Saturday, May 30, 2015

"The Badger Game" Wants You to Play Their Game On ITunes and Goggle Play

Badger Films LLC recently send us information for the upcoming VOD release of "The Badger Game". The film is set be available on ITunes and Google Play. It has played at numerous film festivals including 2014 Arizona Underground Film Festival and the Twisted Celluloid Film Festival, the film won Best Drama honors at the 2014 Laughlin International Film Festival as well as Best Thriller, Best Supporting Actress (Jillian Leigh) and “Most Cool” awards at the Pollygrind V Festival.

"The Badger Game hits VOD on June 2nd.

For more information on this film, you can visit the film's official website at:

Plot Synopsis:

Liam (Sam Boxleitner) is a successful advertising executive with money to burn and a healthy appetite for infidelity. Alex (Augie Duke) is his scorned mistress, hell-bent on revenge against the married man who wronged her. At first, the plan seemed simple: take Liam hostage and threaten to expose his indiscretion, lest he pay a healthy sum of money. But Alex knows she can’t do it alone. Enter her unhinged brother Kip (Patrick Cronen), exotic dancer Jane (Sasha Higgins), and desperate wallflower Shelly (Jillian Leigh). With the table set and the team in place, Liam soon finds himself held against his will - his perfect world about to crumble.? Forced to reckon with four mysterious captors and impossible odds, his only hope is to turn the quartet against each other and make it through the night alive.?

80's Slasher Homage "Lost After Dark" Slashes to DVD & Blu-Ray

Anchor Bay Entertainment recently send us information for their upcoming release "Lost After Dark". The film stars Kendra Timmins, (Midnight Sun, "Wingin' It"), Justin Kelly (Maps To The Stars, Big Muddy), Mark Wiebe (Sweet Karma) and features appearances from Robert Patrick (Terminator 2, From Dusk ‘Til Dawn), Sarah Fisher ("Degrassi: The Next Generation") and Rick Rosenthal (Director of Halloween II & Halloween: Resurrection).

No special features were announced at this time.

"Lost After Dark" hits retail on September 1st.

Press Release:

If you thought the 80s were dead -- think again! On September 1st, Anchor Bay Entertainment goes full 80s retro with Lost After Dark, a loving but harrowing homage that takes audiences back to the decade when slashers ruled the silver screen. The exciting directing debut of writer/director Ian Kessner, Lost After Dark proudly features visceral, old-school prosthetic “kills,” and pop songs pulsing to an electronic beat. So thrown on a pair of acid wash jeans and go full-on tubular with Lost After Dark! SRP is $26.99 for the Blu-ray™ and $22.98 for the DVD, with pre-book on July 31st.

Spring Ball, 1984. Adrienne (Kendra Timmins, Midnight Sun, "Wingin' It"), a straight-A student, joins her quarterback crush Sean (Justin Kelly, Maps To The Stars, Big Muddy) and some friends in sneaking out of their high school dance for some unsupervised mayhem. The teens' party plans hit a snag when they run out of gas on a deserted road. They head out on foot and discover a rundown farmhouse where they hope to find help. Instead they find themselves at the mercy of Junior Joad (Mark Wiebe, Sweet Karma), a cannibal killer from an urban legend. After the brutal murder of one of their friends, the group's quest for help becomes one of survival. Will anyone survive the night?

Produced by Goldrush Entertainment’s Eric Gozlan and co-written by Bo Ransdell, Lost After Dark features Robert Patrick (Terminator 2, From Dusk ‘Til Dawn), Eve Harlow ("The 100"), Stephan James (Selma), Jesse Camacho (Kick-Ass 2), Elise Gatien (Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days), Alexander Calvert (Lost Boys: The Tribe), Lanie McAuley (Scarecrow), and David Lipper (Black Widower), as well as fun cameos from Sarah Fisher ("Degrassi: The Next Generation") and Rick Rosenthal (Director of Halloween II & Halloween: Resurrection).

