally see in a direct to home video release. After watching the first twenty minutes, I knew that this film going to be completely different to other thrillers and I thought I was going to hate it. But surprisingly, this was a very good film.

One of the reasons for that was writer/director Greg Francis direction. His direction does a very good job with the way the film was shot. The images had a very dark and twisted feel to it. By doing it that with a film like this, it allows the scenes to stand out. When that happens, it usually keeps you’re interested with the film. It did for me and made the film entertaining. The other that Francis does well with the direction was to make the performances work so well. He does a very good job making sure the performance aspects work well the film’s dark screenplay. It made the performances entertaining and frightening to watch.

Francis’ screenplay worked well with me for the most part. I liked how each of the stories at the game stand out. Whether it’s the way that he constructs those scenes to how he makes every one of those stories different from one another, it made them interesting and not going in different direction that you lose track of what’s going on in the present. It’s what ultimately made me like this film. The other thing that I liked about the screenplay was the fact that it develops its two main characters. Francis does a good job making sure that both of the film’s main characters are fully developed that you know something about the characters. It plays well as it makes them interesting and you’re interested in what going on.

If there was one problem that I had with this film was the fact that it at times this felt like an anthology film than a straight up thriller. The reason it felt that way was the fact that the film has many side stories with all of the detectives at the poker game. But at least the stories severed a purpose, as it was a part of the character’s state mind as heard in the voiceovers. The whole anthology feel is only a minor grip I have with this screenplay.

This film was an entertaining thriller even though it takes some twisted turn. With its good directing and solid screenplay, “Poker Night” is a dark and entertaining thriller.

Review Rating: Three and a Half Stars

"The Drownsman" Awakens on DVD and Blu-Ray

Anchor Bay Entertainment recently send us information for their upcoming DVD & Blu-Ray release of "The Drownsman". The film has played at many horror film festivals including Fantasia Film Festival, Toronto After Dark, Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival and Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre Film Festival.

"The Drownsman" is directed by the co-screenwriter of "Antisocial" Chad Archibald and stars Michelle Mylett (Antisocial), Caroline Korycki, Gemma Bird Matheson, Sydney Kondruss, Clare Bastable and in the horrifying title role, Ry Barrett (Neverlost, Kingdom Come, If A Tree Falls).

No special features were announced at this time.

"The Drownsman" hits retail on May 12th.

Press Release:

Can a glass of water kill? When you see a puddle on the floor, do you fear you’ll fall into it? What if the stuff of life was a gateway into your worst dreams? On May 12th, Anchor Bay Entertainment presents the provocative and highly anticipated Canadian horror film The Drownsman on Blu-ray™ and DVD. SRP is $26.99 for the Blu-ray™ and $22.98 for the DVD, with pre-book on April 8th.

After almost drowning in a lake accident, Madison (Michelle Mylett, Antisocial) develops hydrophobia: an abnormal fear of water. After shutting the world and her friends out for over a year, her friends attempt an intervention. But, instead of curbing Madison’s fear, they unknowingly unleash something far worse: The vision of serial killer – turned- supernatural psychopath Sebastian Donner – known as “The Drownsman” – who begins to stalk the women one by one, dragging them into a lair of submerged torment from which there is no escape.

The Drownsman has captivated audiences at film festivals all over the world, including Fantasia Film Festival, Toronto After Dark, Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival and Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre Film Festival. Accolades include winning Best Horror Feature at Buffalo Dreams and Best Feature at Buenos Aires RSFF.

The Drownsman was directed by Chad Archibald (Neverlost, Ejecta), written by Cody Calahan (Antisocial) and Chad Archibald, produced by Christopher Giroux (Dead All Night) and stars Michelle Mylett, Caroline Korycki, Gemma Bird Matheson, Sydney Kondruss, Clare Bastable and in the horrifying title role, Ry Barrett (Neverlost, Kingdom Come, If A Tree Falls).

