Friday, March 20, 2015

The Soska Sisters Set to Take the World of Graphic Novels by Storm with "Kill-Crazy Nymphos Attack!"

Anthony T's Horror Chamber is more than horror films as we look for everything that relates to horror.

Case in point, we recently received a press release and three pages from Twisted Twins Productions for their new graphic novel project "Kill-Crazy Nymphos Attack". The project is has currently raised $24,800. They're looking to raise at least $30,000 by May 8th for the project to be fully funded. They also have more incentive goals that they want to reach before its deadline.

For more information on this Kickstarter campaign and to contribute, you can goto:

Press Release:

I want to start by thanking you sincerely for your generous support of us and our KILL-CRAZY NYMPHOS ATTACK! Kickstarter campaign! We've been racing towards our goal, but we don't want it to stop there. We won't stop offering more and more cool give-aways and incentives until we reach our maximum extended goal of throwing the grandest Fan Appreciation KCNA! Party this world has ever seen.

Being long time lovers of graphic novels, it was only a matter of time before we Soska Sisters (American Mary, See No Evil 2) invaded the graphic novel pages and we're honored to be collaborating with industry veteran and badass writer Daniel Way (Deadpool, Wolverine: Origins).

Here's our story!

Kill-Crazy Nymphos Attack! is an original graphic novel presented in a grindhouse/exploitation film style. It’s irreverent and raw but, at the same time, it’s a story–an actual story with a beginning, middle and end–that’s infused with relevant social commentary.

The story centers upon Purvis Gunt, a malcontent and pervert who works at a pharmaceutical lab. Purvis is obsessed with having rampant, porno-style sex with nearly every woman he sees but it’s never gonna happen for him because, in addition to the fact that he’s married, he’s revolting in every possible way. So he turns to science for a way to cheat the situation, using the resources of the pharmaceutical lab to create something that will cause women to lose any and all inhibition or restraint and fill them with uncontrollable lust. Purvis, however, is a terrible scientist. What he cooks up is a virus that fills women with not only a lust for sex…but for blood!

When the virus gets out and infects the female population of the small town where Purvis lives, carnage ensues and it’s up to Purvis, disgraced priest Father Osorio and super macho but sexually ambiguous SWAT officer Mack Diesel to contain the situation before woman-hating US President Pole drops a nuke on the whole goddamn mess!

AND keeping in the vein of our proud tradition of appearing in our own films, the Twisted Twins will be appearing as the "Sister Sisters" in the graphic novel, timid twin nuns turned maniacal, knife wielding man eaters. ATTACHED, HERE'S YOUR FIRST LOOK AT THE BOOK.

We're offering some very cool experiences as incentives as way of thanking our fans for their generous support INCLUDING the opportunity to appear in the book!! YOU CAN EVEN GET KILLED BY THE TWINS!!!

Story: Daniel Way and Jen & Sylvia Soska | Interior art: Rob Dumo | Cover art: Dave Johnson | Colors: Dee Cunniffe | Letters: John Workman

** Preview Page Letters : Dee Cunniffe ** Softcover | 144 pgs | Full color

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