Monday, March 2, 2015

Review: Bleeding Hearts

“Bleeding Hearts” was one of those films that grabbed my attention almost immediately with its trailer and the film had an interesting cast including Rachael Robbins and Tony Tood. The film is about five sisters (Rachael Robbins, Suzi Lorraine, Melantha Blackthorne, Jamie White, Sergon O’ Dassey) who come from a well-known family the Van Houten’s in the small town of Mansionville. They usually take a vacation every year for a month vacation from their demanding jobs. Usually around that the same time, five men disappear. A documentary filmmaker (Dustin Diamond) comes to the town to find out and expose the sister’s secret. But what he discovers, a sadistic ritual that could rock this small town to the core. The film also costars Tony Todd, Robert Loggia and the late Charles Durning.

Going into this film, I thought that this was going to be one of those straight slasher/torture porn film. This is what got me interest in this film. When the film started, I knew this was going to be very twisted from the first minutes on with its humor and scenes.

What makes this film work very well was Dylan Bank’s direction. One of the things that he does well is to make to make the film’s violence come off as bloody and shocking. Whether it’s the way the death scenes were films to the way that it gives a disturbing feeling, it manages to keep your interest as the film progresses. The other thing that Bank does well, he makes sure the performances were good and fits the demented tone. Bank takes his time and making sure that his actresses are making their character very twisted. It helped with some of the film’s death scenes and it kept the film interesting to watch.

Speaking of the performances, I thought Rachael Robbins, Suzi Lorraine, Melantha Blackthorne, Jamie White and Sergon O’ Dassey did a very good job with the way that they made their characters very demented. Whether it was their mannerisms to the way that each of them approach their characters, they did a very good job making their characters very sadistic. If their characters weren’t that way, it would gave the film some problems. The other thing that I liked about the acting was the fact that Dustin Diamond didn’t become a distraction. He does a very good job making his character very serious like for the most part and not just there for comic relief. It made his character interesting and helped make this film entertaining.

The screenplay written Rachel Roberts and Kenneth Del Vecchio was good. What makes this screenplay good was the fact that they both did a very good job not getting tangled up with the film’s twisted humor and violence in the story. This could’ve happened early on in the film, but what makes it work was the fact the violence works well with the story and the subplot with the documentary filmmaker helped balance everything out. The other thing that makes this work was the fact that the writers did a good job plotting everything out. From the creation of the death scenes to the film’s twists, everything works well enough to make you feel entertained.

This film is one of those films where there is a love it or hate it feel that you’ll experience after watching this film. For me, “Bleeding Hearts” was an entertaining film that has solid lead performances from the film’s actresses and some very twisted death scenes that makes this film a watch.

Review Rating: Three and a Half Skulls

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