Saturday, February 14, 2015

Welcome to Anthony T's Horror Chamber

Welcome to Anthony T's Horror Chamber. Yes, this is the same Anthony T who runs The idea for it came on Valentine's Day out state of being bored. The reason that I wanted to start this blog is to share my thoughts of the horror genre. Whether it be reviews, posting news or interviews, I wanted to do a horror/ gothic theme blog since I love this genre and I'm a gorehound with a love for blood and the people who are involved in making horror films. 

This will be a little different from Normally, I write about 500 words in each review for my site, but here there is no word limit. It could be a short review that will be exclusive to this site or one of my reviews from

You'll also will be finding news of the latest horror films here. You'll see some of the stuff that you normally see on Also, I'm also looking to provide news coverage about some of the horror films, festivals and conventions that you may or may not have heard about exclusively for this site. Whether it be stills, posters or whatever that relates to your film or festival or convention, I'm would be interested in providing coverage of this on this site..

If interested, you can email me at for more information.

I'm also thinking about a couple of ideas that are different from the sister site. So stay turned.

Posts will be starting on Monday.

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