Saturday, March 12, 2016

Film Review: "Flesh for the Inferno"

Flesh for the Inferno” is the latest film from Rhode Island director Richard Griffin who has done some very good micro budget films in the past including “The Disco Exorcist” “Nun of That”, “Beyond the Dunwich Horror” and “The Sins of Dracula”.

The film is about a group of kids who come upon an abandoned building in hopes of cleaning it up and preparing it for renovation. What the group finds inside is a tomb where the souls of three nuns have been trapped for years. Soon they realize, the nuns are hell bent for revenge and are ready to do the devil’s work. Now trapped in the building, they must find a way to stop these nuns from carrying out their devilish deed before their souls become trapped in the building with them for all eternity.

I really enjoyed this film a lot, as this makes up from Griffin’s last film “Future Justice” which was an okay film. “Flesh for the Inferno” is a very shocking and intense film from start to finish.

One of the things that makes this film very good was its direction. Director Richard Griffin does a very good making sure this film had a very dark and creepy tone. I liked how he was able to make sure that the look of the film had a very creepy and uneasy feel to it as it added a level of darkness to it. This really helped make some of the film key scenes feel very sinister like a seventies exploitation film. Griffin also does a very good job making sure that the performances matched up to the level that is needed for everything to work. I liked, the way that he gets his cast to make sure that they make their characters interesting. This helped make the performance aspect worked in an entertaining way as they weren’t annoying and helped make some of the film’s more shocking scenes work as well.

The other thing that I liked about this was that there were other aspects that enhances the film and made it look better given its budget. Whether it’s Timothy Fife score or Jill Poisson’s cinematography to the gore effects on the film, everything helped enhanced this film to the point that gives this film its horrific feel. It’s what help make this film very good and scary.

The screenplay written by Michael Varrati was very good. What makes this very good was the way that he keeps the action movie. He does a good job making sure nothing is rushed. That is hard to do when the film’s running time is seventy eight minutes but Varrati does it by timing the horror aspects well enough that it allows for story development. The other thing that I liked about the screenplay was the way the story felt very dark throughout. Varrati makes sure the story’s dark elements works so well with the film, as some of the scenes felt very dark and creepy especially with the death scenes as it had creativity to it.

Fans of nunsploitation or exploitation horror should really check this film out. “Flesh for the Inferno” is Richard Griffin’s most shocking film since the “The Disco Exorcist” and is one of his best films. I highly recommend that you check this film out if you dare.

Review Rating: Five Stars

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