Thursday, April 28, 2016

Review: "She Wolf Rising"

When I first looked at the box art for “She Wolf Rising”, I was surprised that it didn’t have either Tiffany Shepis and Debbie Rochon’s name was nowhere on the front or back of the box. You would think their name would be on the front cover or at least in the back. Sadly, their names were nowhere to be found on this. Thankfully, I heard about this film way before its release to be interested enough in seeing it.

The film is about an obsessed fan (Timothy Mandala) who manages to meet his favorite screen queen (Tiffany Shepis) at a convenience store. She draws him into a world of dark underground filmmaking to find her producer’s lost footage. He begins to see her as a beautiful woman, but everything changes when he finds out her dark secret that she can transform into a wolf. Can he find a way to help her control her darkest secret before he become her next victim?

Even though the film sometimes moved slowly in the first half, I had a good time overall with “She Wolf Rising”. One of the reason why I had a good time with this film, was the good directing by writer/director Marc Leland. He does a good job making sure the film have some gruesome moments to go along with his screenplay. Whether it was the way that uses the gore to making the scenes come off as horrifying, everything had a crazy feel that kept me interested. The other thing that I liked about the direction was the way that he directs the performances. Leland does a very good job making sure the cast had good chemistry with each other as it made the characters and the story interesting. It helps the film get past its typical b-movie feel.

The film also has some very good performances from Shepis, Mandala and J. Edmund Ford as the director/producer who’s going crazy. The performances helped made me interested with the characters that they played and made this entertaining to watch.

The screenplay also written by Leland was also good given the type of film that he was going for. I liked how he makes sure the characters are interesting enough through various quirks that helps make some of the characters have. It made some of the slow parts of the screenplay entertaining when it had no right to be. The other thing that I liked about it was the fact that the film does a 180 and goes into a different direction. I won’t go into details but it helps with making the final act the best part of the film.

Should you try and seek this film out? Yes, if you’re a fan a b-movies with gore or like Tiffany Shepis’ films like I do. “She Wolf Rising” is a howling of a film with entertaining performances and good solid direction.

Review Rating: Three and a Half Stars

Cult Film "Return of the Killer Tomatoes" Makes Blu-Ray Debut

Arrow Video recently send us information for the upcoming Blu-Ray/DVD release of "Return of the Killer Tomatoes". The 80's cult film stars George Clooney and John Astin.

Special features on the DVD and Blu-Ray includes Brand new audio commentary with writer-director John De Bello, Brand new interview with star Anthony Starke, Original Theatrical Trailer, Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Matthew Griffin and Fully-illustrated collector's booklet featuring new writing by critic James Oliver.

"Return of the Killer Tomatoes" hits retail on June 28th.

Press Release:

The Vegetables Of Doom!

The killer tomatoes are back! But this time around, they're going to have to contend with late '80s George Clooney and his wicked mullet... Is it a fruit? Is it a vegetable? Nope, it's Return of the Killer Tomatoes!

Ten years on from the Great Tomato War, mankind lives in fear of another uprising by the waxy red menace. Meanwhile, Professor Gangreen - played with gusto by John Astin from TV's The Addams Family - sets out to pursue his own evil ends by creating a burgeoning army of tomato militia men (who, somewhat conveniently, look just like regular men).

Following on from the 1978 cult classic Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Return of the Killer Tomatoes came armed with a healthy sense of its own ridiculousness and would expand upon a franchise that now comprises four films, two TV series and a video game. So what are you waiting for? Make Return of the Killer Tomatoes one of your five-a-day now!

The Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival is Looking for Submissions for Their Upcoming Festival

Organizers from The Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival recently send us over information that they are looking for submissions for their first year festival. The festival is being run by  Fangoria writer, Madeleine Koestner  and longtime pop culture blogger, Alex Gardner.

For more information on submissions, you can goto:

Press Release:

The Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival (PUFF) is now accepting feature length and short film submissions for 2016. The first year film festival aims to bring independent genre films to Center City Philadelphia.

Run by Fangoria writer, Madeleine Koestner  and longtime pop culture blogger, Alex Gardner, PUFF has been hosting monthly screenings at one of Philly's last video rental shops, CineMug. These screenings will culminate in a weekend-long festival that will feature a networking night, horror trivia, and plenty of exciting new features and shorts.

