Thursday, November 26, 2015

Film Review: "Killing Brooke"

With "Killing Brooke" being released on DVD courtesy of Wild Eye Releasing a couple of months ago, I decided that it would be a good time to repost this review here inside my horror chamber.

"Killing Brooke" follows Brooke (Alex Fendel), a free spirit party goer who’s married her lover Chloe (Dina Baker) and are on their honeymoon. They come across Vance (Colin Allen), a mysterious drifter that they meet at a bar and spend a night of drunken debauchery. This leads everyone involved down the road to terror, as it will push Brooke to limits physically and mentally as she struggles to survive.

Going into this film, I didn’t know what to expect. I thought, this was going to be one of ultra-low budget films that I was going to forget about it after watching it. The packaging of the DVD wasn’t that great plus I was going into film virtually cold. To my surprise, “Killing Brooke” was actually well worth my time and money. One of the things that made this film good was the directing. Writer/director David Zargorski does a very good job with the way that he handles his direction. He does a good job making sure that the scares have an impact. Whether it’s the way he uses the gore effects to his ability to make sure the action on screen had a suspense feel, those scenes helped made the film come off as intense and shocking especially in last third of the film. The other that Zargorski does very well was to get his cast to make their characters and entertaining and mostly frightening. He’s able to the performances that he needs to make this film work. The cast did a great job making their characters feel like characters that you would normally see in this genre, than what you’re accustomed to with some of these releases. It really helped made this film feel serious than the normal ultra-low-budget films that you see put out there at these conventions.

The other thing that makes this film work was its screenplay. Zargorski does a good job with the way he creates the film’s story. I liked how, he started the story off as a typical cat and mouse serial killer film then turns into a “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” like story with some gory moments. This works very well, as it helps made the story and action better as the film went on. It also gave the story its intense and shocking feel. Zargorski also does a good job making sure the action matches the film’s story and tone. Whether it’s the horrific stuff that takes place during the film to how the villains were created, they had a creative and shocking quality to them. It helped made the horror aspects work so well in the screenwriting process.

“Killing Brooke” is one of those rare ultra- low budget films that works on all levels. Whether it’s David Zargorski’s direction or the performances in the film, it made this film entertaining.

For more information on this film, you can visit the film’s official Facebook page at:

Review Rating: Four Stars.

There's a "Voodoo Rising" on the Horizon

SGL Entertainment recently released information for the upcoming DVD and Blu-Ray release of "Voodoo Rising". The film stars April Needham, Sarah Domanick, Don Kilrain, Mark Cray and Shaphan David Seiders.

"Voodoo Rising" hits retail in early 2016.

Press Release:

SGL Entertainment is pleased to announce that they just signed a deal with Eddie Lengyel for the distribution of Voodoo Rising, a horror movie that was filmed on location in the Black Hills. “Eddie Lengyel also Directed Hellweek and Scarred aka Kandie land, but I think this could be Eddie’s best film to date quotes Jeffrey A. Swanson President of SGL Entertainment.

SYNOPSIS: A group of friends decide to spend their last summer together by taking a trip to the rural camping destination “Black Hills”. Once there, they find themselves in the middle of a deadly quarrel with a local family.

Voodoo Rising was Directed by Eddie Lengyel and Produced by Don Kilrain and stars: April Needham, Sarah Domanick, Don Kilrain, Mark Cray, Shaphan David Seiders, Robert S. Miller, Roger Conners, Silvia Marchena Guillen, Justin E. Sherman, Meghan Bakun, Brenna Roth, Kris Smith, Aaron Tomaselli, Mary Lu Garmone, Lisa Gaetano, Heather Longville, Eddie Lengyel, Lori Ingram, Erinn Bakun and James McGilbray.

Also, watch the new trailer for “Voodoo Rising” edited by Noelle Bye with music courtesy of Dark Star Records featuring “Scatter” by “A Beautiful End” who are also Featured in the movie as well.

Voodoo Rising will be Available in the US and Canada on Blu-ray, DVD, Comcast Xfinity Cable TV and the Top VOD Sites like iTunes, Amazon Prime, Google Play, M-GO and More in early 2016 via SGL Entertainment with their partners MVD Visual and Indie Rights Distribution.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Official Poster and Trailer from the Upcoming Supernatural Thriller "House of Afflictions"

Wild Eye Releasing recently released the official trailer and poster for the UK supernatural thriller "House of Afflictions". The film is the latest film from director Anthony M. Winson (The Witching Hour, Unholy).