Friday, May 29, 2015

Shocking NSFW Trailer for Ryan Nicholson's "Gutterballs 2: Balls Deep"

Plotdigger Films recently released an NSFW trailer for their upcoming film "Gutterballs 2: Balls Deep". The film is the latest from director Ryan Nicholson and stars Nickolason, Momona Komagata, Aidan Dee and Kirsty Peters. 

For more information on this film, you can visit the film's official Facebook page at:

"Gutterballs 2: Balls Deep" hits DVD and Blu-Ray this summer.

Plot Synopsis

From Ryan Nicholson and Plotdigger Films comes their most perverse effort yet, "Gutterballs 2: Balls Deep" sees the return of one of horror's most original killers, "BBK" aka "The Bowling Bag Killer". 10 years after the original bowling alley massacre, Stacy, a victims relative, is finishing up her shift when her co-workers decide to put Stacy in touch with her dead Dad and Sister. With the shake of a magic 8-ball, BBK appears and the blood starts to flow. Ryan Nicholson delivers a truly original and jaw-dropping experience that takes the viewer on a wild ride into multiple realities.

"Gutterballs 2: Balls Deep" NSFW Trailer

Sgt Kabukiman is Back with "Kabukiman's Cocktail Corner" on Troma Movies Youtube Channel

It might not fit the tone of this site but yours truly love Troma enough to post here. One of Troma's beloved characters Sgt Kabuiman has his own web show. "Kabukiman's Cocktail Corner" will be airing on the Troma Movies youtube channel. Join Kabukiman as he drinks adult beverages while chatting with some truly independent artists and a range of musical performances.

To view the first episode, you can goto:

Press Release:
One of Troma Entertainment's most beloved characters finally has his own web series! To honor the 25th anniversary of his self-titled motion picture, Sgt. Kabuiman NYPD is returning to the spotlight. Get ready for "Kabukiman's Cocktail Corner," a short-form variety talk show airing exclusively on the Troma Movies YouTube Channel. Join host Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD as he drinks adult beverages, chats with some truly independent artists, and enjoys an eclectic range of musical performances. Guests include BRIAN QUINN of Impractical Jokers, comedian extraordinaire DAVE HILL, world renowned tattoo artist PAUL BOOTH, DOUG GILLARD of Guided By Voices, and many more! The first episode is live!

Find yourself reveling with Kabukiman while he drunkenly learns Mozart, acts out Brian Quinn's (Impractical Jokers) dream Troma movie involving midgets, gangsters, and cowboy gunmen. Get lost in musical performances from sexually charged unicorns, strong gripping monkeys, and Carnegie Hall veterans, all in between hilarious rapid fire interviews with up and coming novelists, crazy Cretins and famous comedians!

Sounds like a good time, doesn't it? Well you don't have to wait anymore! The series premiers today, Friday May 29th at 4:20 pm EST and will continue every Friday (same TROMA time, same TROMA channel) throughout the summer! So dive in, tell the world, and be a part of the TROMA experience!

And to top it all off... Lloyd Kaufman, president of Troma Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Avenger, has been invited to headline the NYC Zombie Crawl After Party, Sunday May 31st at 8:30 PM. Black Bear Bar. 70 N 6th Street. Brooklyn, NY. Kaufman will show exclusive clips from "Kabukiman's Cocktail Corner" and Troma's "Return to Nuke 'Em High Vol. 2" Kickstarter Campaign. This event is being produced by Backseat Conceptions and Troma alum Doug Sakmann, who also stars as Sgt. Kabukiman in the new web series!

Celebrate Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD's 25th anniversary with all new Kabukiman adventures! You can find the full series trailer for "Kabukiman's Cocktail Corner" here on The Troma Movies YouTube Channel:

Upcoming Guests....

Dave Hill ~

Brian Quinn ~

Paul Booth ~

Doug Gillard ~

Twelve AM Flowers ~

.....and many many more!!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Haunting Poster and Trailer for the Horror/Comedy "Caesar & Otto's Paranormal Halloween"

Wild Eye Releasing recently released the official poster and trailer for their upcoming release of  "Caesar & Otto's Paranormal Halloween". The film stars Dave Campfield, Paul Chomicki,Tiffany Shepis, Vernon Wells, Brinke Stevens, Felissa Rose, Deron Miller, Sean Whalen, Andre Gower and Debbie Rochon.