?Philadelphia has a lot of great retro events, but it lacks a dedicated genre film festival to showcase new and upcoming talent,? explains Koestner.  ?We are launching PUFF to give Philadelphia its own film festival to celebrate horror, sci-fi and bizarre movies that are not normally showcased at more mainstream events. We aim to grow PUFF into a multi-media event where people can come enjoy our great city while experiencing the best in new cinema.?


The festival will not only be focused on only delivering an alternative film festival to the local movie fanatics of Philadelphia, but also connecting upstart filmmakers with distribution outlets by working with local independent film distributors. The festival directors offer a combined ten years of film festival and horror journalism experience, working with Fangoria, Famous Monsters of Filmland, Another Hole in the Head, Buffalo Dreams, the Bay Area?s SiliCon, and more.

The festival directors also look forward to working with local filmmakers, artists and other venues to create a great festival where movie lovers can gather once a year to celebrate film and socialize.

?Eventually we hope to include the popular aspects of all Philly nightlife where filmmakers and attendees can watch great movies then get together to discuss the films, network and have a little fun,? said Gardner. ?Discovering great films will always be the focus, but after the credits, we want to make sure the filmmakers and badgeholders have a party to go to.?

Film submissions are now being accepted through Filmfreeway for all categories with a heavy focus on horror and sci-fi. Both PUFF festival directors are also available for interviews.

Monday, April 25, 2016

"She Kills" Blasts its Way into a Limited Edition DVD, Blu-Ray and VHS

SRS Cinema recently send us over atills and information for their upcoming limited edition DVD, Blu-Ray and VHS of "She Kills". The film won't be available for general release until 2017 but you can own a copy now.

To purchase the Blu-Ray, you can goto:

To purchase the DVD, you can goto:

To purchase the VHS, you can goto:

For more information on this film, you can goto:

Press Release:

Well we've gone and done it... finished "She Kills"! This movie has been our long in the making epic, and though it won't be available for general release till 2017, you can lock down one of the leftover "House Shark" fundraiser copies and brag to your fans about it!

"She Kills" is hitting film festivals right now, with three announced and three more to be announced soon. It is also hitting Itunes & Amazon VOD later this year, and a small selection of limited edition physical media was put up for sale as part of our "House Shark" fundraiser earlier this year. It only made sense to order even numbers on the limited edition Blus, DVDs and VHS (it actually saves $$s), so those extras copies are what we will be offering this Sunday night starting at 7pm EST. They are VERY limited, and are expected to ship around the end of May (also note: these copies will continue to help us finance "House Shark", which wraps production this August - so help indie cinema get made dammit!!!).

Synopsis: "Sadie's life is destroyed when a vicious gang called "The Touchers" targets her for their sadistic fantasies after witnessing her sexy but innocent naked frolicking in a nearby field. On her wedding night they attack her and her husband Edward, brutalizing both of them. But during the attack the virgin bride discovers a dangerous secret about her body - she is cursed with the legendary "Fire Crotch", a condition where Satan has laid claim to her vagina. After visiting her fortune teller friend Casparella, a space exorcism is attempted on her meat flaps, but it only ends up unlocking secret hidden powers inside her. Her hatchet wound becomes lethal, her most deadly weapon in her thirst for revenge against The Touchers and her fight against lustful men everywhere!"

"She Kills": Official Trailer

Official and Variant Covers for "Full Moon Presents: Oblivion"

Action Lab: Danger Zone recently released information that the next Full Moon Presents title will be the sci-fi western "Oblivion. The issue is written by Tim Seedley with art by Romina Moranelli (pencils/inks) , Marcelo Costa (colors).

Cover Artist(s): Standard Cover A: Romina Moranelli (pencils/inks) , Marcelo Costa (colors), Cover B: Tim Seeley (pencils/inks), Marcelo Costa (colors), Cover C: Tim Seeley Sketch (pencils/inks), Cover D: Photo Cover and Cover E: Poster Cover.

Issue #1 of "Full Moon Presents: Oblivion" hits comic shops in July.