"House Of Afflictions" is slated for a February release on DVD.

Plot Synopsis:

Wild Eye Releasing has opened the doors to the House of Afflictions with a new poster and trailer. The latest supernatural thriller from UK director Anthony M. Winson (The Witching Hour, Unholy) follows a crime author mourning the loss of her child as she tries to start life over in a new home. She soon discovers that she is not alone in the house. Is something from her past haunting her, or is it something deep within the house itself that wants to ensure she remain restless forever?

Kate Beckley was once a best selling crime author, but it's been years since her last novel following the disappearance of her daughter, Julia. While attempting to write again in a new home, Kate finds herself haunted by strange visions and paranormal occurrences - which become worse each night. Has Julia returned, or is something more sinister preying on this grieving mother?

The February 2016 DVD release of House of Afflictions will exclusively include a number of bonus features.

"House of Afflictions": Official Trailer 

Creepy Preview Pages for Issue #17 of "Zombie Tramp"

Action Lab: Danger Zone recently send us over preview pages for issue #17 of "Zombie Tramp".  Issue #17 is written by Dan Mendoza with illustration from Victoria Harris and cover art from TMChu (regular, risqué variant), Dan Mendoza (limited variant), Ryan Kinnaird (artist, artist risque variant).

Plot Synopsis for Issue #17:

Janey witnesses a teenage goth geek girl tortured and murdered by four trendy mall rats. Not her problem. But when she realizes the murderous click are using blinged-out iTablets to cast Necro-spells, she can’t let it slide. Follow this exciting story arc as Zombie Tramp returns to high school, Jumpstreet style, to solve the mystery of the iWitches!

Features a variant cover by series creator Dan Mendoza, a risqué variant cover, and an artist showcase variant and risque by Ryan Kinnaird (Empowered, Playstation Magazine).

Preview Pages for Alterna Comics Upcoming Graphic Novel "Mother Russia"

Alterna Comics recently send us over preview pages for the upcoming complete graphic novel "Mother Russia". The comic is written and illustrated by Jeff McComsey.

"Mother Russia" graphic novel drops in stores and digital on November 25th.

Plot Synopsis:

Stalingrad. 1943. One baby. One rifle. Two million zombies. A soviet sniper risks her life to protect something she hasn't seen in a long time: A perfectly healthy two year old boy who has just stumbled right into the middle of the zombie apocalypse.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Official Stills for the Upcoming Terrorizing Thriller "The Last House"

Wild Eye Releasing recently send us over stills for the upcoming DVD release of "The LAst House". The upcoming film stars  Jason Mewes (Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back), Ezra Buzzington (The Hills Have Eyes, Fight Club) and Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp, Return to Sleepaway Camp).

Special features on the DVD includes director's commentary, deleted scenes, interviews, and trailers.

"The Last House" hits retail on November 24th.

Press Release:

Wild Eye Releasing has opened The Last House for visitors. Director Sean Cain (Silent Night, Zombie Night, Jurassic City) has brought together a star-studded cast at an address many would like to visit, but none will be allowed to leave. Jason Mewes (Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back), Ezra Buzzington (The Hills Have Eyes, Fight Club) and Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp, Return to Sleepaway Camp) headline this dark and sadistic thriller about the horrors at a mansion in the Hollywood Hills. The Last House will be available on DVD and VOD nationwide November 24th

After his escort girlfriend is kidnapped by a trio of escaped mental patients, a young man attempts to find her before their sadistic game plan can be realized.

The November 24th DVD release (SRP $19.95) of The Last House will exclusively include a director's commentary, deleted scenes, interviews, and trailers.

Friday, November 20, 2015

LeglessCorpse Films Announces Free Perks for Contibutors for "Deimosimine"

LeglessCorpse Films recently send us over information that they are continuing to raise money for post production of their film "Deimosimine". They will be preselling items to raise for the funds of the film. Also the filmmakers let known, the contributors of the campaign got a huge surprise in their most recent campaign update. Their perks will be free, and each contributor will be reimbursed from the GROSS profits of the film, no matter how long it takes. Meaning they get to keep their physical perks AND get their money back.

This is one campaign that you wish you didn't miss right? Well don't beat yourself up to much, they are still raising money for the creature completion funds by pre-selling items on their official site, and yes each person that picks up an item to help raise the finishing funds will also be included in the reimbursement. So head on over and pick something up quick, as this "reimbursement" deal is the first of it's kind.

