Friday, June 5, 2015

Big Biting Pig Productions' "The Caretakers" and Spirit Stalkers" Now Available on Amazon Prime

Big Biting Pig Productions recently released information that both "The Caretaker" and "Spirit Stalker" are now available on Amazon Prime. "The Caretakers" stars Nick Faust, Joe Estevez (Soul Taker, Apocalypse Now) and Bill "Leatherface" Johnson (Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2). "Spirit Stalker" stars Steve Hudgins, P.J. Woodside and Jessica Dockrey.

To view "The Caretakers" on Amazon Prime, you can goto:

To view "Spirit Stalkers on Amazon Prime, you can goto:

"The Caretakers" Plot Synopsis:

An aging caretaker for a powerful vampire must help hunt down a rogue half-breed vampire at the same time that he trains his two new apprentices.

"Spirit Stalkers" Plot Synopsis:

The Spirit Stalkers reality show, once a big hit, faces cancellation without a ratings boost, which leads the investigative team to Gloria Talman, whose house is rampant with unexplained ghostly activity.

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