Plot Synopsis:

A sequel to the acclaimed Full Moon space western that introduced the world to "cowboys and aliens!" The backwater planet Oblivion has fallen on hard times, but everything's about to get harder for Marshall Zack Stone with the arrival of Lyz Azorr, the daughter of notorious outlaw, RED EYE!

Preview Pages for Issue #3 of "Freelance Blues"

Alterna Comics recently send the horror chamber over preview pages for Issue #3 of "Freelance Blues". The issue is written by Ian Daffern and Mike Leone with art by Vicki Tierney and cover by Stephen Sayer

Issue #3 of "Freelance Blues" hits comixology on April 27th.

To purchase this comic, you can goto:

Plot Synopsis:

Struggling to travel across the country with little to no money, Lance is forced to take a few… less than ideal jobs. As the jobs go from odd to downright bizarre and other-worldly, Lance must once again save the day (and hopefully a few dollars as well).

Monday, April 18, 2016

First Stills from the Upcoming Chiller "The Bye Bye Man"

STX Entertainment recently released the first stills for their upcoming film "The Bye Bye Man". The film stars Carrie-Anne Moss, Faye Dunaway, Douglas Smith, Cressida Bonas, Lucien Laviscount and Douglas Jones.

"The Bye Bye Man" hits theaters on June 3rd.

For more information on this film, you can visit the film's official Facebook page at:

Plot Synopsis:

People commit unthinkable acts every day. Time and again, we grapple to understand what drives a person to do such terrible things. But what if all of the questions we're asking are wrong? What if the source of all evil is not a matter of what...but who?

People commit unthinkable acts every day. Time and again, we grapple to understand what drives a person to do such terrible things. But what if all of the questions we're asking are wrong? What if the source of all evil is not a matter of what...but who?

When three college friends stumble upon the horrific origins of the Bye Bye Man, they discover that there is only one way to avoid his curse: don't think it, don't say it. But once the Bye Bye Man gets inside your head, he takes control. Is there a way to survive his possession?

Bloody Preview Pages from Issue #3 of "The Gingerdead Man"

Action Lab Danger Zone recently released preview pages for issue #3 of "Full Moon Presents: The Gingerdead Man". The issue is written by Brockton McKinney with illustrations by Sergio Rios. Cover art by Sergio Rios & Marcelo Costa and Variant cover art by Dan Mendoza (Zombie Tramp)

Issue #3 of "Full Moon Presents: The Gingerdead Man" hits comic shops on April 20th.

Plot Synopsis:

With his Mini-Ginger army and his faithful steed GingerDragon, the Gingedead Man looks to be an unstoppable biscuit of the cookiepocalypse. But his now-nemesis Kayla isn't giving up so easily and she believes that some times that you have to throw out a bad batch! The final issue in the Baking Bad saga concludes HERE!

Preview Pages for Issue #2 of the Sci-Fi Horror Comic "Trespasser"

Alterna Comics recently send the horror chamber over preview pages for issue #2 of "Trespasser". The issue is written by Justin M. Ryan with illustration by Kristian Rossi and lettering by D.C. Hopkins.

Issue 2 of "Trespasser" is currently available at:

Plot Synopsis:

With their problems behind them, everything slowly returns to “normal” for Hector and his daughter. But their moment of peace is about to come to an abrupt end as someone comes back into their lives. Someone Hector thought he'd never see again.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Official Trailer for Scream Factory Films' Upcoming Release "Bite"

Scream Factory Films recently released the official trailer for their upcoming release "Bite" The film stars Elma Begovic, Annette Wozniak, Denise Yuen, Jordan Gray, Lawrene Denkers, Barry Birnberg, Daniel Klimitz, Tianna Nori, and Caroline Palmer.

"Bite" hits theaters in limited release and VOD on May 6th.

For more informationon this film, you can visit the film's official website at:  

Plot Synopsis:

When she returns from her tropical bachelorette party getaway, a young woman begins to succumb to an insect bite in the palpably disturbing film Bite. Witness the skin-crawling chronicle of one woman's truly terrifying descent into madness when the visceral body-horror feature Bite debuts in select U.S. theaters May 6th, 2016. Directed by Chad Archibald (The Drownsman), Bite had a sensational premiere at the 2015 Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal, where it won an Audience Award, and has recently played at numerous top international genre film festivals.