For more information on this check out this press release or visit the film's official website at:

Press Release:

LeglessCorpse Films the indie distribution company is venturing into their first original feature film 'Deimosimine'. Back in June LeglessCorpse Films launched a crowd funding campaign on indiegogo raising money for the creature creation and special effects. They raised 7K out of the 20K they were asking.

They are currently in production and announced the release of their first official trailer sometime next month that will feature a glimpse of the creature. Though they still need 2K to finish up the creature, that has not stopped them.

Tonight the contributors of the campaign got a huge surprise in their most recent campaign update. Their perks will be free, and each contributor will be reimbursed from the GROSS profits of the film, no matter how long it takes. Meaning they get to keep their physical perks AND get their money back.

This is one campaign that you wish you didn't miss right? Well don't beat yourself up to much, they are still raising money for the creature completion funds by pre-selling items on their official site, and yes each person that picks up an item to help raise the finishing funds will also be included in the reimbursement. So head on over and pick something up quick, as this "reimbursement" deal is the first of it's kind.

The director, Chad Armstrong, had this to say about the reasoning behind the decision, "We were blown away by all the support and felt this is the right thing to do. Instead of paying an investor back about a film they really don't give a shit about, we'd rather pay the fans back".

Deimosimine is scheduled to have post production wrapped in January with perks and completed film by January or February 2016. Some of the current items available on their site includes $7.00 BluRays, limnited edition Posters, IMDB and screen credit on 3 films, premier screenings, and more. Go soak it all in, why not it'll be free The film stars Rhiana Howell and Robert Nolan, with a screenplay by Andrew Thompson. Here's the entire post on the Deimosimine's official Facebook page...


So we were originally seeking 20K for the creature, we raised 7k after perk withholding's and Paypal and Indiegogo fees, we saw about 5k. But the good news is Mr. Balls, our creature, is currently being made. However, even though we were 15K short, we have been able to plug along, mostly because of our awesome cast and crew are working deferred because they believe in the project and with that money we were able to squeeze over to creature creation. However we are still 2k short before we can get him completed, that is not stopping us from moving forwards. He will be featured in our newest and first 'Official' trailer next month along with some other gruesome footage. So stay tuned and if you know some folks that would like to grab some perks that weren't around during the campaign have them checkout for some low-cost, mostly new items (I hate the term perks) that will help us reach that additional 2k mark to finish up the creature creation.

So what's the good news? This is something that I was thinking about after the indiegogo campaign finished. Myself and the producers are not in this for the money, this film will be a huge stepping stone for us and LeglessCorpse Films to continue to produce original films. Getting the film made means more to us than taking home the profits, seriously. How serious, listen up. We are forfeiting our pay... to you! Huh? you say?? Read on... So once the cast gets paid, any additional money made from the film will go back to you, until your contributions are reimbursed, then and only then will myself or the producers make any money. Yes, whatever you contributed will be sent back to you. So not only are you getting the perks you paid for we will actually use the other revenue to reimburse you all. This is a good faith offer meaning we wont be sending any contributors financial statements, and are by no means legally obligated to reimburse you in any given time frame, but one day you will either see a payment in your paypal account or a check in your mailbox, it might be 6 months after the film is complete, it might be a year, it might be two years, or longer (it all depends on how well the film does on the market), but we will do it! We will start with the first contributor and work our way down the list until all have been reimbursed. This in theory, makes you an unofficial "backer" of the film, and will have a vested interest is helping us market it when it's time. Because the more we sell on DVD, BluRay, and VOD, the quicker everyone gets their money back. Plus we are putting our money where our mouth is!

This also goes for anyone helping raise the final 2k needed to finish our creature. So anyone who picks up anything from will also get reimbursed, so tell your friends. This, as far as we know, is a first in crowd funding. We want to show you how much your support means to us, and we want your support in future projects. By delivering what we promise will gain your trust, and envelope you in each and every film we make in the future.

Every time we pay a contributor off we will post it in the Deimosimine group for everyone to see. We may even post a list in order of who will be getting reimbursed first.

I thought about this long and hard, and finally decided it was the right thing to do, because without your support we wouldn't be making the film in the first place.