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Slasher Film "Devil May Call" Slashes its Way to DVD

Lionsgate recently released information for their upcoming release "Devil May Call". The film stars Corri English (Unrest), Traci Lords (Excision) and Tyler Mane (the Halloween franchise).

Special features on the DVD includes Audio commentary with the director, Short film by director Jason Cuadrado: Monstrous Nature “Composing the Score” featurette with Nicolas Pike and Cast Interviews.

"Devil May Call" hits retail on March 10th.

Press Release:

You won’t see him coming when the Devil May Call arrives on Digital HD and On Demand February 24th and on DVD (plus Digital) March 10th from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Starring Corri English (Unrest) and Tyler Mane (the Halloween franchise), the Devil May Call DVD includes a director’s commentary, cast interviews, a “composing the score” featurette and a short film by the director Jason Cuadrado. Devil May Call will be available on DVD for the suggested retail price of $26.98.

Blinded in an accident, Sam (English) rebuilds her life by helping callers on a suicide hotline. When she informs an obsessive caller (Mane) that she’s quitting, he takes the news personally—very personally. What begins as a quiet work shift becomes a frantic fight for survival against a relentless killer—and the darkest, deadliest night of Sam’s life.

NSFW Stills from Ryan Nicholson's Latest Release "Collar"

Unearthed Films recently sent the horror chamber stills for their latest release "Collar", which was recently released in a limited edition DVD with CD soundtrack. The film is the latest from director Ryan Nicholson (Hanger, Gutterballs). The film stars Nick Principe (Laid to Rest), Momona Komagata and Mihola Terzic.

"Collar is currently available at retail outlets on DVD and limited edition DVD with CD soundtrack.

Plot Synopsis:

A rookie cop starts her shift like any other but soon it will all change for the worse. A derelict with a reputation of satanic violence, attacks the officer and collars her with a dog leash which is just the start of his abusive ritual.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Gory NSFW Stills for the Short Horror Film "Naked Zombie Girl"

Hectic Films recently send over stills for their grindhouse horror short "Naked Zombie Girl". The short film stars Meghan Chadeayne, DT Carney, Joshua Kieth Mathews and Ali Dougherty.

"Naked Zombie Girl" will be making its next screening on May 15th at that Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival.

For more information on this film, you can visit the film's official Facebook page at:

Plot Synopsis:

In “Naked Zombie Girl,” two prostitutes and their friend, Tony, have just escaped a zombie attack in a 1971 Cadillac Fleetwood Broughman. Unfortunately, Tony has been bitten and is about to turn into a zombie. That’s all you really need to know other than star Meghan Chadeayne somehow loses her dress and goes on a maddening zombie- killing spree.

Monday, February 23, 2015

The Doctor is in with Official Stills and Release Plans for "Dr. Liebenstein"

Energetic Films recently send the horror chamber over stills and release plans for their film "Dr. Liebenstein". The film will be screening at the Indie Horror Film Festival on March 22nd at 11:30am in Chicago, IL.

The filmmakers also released information that the DVD will be available to order on-line for $11.99 starting on March 1st at the film's official website and is currently available for pre-order for VOD at $9.99. The VOD release date is March 23rd.

For more information on this film, you can visit the film's official website at:

Plot Synopsis:

When a menacing vampire with supernatural powers is mistakenly summoned during the season of Halloween, a group of 2 couples must deal with the consequences of their seemingly innocent actions. A doctor with a haunted past, named Liebenstein, finds himself spending his evenings hunting down vampires and saving whoever he can before it's too late.

TBC Productions is Looking for Your Help in Funding "Gory Graduation"

TBC Productions recently send the horror chamber information about their upcoming film and IndieGoGo campaign for "Gory Graduation. The film is set to star Lesleh Donaldson (Curtains, Happy Birthday To Me) and a few other memorable scream queens and kings from the early `80s.

The filmmakers need your help. The filmmakers have $3,550 pledged already and are looking to raise $30.000 by March 31st.

