Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Review: "All Sinners Night'

“All Sinners Night” is the latest release from World Wide Multi Media. It’s also was one of the films that I was looking forward to when they recently send me a package with the latest releases.

Halloween marks a sad time in Lana Williams’ (Brittney Jessee) life. Her brother mysteriously disappears a year ago. Even though he’s consider dead by everyone a year later, she is very obsessed with finding him. She comes in contact with David (Tom Sparx), a reporter whose wife killed herself on the same day also. He believes these occurrences are linked to a satanic cult. The two travel to a small town in Indiana to find the truth. They discover a cult that is out to kidnap and sacrifice five victims. How far are they both willing to go to find out the shocking truth and what evil that this cult has planned? The film features a cameo from John Duggan (Texas Chainsaw Massacre).

“When I heard “All Sinners Night was like “The Purge” or “The Strangers”, I didn’t know what to expect. I haven’t seen “The Purge” or “The Strangers” prior to this but the film’s trailer sold me on this film. Thankfully this was a good choice, as this is one creepy occult film.

“All Sinners Night” for the most part was a good film, as it got better as it went along. One of thing that was good was Bobby Easley’s direction. From the way some of the scenes were shot to the selection of the film’s music, everything helped keep my interested with the story. It was nice to have this feeling watching this film because the film looked like it was shot very cheaply. The other thing that makes his direction good was the fact the performances weren’t too over the top or bad. There were times in the film that the acting felt bad especially in the beginning. It felt like there was a little of overacting as this could’ve been unbearable to watch but Easley makes sure it doesn’t happen for the entire film. The acting got better as the film went along, as the main antagonists started to become more frightening especially in the end of the film.

Easley’s screenplay was a little better than the directing. The screenplay does a good job making sure the film has its creepy and very dark tone throughout. It’s what kept me being interested in the film when the acting was bad in the beginning. The other thing that I liked about this was the way that he comes up with some of the film’s death scenes. Those scenes had a level of shock value that was needed to keep the film’s dark tone. If those scenes felt like something out of a random slasher film then this would’ve made this film unbearable. Thankfully it’s not, as it adds to the film’s dark and sinister tone.

The only complaint that I have with the screenplay was that there wasn’t much character development. It would have been nice to see some with the main characters, but this is the only grip that I have with screenplay.

“All Sinners Night” is a creepy occult film that manages to hit the mark most of the time and miss on other. I’ve seen worse, but this is worth a rental if you’re into those kind of films.

Review Rating: Three Skulls.

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