Monday, February 29, 2016

Preview Pages for Issue #20 of "Zombie Tramp"

Action Lab Danger Zone recently released preview for issue #20 of "Zombie Tramp" entitled "Epilogues and Interludes" The issue is written and illustrated by Dan Mendoza. Cover Art by Mendoza (regular, risqué variant), TMChu (limited, limited risque variant) and Andrew Pepoy (artist, artist risque variant),

Issue #20 of "Zombie Tramp: Epilogues and Interludes" hits comic shops on March 2nd.

Plot Synopsis:

Zombie Tramp creator Dan Mendoza returns once again to write and draw a special full issue about the evil little undead adversary, MORNING – the red head of the dead! Dispatched to limbo by Zombie Tramp, Morning is now yanked back to the land of the living and none to happy about it! Features a variant and risqué variant cover by series creator Dan Mendoza, regular artist TMChu, and Andrew Pepoy (Afterlife With Archie).

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