Thursday, December 3, 2015

Film Review: "Scary Little Fuckers"


With the holidays here, yours truly is in the Christmas mood with a little short horror film that will making its world premiere this Sunday at the Route One Cinema Pub in North Attleborough,MA. The film’s title is “Scary Little Fuckers”. Yes, that’s the title of the film.

“Scary Little Fuckers” is about a father (Rich Tretheway) who is having a troubled relationship with his son (Josh Fontaine). He brings his son a Christmas gift in hopes that I’ll repair some of the damage in their relationship. What his son discovers that he has brought over two horrifying creature known as a Fookah. Soon the horrifying creature begins to multiple, as the son along with his friend let them both in the cage together. Now, the three of them have a big problem as the Fookah are out to kill and ruin Christmas for all.

“Scary Little Fuckers is a film that I enjoyed a lot. One of the main reasons that it works so well was Nathen Suher’s directing. He does a good job moving the scenes along. Whether it was the way that he makes the screenplay work onscreen to how he approaches the scenes with the creatures, it made the film fun and entertaining. The other thing that I liked was the way that he make sure the lead performances were entertaining. Suher makes sure that there was some personality to the performances. It makes the lead acting very good and kept me interested in the film even though the screenplay felt like it was going too fast.

Speaking of the performances, I thought it was the best part of the film. I liked how actors Rich Tretheway, Josh Fontaine and Anna Rizzo made their characters interested through the way that they approached their characters. Their approach helped make their characters interesting and quirky as it helped make this film fun and entertaining. It something made me enjoy this film.

The screenplay written by Lenny Schwartz did a good job making sure the story was interesting to watch. Whether it’s the various quirks that each of his characters have to making sure the creatures had the “Gremlins” type feel to it, it made some of the dark humor and frightening scenes work so well. It almost made me forget the fact that I had a problem with the screenplay by the end of it as I had a good time with the story Speaking about my grip about this screenplay, the only problem with it that I had was the fact the execution felt rushed. It felt like he and Suher should’ve gone the feature film route with this story as it would’ve been an even better film when they fleshed the characters and could do more things. It would’ve made it more interesting but I enjoyed everything else about this film.

Even though I was left wanting more in a good way, I can understand funds were limited. Hopefully, they revisit this story again as a feature in the future. Besides that, I had a very good time with this film. With its good acting and good direction from Nathan Suher, "Scary Little Fuckers" is a very good short film to spend the holidays with.

“Scary Litter Fuckers” will be making its world premiere at the Route One Cinema Pub in North Attleborough, MA. To purchase tickets, you can goto: 

Review Rating: Four Stars

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