To contribute or find more information about their campaign, you can go to:

For more information on this film, you can visit the film's Facebook page at:

Press Release:

The class of 2015 USED to have good heads on their shoulders!

One week prior to their high school graduation, a group of students are given the task of decorating the school gymnasium for the upcoming ceremony. While some are more than happy to help, others aren’t too keen with having to give up a Saturday evening. Meanwhile, Principal O’Hara is faced with a budget crisis that may end with the next school year being the private institution’s last. Already cutting financial corners by holding the graduation ceremony on school grounds and using her students as slave labor, Mrs. O’Hara weighs the pros and cons of a fiduciary opportunity presented to her that may save the school from closing. Elsewhere, one student, excluded from attending the graduation ceremony, breaks into the school with the sole purpose of wreaking havoc. For the students and faculty of this once-esteemed institution, the worst is yet to come: someone has stolen a ceremonial cap and gown and seems to have access to an arsenal of weaponry, their sole mission to ensure that the school colors run blood red.

Way back when, say the late `90s or the early stages of the 21st century, the IMDb was an unreliable film museum of sorts; even more so than it is today (thankfully, the IMDb has tightened ship, as it were, on user submissions). One such piece of film history that only true die-hards of the slasher movie sub-genre may know about or, even remember, is a little movie called Gory Graduation.

Starring Lesleh Donaldson (Curtains, Happy Birthday To Me) and a few other memorable scream queens and kings from the early `80s, a plot description was non-existent as was any crew information. The film languished in obscurity. So obscure was it, actually, that it never really existed.

Until now.

“I can remember spending years searching for any information on this elusive title, being then as much of a slasher completist as I am today and getting absolutely nowhere,” remarks Joseph Henson, director of Gory Graduation. “I thought to myself, here is a film, with such a provocative title, that NEEDS to be made.”

Of course, through the advent of social media, enough information was finally unearthed to determine the film was nothing more than a fake title, stirred up by someone who, like Henson, probably wanted to make it but never did. The title was eventually removed from the IMDb and that was that. But boy, if you were active during the golden years of the alt.horror newsgroup or the birth of now-infamous horror sites, you remember the stir that was caused by this elusive title that was nothing more than chicanery.

Of course, Henson and cohort Nathan Johnson (who co-wrote and co-directed The Night Before Easter with Henson) would promise themselves time and time again they’d eventually make their very own slasher one day (they are two of the biggest fans of the sub-genre possible, even being half of the wildly popular Trans-Atlantic, all-slasher podcast, The Hysteria Continues) even though they knew next to nothing about actual film making. They finally got their chance to make their own slasher with The Night Before Easter (2014), an exceptionally low-budget effort shot on a Canon T3i with little else in the way of equipment or budget. “The Night Before Easter, as clunky as it is, was a massive learning experience for us. Since wrapping that movie, we’ve spent hours upon hours, days upon days, and weeks turning into months soaking up knowledge on film making. How to stage scenes, internal camera settings, sound design, lighting, et al. We couldn’t afford to do a lot of things on The Night Before Easter but we plan to take what we’ve learned from that experience, on top of a (hopefully) much larger budget and go from clunk to spunk, as it were,” notes Henson and Johnson.

“We’re proud of The Night Before Easter, all things considered,” says Henson, “…but with Gory Graduation, we really want to up the stakes internally and externally – if The Night Before Easter was sub-Roger Corman, we hope Gory Graduation will be sub-Argento in style, fluidity and consistency.”

The plot concerns a graduation ceremony that becomes the stomping grounds for a killer decked out in ceremonial robes. It is, at its core, a no-nonsense slasher film with a massive body count and lots of gore, nudity, and above all, likable characters.

“I’d like to think of it as some sort of strange melange of films: the intensity and gore of something like High Tension, the John Waters-esque buffoonery of the fifth Friday The 13th film (A New Beginning) and, say, the “throw twists and see what sticks” nature of Happy Birthday To Me,” Henson remarks. “…and of course, lots of blood and ample nudity – sometimes together!”