"Caesar & Otto's Paranormal Halloween" hits retail this fall.

For more information on this film, you can visit the film's official Facebook page at:

Plot Synopsis:

Caesar & Otto are back with their latest cinematic misadventure. In anticipation of the release, the hapless half-brothers have released a new trailer and key art. Written and directed by Dave Campfield (Caesar), Paranormal Halloween stars cult icons Tiffany Shepis, Vernon Wells, Brinke Stevens, Felissa Rose, Deron Miller, Sean Whalen, Andre Gower and Debbie Rochon.

These legends join Campfield, Paul Chomicki (Otto), Ken MacFarlane, Samantha Barrios, Avi Garg and Shawn C. Phillips in a hilarious homage to Insidious, The Shining, The Conjuring, Amityville Horror, Sinister, Paranormal Activity and more. Caesar & Otto's Paranormal Halloween will be available from Wild Eye Releasing in the fall.

It's Halloween Eve and Caesar and Otto find themselves housesitting for the world's most unpopular Governor, Jerry Grayson (MacFarlane). But after a series of ghostly visions, strange phenomenon and a demonic possession, the half-brothers call upon renowned exorcist Father Jason Stieger to help put a stop to this new nightmare. But in this house, nothing is what it seems and everyone is fair game for the mysterious forces at work.

The Fall 2015 DVD release of Caesar & Otto's Paranormal Halloween will exclusively include a number of bonus features.

"Caesar & Otto's Paranormal Halloween": Official Trailer

Terrifying Stills for the Upcoming Supernatural Film "Pernicious"

Benetone Hillin Entertainment recently send the horror chamber stills for the upcoming film "Pernicious". The film stars Ciara Hanna, Jackie Moore and Emily R O'Brien.

"Pernicious" hits theaters in limited release and VOD on June 19th.

For more information on this film, you can visit the film's official website at:

Plot Synopsis:

Three young, beautiful girls arrive in Thailand to teach English for the summer, some with noble intentions and some just wanting an adventure, but none were prepared for the massacre that awaited them. The nightmare begins when their new friends go missing, vivid bloody dreams haunt their sleep and a stolen statue leads them down a dark path into Thai folklore and magic that has been long forgotten. Their situation continues to become worse once they realize it’s not WHAT that is haunting them but WHO: an eight-year girl, brutally murdered and sacrificed by her family decades ago who wants nothing more than to watch them bleed. This is not a story about redemption. This is not a story about good versus evil. This is not a story about the will to survive. This is a story about Vanida - a child viciously tortured by her own family, who will stop at nothing for revenge - one appendage at a time. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Legless Corpse Films Starts IndieGoGo Campaign for "Deimosimine":

Legless Corpse Films recently send the horror chamber information about their IndieGoGo campaign for their upcoming film "Deimosimine".  For $1.00 you can get a thank you credit in the film. For $2.00 you get to watch the entire finished film before ANYONE else, via an online screening link. They also have some great custom perks like having your name ON the actual DVD cover art, or Blu-Ray art, all for the price of a new release DVD or Blu-Ray.

This campaign is flexible finding meaning the filmmakers will get what they raised at the end of the campaign even though they didn't reach their goal. They're looking to raise $75,000 in 53 days.

For more information and to contribute to this campaign, you can goto:

For more information on this film, you can visit the film's official Facebook page at:

Press Release:

DEIMOSIMINE is being created by the folks at and produced by LeglessCorpse Films. Directed by Chad Armstrong, Writer Andrew Thompson and Produced by Ray Scanlon, with makeup and creature FX by Ryan Nicholson (Gutterballs, Gutterballs 2, Collar, Dead Nude Girls). "We are taking our love of horror films, creature features, slasher films, and practical effects and enveloping them into this balls out, tour-de-force horror flick!" says the Director. He also states about the current campaign, "we are making this film for the fans, I know you hear that a lot, but if you look at the prices of the perks, you certainly can see what we mean. It will take more contributions to make the film happen, but the fans are getting more for their dough".

