Monday, January 4, 2016

Become Shocked with "Who Watched Them Died?"/"Placebo" Double Short Film Feature

Molly Walsh Video recently send us over stills and DVD information for their upcoming short film double feature release  of  "Who Watched Them Died?"/ "Placebo".  "Who Watched Them Died?" stars Jami Mahon, Chris Brown, Rene Abelar, Robert Mensah, Joy Haven. "Placebo" stars Tor Raven, Jami Mahon & Tony Valdez

"Who Watched Them Died?"/ "Placebo" hits retail on January 9th.

To order a copy of this release on January 9th, you can goto:

Press Release:

'Who Watched them Die?' and 'Placebo' Double Short Film Release Schedules for 1/9/2016 Release!

'Who Watched Them Die?'- Two women are being terrorized in the woods by a masked killer! As he brutally kills them off, his two accomplices taunt and videotape the whole thing.

Starring: Jami Mahon, Chris Brown, Rene Abelar, Robert Mensah, Joy Haven Music by A. Baez and Blvck Ceiling
Produced by A. Baez & Nick Gootee Written, Directed and Shot by A. Baez

'Placebo'- The Mob is has been betrayed by a young, sarcastic killer. Formerly working for the crew, Alex found a way to cripple the mob just for fun, as he killed the bosses daughters. A duo has been paid off to torture Alex and rid him for his past deeds, but Alex has something else in mind.

Starring Tor Raven, Jami Mahon & Tony Valdez Music by Cristian Bergagna & A. Baez
Produced by A. Baez and Norrin LeBeau Written and Directed by A. Baez & Norrin LeBeau

'Placebo' will be the first time this short will be released.

DVD extras include:
- Both short films
- Raw cut of 'Who Watched Them Die?'
- Behind the scenes to both short films
- Trailers for MWVP projects: 'Entrails and Amour' & 'Queen Wasp'

DVD Prices $13.50 (shipped in the US)
Intl. prices calculated at check out.

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