Nathan Johnson remarks, “One thing we take seriously is criticism. The Night Before Easter wasn’t a perfect film but it was a lot of fun and I think a lot of the positive feedback we garnered speaks for itself. A lot of filmmakers read their critiques and sulk; we take that and try to apply it to what we’re working on next: in this case, Gory Graduation. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Gory Graduation has finished the script and casting process and Henson and Johnson are currently raising a budget to purchase more equipment and to hire a much larger cast/crew, on top of locking down a local high school (with, thankfully, a laid-back principal who has given the go-ahead in determination of budget).

“We feel that The Night Before Easter was a trial run, a get your feet wet sort of thing, or a rough draft into something better. I had a rudimentary knowledge of editing and went in knowing little to nothing else. Nathan and I were essentially two guys throwing something together with little money and very few resources, but all things considered, we think we made… Something. With Gory Graduation, we’re going to erase the mistakes we made and triple the stuff that worked,” Henson concludes.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Shocking Stills for the Upcoming Vampire Film "The Sins of Dracula"

Scorpio Film Releasing recently released stills for the upcoming release "The Sins of Dracula". The upcoming film is the latest from director Richard Griffin (Frankenstein's Hungry Dead) and stars Michael Thurber (Exhumed) Jamie Dufault (Murder University) and Sarah Nicklin (The Disco Exorcist).

"The Sins of Dracula" hits DVD on March 24th.

Plot Synopsis:

As the star of his church choir, there’s nothing that brings Billy more joy than the opportunity to sing for an audience. However, as his desire to perform grows, the stalwart youth finds that waiting until Sunday to get his fix just simply isn’t enough. Going against the advice of his pastor, Billy follows his girlfriend into the world of secular entertainment, joining the local community theatre troupe. There, Billy is introduced to a whole new world, where his fellow thespians dabble in drugs, sexual perversion, and table-top game-play. Yet, for all the newly minted depravities Billy encounters, none could prepare him for the darkest truth of them all: The theatre group is actually a front for a Satanic cult intent on raising Dracula from the grave!

First Stills for the Upcoming Soap Opera Slasher "Hell Town"

Dikenga Films recently send us over stills for the upcoming film "Hell Town". It's the latest film from directors Steve Balderson (Pep Squad) and Elizabeth Spear The soap opera slasher stars Casey Chapman, Pleasant Gehman, Chris Pudlo.

"Hell Town" first screenings will take place at the Austin Horror Society in April and Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest in Charleston,SC on May 15th - 17th.

Plot Synopsis:

HELL TOWN follows the melodramatic antics of high school seniors clashing over love, sex, and betrayal. In the middle of all the one-sided infatuations, backstabbing bitchiness, bottled-up sexuality, sibling rivalry and general small-town angst, there is the “Letter Jacket Killer” who is killing students in a variety of sadistic ways. As the body count rises and the blood pools closer to home, it becomes clear that one of our main characters is the killer…but who? Everyone, from the Prom Queen and Shirtless Jock to the Nosey Geek and Super Bitch, are all suspect.

Friday, February 20, 2015

"Digging Up the Marrow" Review

When I first heard that Adam Green was having a new film, I was excited as I thought it was going to be like the “Hatchet” films or “Holliston” because he also stars in this. But when I started to read the synopsis, I could tell it wasn’t going to be a fun time like those two are. Instead, “Digging up the Marrow” looked more like his more serious films like “Frozen” and “Spiral”. Still I wanted to check this because his serious films tend to be his best ones.

The faux documentary follows Green as he is contacted by a mysterious man who believes that monsters are real and hide in the woods. Along with his Cinematographer Will Barrett, the two set to interview him and discover that they might be some truth to this. As they get closer to the truth, they don’t know what to believe as things about the mysterious man start coming to light and something or someone might be haunting them during their search for the truth.