This is certainly true. With just $1.00 donation you can get a thank you credit in the film. For $2.00 you get to watch the entire finished film before ANYONE else, via an online screening link. They also have some great custom perks like having your name ON the actual DVD cover art, or Blu-Ray art, all for the price of a new release DVD or Blu-Ray.


Cindy is a twenty-something girl who has had a rough life. She believes that her wealthy mother killed her father and got away with it. After years of running from this horrible past, she turned finally to heroin to cope with her painful memories.

In reality truly caring for her daughter but being emotionally unable to reach out to her child as she should, Cindy's mother uses her obscene wealth to find a way to get her daughter the treatment she feels she needs; a radical, experimental treatment: DEIMOSIMINE; a drug that causes an addict to experience powerfully negative emotional reactions to the drugs they crave. Theoretically, the patient will not want to go back to those dark places that the reaction of the DEIMOSIMINE creates in their minds, and thus stop using.

An unforeseen factor, however, causes Cindy to have a different reaction to the drug than is anticipated, and the results are a bloody and horrific journey into misunderstood madness.

Believing she's begun the road to recovery, Cindy will find herself enveloped in the subconscious horror that the drug creates in her psyche; a world of demons, evil, blood, and death. Despite her efforts and those of they who support her, she will find herself a slave to the drug, and the demented terrors of the world that it shows to her. The tragedy of a soul brought to such heinous destruction of the undeserving will be showcased as her perception brings bloody vengeance on the perceived threats to herself and society.

The film will consist of monsters, demons, on screen blood-baths, and crazy set pieces. This is surely going to be a fun film.

We hope everyone in the group enjoys the production ride and helps us get this bat-shit crazy film made.


Providing the makeup and creature FX, is underground horror filmmaker and FX artist Ryan Nicholson. Ryan is best know for his own films Gutterballs, Gutterballs 2, Collar, and more.


Portia Chellelyn has been cast in the role of Kellee.

 Other cast members will be announced on the campaign site as contributions hit a certain "goal", unravelling more secrets into the film production.

The film is tentatively scheduled to shoot in November for 21 days in and around Northern Alabama. Projected release date is January 2016.

Please help support get this film made with the creature FX and cast that is needed. Head on over to and drop down a buck or more!!

Official Preview Panels for the Debut Issue of "Zombie Tramp vs Vampblade"

Action Lab: Danger Zone recently sent the horror chamber preview pages from their new comic book limited series "Zombie Tramp vs Vampblade". This new series pits Action Lab: Danger Zone regular Zombie Trap against a new foe Vampblade. The limited series is written by Jason Martin, Dan Mendoza and illustrated by Winston Young. This story is so violent that that it couldn't be published in the pages of "Zombie Tramp".

The debut issue of "Zombie Tramp vs Vampblade" is in comic book shops on May 27th.

For more information on "Zombie Tramp", you can visit the comics official Facebook page at: 

Plot Synopsis:

In a story too big to contain in the pages of her regular monthly series, fan-favorite undead anti-heroine Zombie Tramp breaks out into an all-new limited series that pits her against a new larger-than-life supernatural foe… Vampblade! Can Zombie Tramp hold her own against this new interdimensional weapon-wielding comic book bad girl brought to life, or has she met her sexy/crazy/cool match? Let the hair pulling and blood spilling begin!

Exclusive Variant Cover for Issue #3 of "Escape from Jesus Island"

Winsdump Productions recently send the horror chamber over a blood splatter variant cover #3 for issue three of "Escape from Jesus Island'. This varient cover will be availiable through Geeky Comics at conventions across the UK and select U.S. retailers.

Issue #3 of "Escape for Jesus Island is slated to hit comic shops in June.

For more information on this comic, you can visit the official website at:

Press Release:

Escape From Jesus Island unveils blood-splattered Geeky Variant cover for #3

The horror comic Escape From Jesus Island has unveiled a gory new variant cover for its third issue, due out in June. The Geeky Variant cover will be available exclusively through Geeky Comics at conventions across the UK and at select retailers in the US.