Official Cover and Variant Cover Art for Full Moon Presents "The Gingerdead Man"

Action Lab Danger Zone recently released the official cover and variant covers for "Full Moon Presents: The Gingerdead Man". Cover art by Sergio Rios & Marcelo Costa and Variant cover art by Dan Mendoza (Zombie Tramp)

Issue #1 of "Full Moon Presents: The Gingerdead Man" hits comic shops in February.

Plot Synopsis:

There is a new designer drug on the streets, and it’s called Confection! It’s so powerful that it has to be baked into a culinary treat, and the abandoned Betty’s Bakery has been taken over by a gang of drug dealers! But by using a leftover box of seasoning containing the remaining ashes of Millard Findlemeyer, the gang has unwittingly unleashed that cookie of doom: GINGERDEAD MAN! Variant Covers limited to 1,500 copies each!

Monday, November 16, 2015

"Ballet of Blood" wins Audience Award at RIP International Horror Film Festival

Frolic Pictures recently send us information and pictures from the RIP International Horror Film Festival where their film ""Ballet of Blood recently won Audience Choice Award (for day 3). The upcoming film stars Sydney Raye, Jessica Knopf and Mindy Robinson.

"Ballet of Blood" hits DVD and VHS in December and VOD in March.

For more information on this film, you can visit the film's official Facebook page at:

Press Release:

Ballet of Blood, the 9th feature film by Jared Masters, won Audience Choice Award (for day 3) at the 2015 RIP International Horror Film Festival. It was also nominated for Best Acting Ensemble and Best Editing. The world premiere was held at the Echo Park Film Center on October 28th, 2015. Jared Masters and his date, Taylor Victoria (8 Reels of Sewage), arrived in costume, as Sid and Nancy.

The Ballet of Blood DVD and VHS has a release date of December 5th, just in time for the holiday season. Expect VOD this March.

After years of emotional abuse and body shaming, two ballerina's drug-fueled fantasy, of viciously attacking their ballet school, becomes reality. Meanwhile, a nerdy ballerina starts writing a novel based on the events that transpired, deeply offending some for turning such sensitive material into a book, for young audiences. Soon, her and her sister realize that every word being typed is somehow altering real life at large. Will this strange and psychedelic paralleling fantasy carry the sisters, along with anyone else, to a merciless blood-splattered doom? The film stars Sydney Raye and Jessica Knopf, as partners in crime. Laura Amelia as the dance teacher, Delphine, and Julia Faye West as company co-owner. The film also features Mindy Robinson as the prima ballerina, with Walter Hochbrueckner, Vera R. Taylor, Rubi Garcia, Marla Martinez, Jacqueline Marie Alberto, Dawna Lee Heising, Dallas Chandler, Krystall Schott, Georgie Borchardt, Sky Patterson, Christopher Arias, Kimberly Cohen, Robert Evans, Geo Sargent, Garret Morosky and Marylyn Brooks.

Produced by Julia Faye West, Sydney Raye, Vera R. Taylor, Walter Hochbrueckner, John Gonatos, Mikko Tervonen, Michael Anthony and Bouvier. Production design by Mystic Marlow. Art Direction by Ryan Henneman. Sound by Jean-Paul Inesta, stills by Mark Rakocy, script supervision by Jonathan Weichsel, script editing by H. Raven Rose. Written and directed by Jared Masters.

"Ballet of Blood": Official Green Band Trailer

NSFW Behind the Scenes Photos for SGL Entertainment's "Laundry Man"

SGL Entertainment recently send us over behind the scenes stills for their upcoming 2016 release "Laundry Man" which recently wrapped production.  The film is is written and directed by Johan Vandewoestijne.

"Laundry Man" is slated for release in Fall 2016.

For more information on this film, you can visit the film's official Facebook page at:

Press Release:

SGL Entertainment is pleased to announce that “Laundry Man” a Horror Film Written and Directed by Johan Vandewoestijne and Produced by James Desert have just wrapped up Filming. The shooting started in Kortrijk Belgium on August 25th and ran till October 9th 2015.

Laundry Man is the story about a rather clumsy serial killer. It is partly based on the crimes committed by American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and those committed by the Belgian-Hungarian pastor Andras Pandy.