“Digging up the Marrow” was for the most part a departure from Adam Green’s previous films. The film had a different feel compared to most of his films. Still, this is one of Adam Green’s best films, as I would put that up there with his best film “Frozen”.

One of thing that I enjoyed about this film was Green’s direction was that he takes a different approach in the way he has this film filmed with its faux documentary style. It helped make the film have its realistic tone to it that is needed if you’re trying to have it feel like a documentary with interviews with real people and realistic action. It made some of the scenes work well with the style it was going for.

The other thing that Green does very well was the way that he directs the acting. The acting was good, as it kept things interesting especially when it’s just Green and Will Barratt talking. You had the typical Adam Green performance that see on “Holliston”, but it works very well here as you needed a character to have a personality to keep you interested. It helped keep me interested as he tries to find proof of monsters. But the main star of the film is Ray Wise. He was great in this film. What I liked about the performance was the way he makes his character very dark. This didn’t feel like the typical Ray Wise performance that you would see from him. From the way that he talks to how he approach the character, everything had a dark feel to it. It made his character standout and very interesting to watch.

The screenplay also written by Green was very good. This screenplay does a very good job keeping your interest. Whether it was the way that he approaches each of the characters to how some of scares are built up, it manages to deliver to the point it kept my interest throughout. I was very interest in the film’s end result because of it. The other thing that I liked about the screenplay was the way that he makes the William Decker character very interesting. Whether it’s the way that the character’s dialogue was written to how Green makes the character very mysterious, everything helped make this character very fascinating to see on screen. This is makes this film very good from start to finish.

This is one of those VOD releases that you should find a way to check out, as this is the first film this year that’s very good. “Digging up the Marrow” is a very fascinating film that is both entertaining and scary. This will make you believe that monsters can be truly scary.

Review Rating: Five Stars.

After Dark Films Takes Care of Some "Housekeeping" on DVD

After Dark Films recently announced their upcoming film "Housekeeping" will hit DVD in March. The film stars Adriana Solia (TV’s Penthouse, TV’s Azucar Morena), Blair Wojcik (Blood Ties, Talent), Monica Percich (Blood Ties, Mr. Sophistication, Runaways & BunkBeds) and Carlos Foglia (The Jazz Funeral).

No special features were announced. "Housekeeping" hits retail on March 31st.

Press Release:

A seemingly simple housekeeping job turns out to be bloody difficult in this creepy psychological thriller from After Dark Films. Housekeeping arrives on DVD (plus Digital), Digital HD and On Demand March 31st from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. A student in need of money gets more than she bargained for when she takes a housekeeping job that turns deadly. The Housekeeping DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $19.98.

Housekeeping follows Lucy (Adriana Solis), a medical student who takes a housekeeping job in order to make some quick cash. The almost-too-convenient new job soon takes a turn for the worse as Lucy’s haunting past emerges and she begins to lose her grip on reality.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"Fear Clinic" Blu-Ray Review

“Fear Clinic is a film that I’ve been looking forward to for a while since first hearing about this project. What drew me to waiting to see this film right away was the cast and the fact that this is Robert J Hall’s follow up film to “Laid to Rest 2: Chromeskull”.

The film follows Dr. Andover (Robert Englund) who uses a fear chamber to help patients overcome their fears. When one of his patients dies in the chamber, he gives up his research until former patients start returning to the clinic after their fears start coming back after a horrific shooting a year ago. He soon begins to realize something is wrong with the chamber as everyone’s fears is feeding something that is looking are come out in the real world and wreak havoc. Fiona Douff (Curse of Chucky) Thomas Dekker (Laid to Rest 2: Chromeskull) and Corey Taylor (Slipknot and Stone Sour lead singer) costars.

I was very surprised that I liked this film a lot considering this film wasn’t like Robert J Hall’s “Laid to Rest” films at all in tone. Those were intense slasher films that horror fans should check out. But this film is very different from those films, as it has more of a dark serious tone like his first film “Lightning Bug”. In fact, I’ll go out on the limb and say that this is Robert J. Hall’s best film yet.