In Second Son, the third installment of the Jesus-cloning horror series, the Vatican Black Ops have landed at the Malsum Island Research Facility with orders to steal the reborn Christ. To achieve their mission, they’ll have to contend with the full might of pharmaceutical titan ReGen Corp and the Antichrist’s mutant horde.

The variant cover is the result of a new partnership between US-based Wisdumb Productions and Geeky Comics in the UK.

“Geeky Comics has an established fan base that love horror so Escape from Jesus Island fits well with our readers,” said Geeky president Victor Wright. “Its gorgeous, bloody style attracts new eyes every show we attend. Just the title freaks people out, once they know the storyline and see Mortimer Glum's artwork it’s a no brainer. We can't wait to show people issue #3 with our gorgeous exclusive cover!”

“Geeky has been selling our first two issues at UK conventions as fast as I can ship them, so we’re psyched to give them a kickass cover all their own for Episode 3,” said EFJI writer Shawn French. “Artist Mortimer Glum went all kinds of crazy on this variant artwork and it’ll be fun watching people’s reactions.”

The controversial series is also being adapted into a video game by veteran designer Eric Pavone (Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Army of Two). The dungeon crawler will serve as a prequel to the comics and is a twisted coming of age story about a young Antichrist and his cannibalistic mutant horde.

FMI, visit, or join the EFJI online community at

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Official Preview Panels for Issue #5 of "Godkiller"

Black Mask Studios recently released preview panels for issue #5 of "Godkiller. The comic is written by comic writer and filmmaker Matt Pizzolo (Threat) and visual artist Anna Wieszczyk (Interesting Drug). The issue is the second half of the "Walk Among Us" story arc.

"Godkiller" issue #5 hits comic shops on May 27th.

 For more information on this comic, you can visit the comic's official site at:

Plot Synopsis:

"Walls of barbed wire and vats of human flesh" are the images in a psychic vision that inspires our post-apocalyptic heroes to visit Guernica, a secret concentration camp built in early 21st century America during the height of the Silent War. As the Walk Among Us arc passes its halfway point, Tommy's quest to find a new heart for his dying sister in the wasteland of Outer City darkens, with mythic horrors threatening to derail and dismember the team.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Critically Acclaimed "It Follows" Moves Its Way to DVD & Blu-Ray

Radius-Dimension Films recently release information for the upcoming DVD and Blu-Ray release of "It Follows". The film is directed by  avid Robert Mitchell (The Myth of the American Sleepover), and stars Maika Monroe (upcoming Independence Day 2, The Guest), Keir Gilchrist (It’s Kind of a Funny Story, “United States of Tara”), Daniel Zovatto (Beneath, Innocence, Laggies) and Jake Weary (Altitude, Fred).

Special features on the DVD and Blu-Ray include  a critics’ commentary hosted by Nerdist’s Scott Weinberg and featuring Eric D. Snider (MovieBS), Britt Hayes (Screencrush), Samuel D. Zimmerman (Shock Till You Drop), Alison Nastasi (Flavorwire) and Eric Vespe (Ain't It Cool News); the featurette “A Conversation with Film Composer Disasterpeace” and a Poster Art Gallery.

"It Follows" hit retail on July 14th.

Press Release:

The critically acclaimed breakout movie of the year, It Follows arrives on Blu-ray™ and DVD July 14th from Anchor Bay Entertainment, RADiUS and DIMENSION. Dubbed “the best horror film in over a decade”*, It Follows is directed by David Robert Mitchell (The Myth of the American Sleepover), and stars Maika Monroe (upcoming Independence Day 2, The Guest), Keir Gilchrist (It’s Kind of a Funny Story, “United States of Tara”), Daniel Zovatto (Beneath, Innocence, Laggies) and Jake Weary (Altitude, Fred).

One of the highest grossing independent films of the year so far, It Follows is credited with ushering in a new era of indie film success, appealing to horror genre fans, art house cinema aficionados and the general movie-going audience. With spectacular cinematography and a powerful score, the film is destined to become a cult classic.

