Friday, August 28, 2015

"Madcow" Set to Terrorize Your Living Room on DVD

Troma Entertainment recently released information for their upcoming DVD release of "Madcow". The film stars Craig Brown, Billy Bush, Angus Douglas and Tanya Van Graan.

Special features on the DVD include Making of, Trailer, Tromatic Extras: American Cinemateque, Radiation March and Troma Trailers.

"Mad Cow" hits retail on September 8th.

Plot Synopsis:

They slaughtered his family, cut off his head, attached it to a human body, wired electrodes to his testicles and pumped him full of 50,000 volts. and now he wants REVENGE! After a Frankenstein like experiment goes horribly wrong, a chainsaw wielding Mad Cow goes on the rampage around the Boerewors Game lodge, leaving a trail of bad special effects in his wake. Enter under-cover cop Vince Chopper, who together with vegetarian waitress-turned-weapon-expert Charlize, does battle with Mad Cow in a series of off-the-wall set pieces. But prepare yourselves for a series of increasingly bizarre twists as it's never over when you think it's over.

Mad Cow is the fast-paced, totally crazy comedy/horror movie that dares to go where Naked Gun, Scary Movie and Shaun of the Dead feared to tread.

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