One of the reasons that I like this film was the way it was directed. Hall does a very good job making sure that all of the scenes had an intense or gloomy feel to it. From the way that he and his crew chose the film’s location to the way the effects were used in the film, everything helped the horror elements work to perfection. It made the film work very well as a whole. The other thing that I liked about his direction was the acting. Hall does a very good job making sure that the acting fits the film’s very dark tone. I liked how, the way the performances kept my interested considering that most of the horrific action doesn’t take place until the last third of the film. What Robert J Hall does well is to make his cast become interested with the film’s material and making sure their performances have this dark dreary tone. By having that, it helps with the development of the characters onscreen.

Speaking of the performances, this is Robert Englund’s best performance that he’s done since the Nightmare on Elm Street films. He makes his character very dark and troubled. Whether it was the way that he comes across onscreen to how he delivers his lines, it had a Vincent Price feel to it. This made the performance and his character very dark. The other performance that I liked a lot was Fiona Douff. I liked how she’s able to make her character very troubled, likable and dark. It helps makes her character very interesting throughout the film, as she is trying find a way out of her phobia and trying to survive the chaos that takes place in the hospital. The performance coupled with Robert Englund’s performance helps makes this a terrifying and entertaining film.

The screenplay written by Hall and Arron Drane was very good. One of the things that I liked about this screenplay was the fact that they did a great job with the way they develop and build their characters throughout the film. The writers did a very good job making sure each of the main characters had layers to them. It made the characters very interesting and helped the film’s story work at a very good level. By having this kind of development, it helped develop each of the characters and makes the film’s twist work very well with the action. The other thing that makes this good was the way the horror elements works very on psychological level. I liked how both of the writers make sure that all of the phobias that were used in the screenplay had a horrifying feel to it. It led to some to some very horrifying scenes and keeps you on edge.

Sadly, there’s only a behind the scenes featurette on this disc. It features interviews from the cast and crew that worked on the film. A good featurette that explain the production of the film and the process of how it started as web series to how the film was made.

I wished this had more extras here including the complete web series and the Stone Sour music video for “The Dark” which is featured in the film’s end credits. Horror fans should give this film a chance as this is the first entertaining horror release of the year. With its great performances from Robert Englund and Fiona Douff to Robert J Hall’s directing, “Fear Clinic” is sure to creep you out.

“Fear Clinic” is available on DVD and VOD at retail outlets everywhere and on Blu-Ray exclusively at Best Buy.

Review Rating: Five Stars

Extras: One Star

Bloody Stills for the Supernatural Occult Film "Another"

Full Frame Features recently send over still to the horror chamber for their latest film "Another". The supernatural shocker stars Paulie Redding (The Last Resort),Maria Olson (Starry Eyes) and Nancy Wolfe (Helter Skelter)

"Another" is currently in amidst of film festival run with no release plans announced yet.

For more information on this film, you can visit the film's official website at:

Plot Synopsis:

A beautiful young woman is driven into a dark underworld of demonic possession, desire, and extreme indulgences when she learns she may be the devil's kin.

Official Stills and DVD Information for "Amityville Death House"

Retromedia and Polonia Brothers Entertainment recently send the horror chamber stills for their upcoming film "Amityville Death House which will be hitting DVD soon. Eric Roberts stars in the film.

Special features on the DVD includes 'Designing Amityville'' Video Documentary, Still Gallery and Original Trailer.

"Amityville Death House" hits retail on February 24th.

Plot Synopsis:

When Tiffany and her friends arrive in the town of Amityville to check in on her ailing grandmother, they discover an ancient witch's spirit possesses the old house. One by one the curse destroys the descendants of those who condemned her to death over 300 years ago, ultimately possessing the bodies of the innocent, and transforming them into hideous creatures of destruction.