For 19-year-old Jay, fall should be about school, boys and weekends out at the lake. But after a seemingly innocent sexual encounter, she finds herself plagued by strange visions and the inescapable sense that someone, or something, is following her. Jay and her teenage friends must now find a way to escape the horrors that seem to be only a few steps behind in this chiller that Bloody Disgusting calls “the scariest movie of 2015.”

The many special features on the Blu-ray™ and DVD include a critics’ commentary hosted by Nerdist’s Scott Weinberg and featuring Eric D. Snider (MovieBS), Britt Hayes (Screencrush), Samuel D. Zimmerman (Shock Till You Drop), Alison Nastasi (Flavorwire) and Eric Vespe (Ain't It Cool News); the featurette “A Conversation with Film Composer Disasterpeace” and a Poster Art Gallery.

It Follows is available and on Blu-ray™ and DVD from Anchor Bay Entertainment on July 14 for the suggested retail price of $29.99 and $26.98, respectively, and also available On Demand. The title will be available early in Digital HD on July 3 from Starz Digital.

Official Stills for Tom Six's "The Human Centipede 3: Final Sequence"

IFC Midnight recently released stills for their latest release "The Human Centipede 3: Final Sequence".  The film is the latest film from Tom Six and stars Dieter Laser (The Human Centipede), Laurence Harvey (The Human Centipede 2), Bree Olsen and Eric Roberts.

"The Human Centipede 3: Final Sequence" is currently in theaters in limited release and VOD.

Plot Synopsis:

500 prisoners, one body: the world's most deranged medical experiment reaches new heights in this final installment of the notoriously shocking trilogy. Stars Eric Roberts & Dieter Laser.

Official Stills for the Haunting Chiller "Within These Walls"

Sixgun Pictures and James Tucker Productions recently released stills for the upcoming film "Within These Walls". The film is the latest from director James Tucker and stars Kelsey Zukowski, Laura Godown-Mortensen, Marv Blauvelt and Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp).

No release plans were announced at this time.

For more information on this film, you can visit the film's official website at:

Plot Synopsis:

A prisoner in her own home, a captive in her own body. Assaulted and trapped with no one to hear her cries for help…and knowing no one will believe her if they do.

This is the terrifying reality Alaina finds herself in when she moves in to the house her mother died in. At first she thinks it’s this loss that is haunting her, but she is soon shown it is something far more malicious and unrelenting. The spirit taunts her as it invades her body, mind, and soul, completely trapping her. Alaina fights for answers on what really happened to her mother if she has any hopes of survival. She must find a way to endure this monster who lives and breathes to rob her of her sanity as it demands a savage hold on her.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Film Review: The Drownsman

"The Drownsman” is one of those films that I’ve been looking forward to seeing since hearing during last year’s Fantasia International Film Festival. The film is directed Chad Archbald, the co-writer of “Antisocial”, which is a film from last year that I highly recommend. Still if this didn’t have that, I would’ve still found a way to check this film out because the trailer for this film looks very creepy.

The film follows a woman (Michelle Mylett) who is recovering from almost drowning in an accident. She suddenly starts to develop aquaphobia. Her friends try to help her out of this predicament but they accidently unleash a murderous spirit known as the drownsman. Now, he is stalking her and her friends. It forces them to try and find a way out, before he drags them into a world of immersed torment where there isn’t a way out.

Sometime a film that you’ve been wanting see so bad, turns into a film that leave your head scratching and makes you wonder why I was interested in the film in the first place. This happened with “The Drownsman”, as this was a bad film. It surprises me that it’s bad considering the names that were involved in this film were also behind the entertaining horror film “Antisocial”.

Chad Archbald’s direction was not good at all. One of the things that I didn’t like about his direction was the way the pace of the film moves. Whether it was the way the film shot to the killer’s look, everything helped make the film feel very dull to the point that I was bored with what was happening in the film. But at least, Archbald managed to keep the film somewhat interesting with the way that he directs his cast. He does a good job making sure that the performances aspect kept my interested with the film’s story. Too bad, he couldn’t come up with a screenplay that would’ve enhanced the performances and make this a better film.

