Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Exclusive Variant Cover for Issue #3 of "Escape from Jesus Island"

Winsdump Productions recently send the horror chamber over a blood splatter variant cover #3 for issue three of "Escape from Jesus Island'. This varient cover will be availiable through Geeky Comics at conventions across the UK and select U.S. retailers.

Issue #3 of "Escape for Jesus Island is slated to hit comic shops in June.

For more information on this comic, you can visit the official website at: www.JesusIsland.com

Press Release:

Escape From Jesus Island unveils blood-splattered Geeky Variant cover for #3

The horror comic Escape From Jesus Island has unveiled a gory new variant cover for its third issue, due out in June. The Geeky Variant cover will be available exclusively through Geeky Comics at conventions across the UK and at select retailers in the US.

In Second Son, the third installment of the Jesus-cloning horror series, the Vatican Black Ops have landed at the Malsum Island Research Facility with orders to steal the reborn Christ. To achieve their mission, they’ll have to contend with the full might of pharmaceutical titan ReGen Corp and the Antichrist’s mutant horde.

The variant cover is the result of a new partnership between US-based Wisdumb Productions and Geeky Comics in the UK.

“Geeky Comics has an established fan base that love horror so Escape from Jesus Island fits well with our readers,” said Geeky president Victor Wright. “Its gorgeous, bloody style attracts new eyes every show we attend. Just the title freaks people out, once they know the storyline and see Mortimer Glum's artwork it’s a no brainer. We can't wait to show people issue #3 with our gorgeous exclusive cover!”

“Geeky has been selling our first two issues at UK conventions as fast as I can ship them, so we’re psyched to give them a kickass cover all their own for Episode 3,” said EFJI writer Shawn French. “Artist Mortimer Glum went all kinds of crazy on this variant artwork and it’ll be fun watching people’s reactions.”

The controversial series is also being adapted into a video game by veteran designer Eric Pavone (Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Army of Two). The dungeon crawler will serve as a prequel to the comics and is a twisted coming of age story about a young Antichrist and his cannibalistic mutant horde.

FMI, visit www.JesusIsland.com, www.geekycomics.com or join the EFJI online community at www.facebook.com/jesusisland.

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