In 1986, Johan Vandewoestijne, aka James Desert, produced and directed the cult film “Lucker”. This highly criticized film faced a boycott from many video distributors. Now 30 years later, high amounts of money are paid by collectors for original VHS tapes of the film, since it has become a cult hit. Also 30 years later, Vandewoestijne/Desert are once again producing and directing a slasher film based on their own script entitled “Laundry Man”. For this film Johan signed a five picture distribution deal with SGL Entertainment headed up by Jeffrey A. Swanson, Damien Dante, Massimiliano Cerchi and Todd Rodgers. This way Vandewoestijne/Desert are guaranteed that their film will be available in the US and Canada. Look for “Laundry Man” to be Released on DVD, Blu Ray, and Video On Demand in the Fall of 2016 via SGL Entertainment.

Supernatural Crime Thriller "Corktown" Scares Up Comic Shops in the Spring

Alterna Comics recently send us information about the upcoming release of the three part series "Corktown", The comic is from Mario Candelaria (Ashes, Epilogue), Scott Ewen (The Sundays, Lightshade, Flight of the Living Dead) and David Ganjamie (Epilogue).

"Corktown" hits retail in Spring 2016.

Press Release:

Alterna is proud to announce the upcoming release of CORKTOWN, a brand new three issue horror series coming in the spring of 2016 from Mario Candelaria (ASHES, ÉPILOGUE), Scott Ewen (THE SUNDAYS, LIGHTSHADE, FLIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD), and David Ganjamie (ÉPILOGUE).

Set in the Corktown area of Detroit, Michigan, CORKTOWN follows the disembodied spirit of a fallen Detroit P.D. detective as she fights to stop her bloodthirsty reanimated corpse’s killing spree so she can finally rest in peace.

"I've always wondered what happened when vampires died,” says writer Candelaria. “Their bodies are still animated, but they are always referred to as 'being dead' and that inspired Scott and I to tell this story. I am glad that Alterna gave Scott, Dave, and I an outlet that allows us to tell it our way."

Bringing a local perspective to the book is artist Scott Ewen, a lifelong Detroit resident. “In the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit is a huge, spooky abandoned train station, and every time I drove past it with my wife she would talk about how she it looked like a setting for a horror movie. I told Mario about it and we had a perfect setting for the story.”

A fresh take on ghosts and vampires, CORKTOWN is a part of Alterna’s 10th Anniversary celebration kicking off in 2016. Look out for more announcements in the coming months.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Film Review: Society

“Society” is one of those films that I’ve heard about for a while but hadn’t been able to find a copy of the film at a reasonable price. That changed, when Arrow Video picked up the film for distribution and gave this a blu-ray release.

The film is about a teenager (Billy Warlock) who feels like the odd one out in his rich and wealthy family. His feelings take a dark turn when he hears a tape that implicated his family in some bizarre ritualistic gathering with friends. The people who might know what’s going on start disappearing mysteriously. He begins to wonder if this is his mind playing tricks on him or is there something sinister going with his parents.

Going into this film, I wanted to see Brian Yuzna’s directorial debut “Society” because of the fact that I liked Yuzna’s two “Re-Animator” sequels and “Return of the Living Dead 3” a lot. Thankfully, I decided to check our “Society”, as this was completely different in tone and originality from other horror films that I’ve seen. This along with “Return of the Living Dead 3” have been Brian Yuzna’s best films that he’s directed.

One of the reason that this film is very good was Yuzna’s direction. He does a very good job making sure everything looked creepy. From the way that he directs his cast to how the scenes are approached, everything gave me that weird vibe that you’re waiting for something to happen while being interested with the story. It keeps my interest during the course of the film as there isn’t much action until the last third of the film alone. Trust me, it’s worth the wait as Screaming Mad George gruesome effects are worth seeing this film, as it’s both horrifying and something that you can’t take your eyes off. The other thing that I liked was the acting. Yuzna does a very good job making sure he gets the performances to fit this film’s bizarre tone. He makes sure that there is chemistry between his cast because it made the dialogue scene work as I became engaged in the film while I waiting for something horrific to happen.

The screenplay written by Rick Fry and Woody Keith does a very good job with creating a horror film that feels different from other horror films that were written in the late eighty/early nineties. One of the things that I liked about this was the fact that it felt original. From the creation of the story to making sure everything builds, it makes the characters interesting and left me wondering how this is going to end. The other thing that I liked about this was the fact that it does a really good job holding off all the action until the final third of the film. By going that route, it makes whatever happens in the end more interesting. This film does a very good job with that, as the payoff is one of the most surreal and shocking third acts that you’ll ever see.

This is one film that you should go out of your to checking out if your into gruesome body horror. With its great direction and original screenplay “Society” is one that I would join in an instant.