The screenplay was surprisingly bad considering that I liked their last screenplay “Antisocial”. One of the things that I didn’t like about Chad Archbald’s and Cody Calahan screenplay was the fact that the death scenes weren’t written well as it didn’t generate any reaction. Usually in a horror film, the death scenes is handled to turn up the intensity of the story. This film didn’t do it until near the end of the film. I was bored watching them for the other two thirds, as it didn’t make me feel horrified and shake me at the cord. Part of it has to do with the way the scenes were written and part of it had to do with the fact the characters weren’t interesting to even care. The other thing that I didn’t like about their screenplay was the fact certain things were rushed. Things like the lack of character development in the beginning of the film to how some of the death scenes went too fast and deprived it from generate any scares. If some of the scenes were slowed down, then this would’ve been more of an effective screenplay. Instead, the film’s screenplay drags this film down.

I had some expectation going into this film, but this sadly left me disappointed. “The Drownsman” drowns due to its screenplay and its dull action.

Review Rating: One Star

Official Variant Covers and Preview Pages for Issue #11 of "Zombie Tramp"

Action Lab: Danger Zone recently send the horror chamber over official varient covers for issue 11 of "Zombie Tramp". The issue is written by Dan Mendoza,Jason Martin and illustration by TMChu.

Issue #11 of "Zombie Tramp is available at participating comic stores.

Press Release:

Zombie Tramp creates a flesh beast from cemetery inhabitants to do battle with the hulking meth monster that’s plagued her visit to Detroit; but will Motown’s supernatural defender Vampblade help Janey in her fight, or team-up against her? It’s a boneyard brawl of beasts and beauties, as Janey fights for her right to ease on down the road! Features a variant cover spotlighting guest starring character Vampblade, as well as a variant cover by Dan Mendoza (limited to 2000 copies) and a risqué variant cover (limited to 2500 copies).

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Troma Entertainment Announces Kickstarter Campaign for "Return to Nuke' Em High Vol.2"

Troma Entertainment recently announced that they launched a Kickstarter campaign for post-production costs: color correction, sound mixing, mastering, and special effects. for "Return to Nuke' Em High Vol.2". The film is the second part to Lloyd Kaufman's Return to Nuke' Em High. It stars Catherine Corcoran and Asta Paredes.

They are looking to raise at least 50,000 dollars and have 38 days to do it. The campaign won't be funded unless they hit the $50,000 mark. The campaign ends on June 24th.

For more information on this Kickstarter campaign, you can goto:

For more information on this film, you can visit the film's official Facebook page at:

Press Release:

Greetings from Tromaville! The Troma Team launched its official Return to Nuke 'Em High: Volume 2 Kickstarter campaign today--inspiring $4,000 worth of donations in only 3 short hours. The campaign, which aims to raise $50,000 for post-production costs on the "explosive" final installment of Lloyd Kaufman's two-part Return to Nuke 'Em High saga, was announced this week on Buzzfeed.

"Principal photography has wrapped and we've assembled a working cut of the film we know the world will love," says the official Kickstarter. "All that remains are the post production costs: sound mixing, color correction, editing, special effects, mastering, etc. Your generous support will get our movie completed and enjoyed by film fans all over the world!"

The official video for the campaign prominently features the reclusive Vice President of Troma Entertainment, Michael Herz. Appearing for the first time in 15 years, Herz introduces the project and invites Troma's many fans to "help us complete what I consider to be the finest Troma film of all time." Herz is joined by Kaufman and Return to Nuke 'Em High stars Catherine Corcoran and Asta Paredes.

Troma is offering backers a multitude of "Tromazing" prizes for their generous support, including "valuable one-of-a-kind props from the movie, a weekend visit at Lloyd Kaufman's crib, and even prestigious credits in the finished film." Prizes also include Return to Nuke 'Em High: Volume 2 Blu-rays, posters, and other exciting items.

Troma fans and genuine independent art lovers have already have shown their support on Kickstarter. They've also taken to social networking sites, where the hashtag #SaveNukeEmHigh has gained significant traction.

'Return to Nuke 'Em High: Volume 2' Kickstarter Video 

Official Poster and Trailer for the Supernatural Film "The Vatican Tapes"

Lionsgate and Pantelion Films recently released the official trailer and poster for their upcoming release of "The Vatican Tapes". The film stars Michael Peña, Dougray Scott, John Patrick Amedori, Djimon Hounsou and Olivia Taylor Dudley.

"The Vatican Tapes" hits theaters on July 24th.

For more information on this film, you can visit the film's official website at:

Plot Synopsis:

Lionsgate and Lakeshore Entertainment present a Lakeshore Entertainment and Lionsgate production, THE VATICAN TAPES which follows the ultimate battle between good and evil - God versus Satan. Angela Holmes (OLIVIA TAYLOR DUDLEY) is an ordinary 27-year-old until she begins to have a devastating effect on anyone close, causing serious injury and death. Holmes is examined and possession is suspected, but when the Vatican is called upon to exorcise the demon, the possession proves to be an ancient satanic force more powerful than ever imagined. It’s all up to Father Lozano (MICHAEL PEÑA) to wage war for more than just Angela’s soul, but for the world as we know it.

"The Vatican Tapes": Official Trailer

Friday, May 15, 2015

Official Teaser Poster for the Upcoming Psychological Thriller "Felt"

Amplify Releasing recently released the official teaser poster for the upcoming psychological thriller "Felt". The film has its its world premiere back at Fantastic Fest 2014. At that festival Amy Everson took home the "Next Wave" Spotlight Competition award for Best Actress.

"Felt" hits theaters in limited release on June 26th and VOD on July 21st.

For more information on this film, you can visit the film's official website at:

Plot Synopsis:

Amy is hanging on by a thread. Struggling to cope with past sexual trauma and the daily aggressions of a male-dominated society, she creates grotesquely-costumed alter egos that reappropriate the male form. While giving her the sense of power she craves, acting as these characters pushes her further into a world of her own making. When she begins a new relationship with a seemingly good guy, she opens herself up to him - but that vulnerability comes at a dangerous cost, and her alter egos threaten to lash out in explosive violence. Based on the real experiences and art of co-writer/star Amy Everson, Felt doesn't just point a finger at rape culture; it takes a full on swing at it, creating a feminist psychological thriller that audiences will be hard-pressed to shake off.

Slasher Studios Announces Holiday Slasher "Dismembering Christmas"

Slasher Studios recently send the horror chamber information for their upcoming release of "Dismembering Christmas". The film is the second feature from Slasher Studios after their last film "Don't Go to the Reunion" was a film festival favorite.

"Dismembering Christmas" is set to released on DVD and limited edition Blu-Ray in October.

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Dismembering Christmas is the second slasher feature from Slasher Studios. In 2013, Slasher Studios released their first slasher feature entitled Don’t Go to the Reunion. After playing in over a dozen film festivals and winning several awards (including Best Actress at Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival and Audience Choice at Killer Film Fest). Now, they are ready to deck the halls with lots of bodies!

A tribute to the glory days of holiday horror, Dismembering Christmas can best be described as Friday the 13th meets Black Christmas. Have you ever wanted a Friday the 13th set in the winter? did Slasher Studios and that’s why they created this movie just for you. Practical effects from beginning to end, likable characters, and a kick ass final girl…what more could you want in a slasher?

It was supposed to be a holiday vacation they would never forget, not a holiday vacation they would never survive.

When Mark and his friends go up to his fathers new vacation home for Christmas vacation, they were ready for a fun time. Out in the middle of nowhere, the house is cheerfully decorated for Christmas. But an unknown visitor is there, and one by one they are murdered. Its Christmas and not a creature is stirring except the killer in the house…

Dismembering Christmas is set for an October 2015 release date on DVD and limited edition Blu-ray.

"Dismembering Christmas": Teaser Trailer