Review Rating: Five Star

"The Last Horror Film" Gets Fanatical on Blu-Ray

Troma Entertainment recently released information for the upcoming Blu-Ray release of "The Last Horror Movie". The film stars Joe Spinnell (The Godfather, Maniac) and Caroline Munro (The Spy Who Loved Me, Maniac).

Special features on the Blu-Ray includes New intro by Lloyd Kaufman (President of Troma Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Avenger), Audio commentary Mr. Robbie (A shortfilm by Buddy Giovinazzo (Combat Shock) starring Joe Spinell), Highlights from the 2015 Tromadance Film Festival, A full episode of Troma's latest web-series Kabukiman's Cocktail Corner starring Paul Booth, The return of one of Troma's most beloved characters, Dolphin-Man and Official Trailer

"The Last Horror Show" hits retail on December 15th

Plot Synopsis:

Joe Spinnell (THE GODFATHER, MANIAC) plays Vinny, a cabbie with Hollywood aspirations. Determined to have Jenna Bates (Bond-girl Caroline Munro) star in his first film, Vinny follows Jenna to the Cannes Film Festival, where her entourage slowly and mysteriously begins to disappear. It's time for this Hollywood scream queen to learn what true fear and \paranoia feels like. Newly restored and featuring the music of Depeche Mode, The Last Horror Film pushes the boundaries of violence, suspense, and eroticism to new extremes. Who else will stand between Vinny and his star?

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Frightening NSFW Stills for the Virus Chiller "Condemned"

RLJ Entertainment recently send us over still for their latest release "Condemned". The film stars Dylan Penn, Ronen Rubinstein, Lydia Hearse and Jon Abrahams.

"Comdemned" hits theaters in limited release and VOD on November 13th.

Plot Synopsis:

Fed up with her parents’ bickering, poor-little-rich-girl Maya (Dylan Penn) moves in with her boyfriend who is squatting in an old, condemned building on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. With neighbors that are meth heads, junkies and degenerates, this depraved hell hole is even more toxic than it appears: After a virus born from their combined noxious waste and garbage infects the building’s residents, one by one, they succumb to a terrifying pathogen that turns them into bloodthirsty, rampaging killers and transforms their building into a savage slaughterhouse.

Get Contagious with "Cooties" on DVD and Blu-ray

Lionsgate recently released information for the upcoming DVD & Blu-Ray release of "Cooties". The film stars  Elijah Wood (The Lord of the Rings trilogy), Rainn Wilson (TV’s “The Office”), Alison Pill (HBO’s “The Newsroom”), Jack McBrayer (TV’s “30 Rock”), Leigh Whannell (Saw), Nasim Pedrad (TV’s “Saturday Night Live”), with Ian Brennan (TV’s “Scream Queens”) and Jorge Garcia (TV’s “Hawaii Five-0”).

Special features on the DVD & Blu-Ray includes an audio commentary with the cast and crew, two behind-the-scenes featurettes, deleted and extended scenes, an alternate ending and gag reel.

"Cooties" hits retail on December 1st.

Press Release:

School lunches will forever be tainted after the disturbing and hilarious Cooties arrives on Blu-ray (plus Digital HD), DVD (plus Digital) and Digital HD December 1 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. The “funny, gory and brilliant” ( film is currently available On Demand. From the twisted minds of the writer of Insidious and co-creator of “Glee,” the film stars a witty ensemble cast including Elijah Wood (The Lord of the Rings trilogy), Rainn Wilson (TV’s “The Office”), Alison Pill (HBO’s “The Newsroom”), Jack McBrayer (TV’s “30 Rock”), Leigh Whannell (Saw), Nasim Pedrad (TV’s “Saturday Night Live”), with Ian Brennan (TV’s “Scream Queens”) and Jorge Garcia (TV’s “Hawaii Five-0”). Filled with unexpected laughs and unapologetic thrills, the ridiculously entertaining horror-comedy was a Sundance Film Festival premiere hit!

When a cafeteria food virus turns elementary school children into little killer savages, a group of misfit teachers must band together to escape the playground carnage. The film stars Elijah Wood, Rainn Wilson, and Alison Pill as teachers who fight to survive the most unruly students ever on the worst Monday of their lives!

The Cooties home entertainment release includes an audio commentary with the cast and crew, two behind-the-scenes featurettes, deleted and extended scenes, an alternate ending and gag reel. The Cooties Blu-ray and DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $19.98 and $19.99, respectively.