While on her bachelorette party getaway, Casey, the bride to be, gets a seemingly harmless bite from an unknown insect. After returning home with cold feet, Casey tries to call off her wedding but before she's able to, she starts exhibiting insect like traits. Between her physical transformation and her wedding anxiety, Casey succumbs to her new instincts and begins creating a hive that not only houses her translucent eggs, but feeds on the flesh of others. As her transformation becomes complete, Casey discovers that everything can change with a single bite.

Starring Elma Begovic, Annette Wozniak, Denise Yuen, Jordan Gray, Lawrene Denkers, Barry Birnberg, Daniel Klimitz, Tianna Nori, and Caroline Palmer. Bite is directed by Chad Archibald and produced by Black Fawn Films.

"Bite": Official Trailer

Get Bewitched with Jim Wynorski's "Sorceress" on DVD & Blu-Ray

Synapse Film recently us information about the upcoming DVD and Blu-Ray release of the unrated version of Jim Wynorski's "Sorceress". The 1994 film stars Linda Blair, Larry Poindexter, Julie Strain and Edward Albert.

Special features on DVD and Blu-Ray includes Audio Commentary with Director Jim Wynorski, and Additional Audio Commentary with Director Jim Wynorski and SPFX Artist/Actor/Director, Tom Savin.

"Sorceress" hits retail on June 14th.

Plot Synopsis:

Larry Barnes (Larry Poindexter) is on the fast track to a partnership in a prestigious law firm, and his sexy witch wife Erica (Julie Strain, HEAVY METAL 2000) will do anything to keep her husband happy. But Erica makes a fatal mistake when she tries to kill Larry's main competition for the partnership, Howard Reynolds (Edward Albert, GALAXY OF TERROR). With Howard now crippled for life from Erica's dark magic, his wife Amelia (Linda Blair, THE EXORCIST) plots her revenge. Using witchcraft and a mystical medallion, Amelia tries to destroy everyone and everything in Larry's life! All the pleasures of the flesh and malevolence of black magic collide in this newly remastered and uncensored version of Jim Wynorski's SORCERESS (aka TEMPTRESS). Presented for the first time ever from a new 2K scan of the original uncut film element, this release features sex scene footage and additional nudity removed from the original release.

Monday, April 11, 2016

The Lavin Production Company Takes You on the "Trail of Blood On The Trail"

The Lavin Production Company recently send us information about the digital release of
. The film has played at horror film festivals world wide and won multiple awards including Best Slasher Feature (Dazed 4 Horror 2015), Runner Up Best Zombie Feature (Fright Night Film Fest 2015), and a Best Director Nomination for Kate Lavin (Terror Film Festival 2015).

"Trail of Blood On The Trail" is available to rent online for $1.99 and to own for $8.99.

To rent or own this film, you can goto:

Press Release:

The Lavin Production Company (@TheLavProCo) is thrilled to announce the digital release of their first feature film Trail Of Blood On The Trail. Kate Lavin's debut film follows Brad (Brett Erickson @BrettNotBrent) as he attempts a romantic marriage proposal at a tunnel of love on an isolated biking trail. Unfortunately for Brad, he doesn't know his girlfriend Ava as well as he thinks, things keep getting worse.... and then the zombie apocalypse starts. As Brad and Ava bicker their way down the trail, they are oblivious to the zombie outbreak that is picking off trail users around them.

Also starring Drift Roberts (@DriftRoberts) and Jeff Bailey (@JeffBailey_) as a pair of lovable mushroom salesmen, Jake Van Hoorn as the unstoppable flannel wearing zombie and Gareth and Gwenyth Mitchell as the army kids.

Trail Of Blood On The Trail was inspired by the local scenery in Peoria, Illinois. While biking on the trail, Kate walked her bike alone through a dark corrugated-steel tunnel that goes underneath a 4 lane road. She immediately knew this was the perfect location for a horror movie and organized filming to begin within two months.

This hilarious and action-packed zombie movie has played at horror film festivals world wide and won multiple awards including Best Slasher Feature (Dazed 4 Horror 2015), Runner Up Best Zombie Feature (Fright Night Film Fest 2015), and a Best Director Nomination for Kate Lavin (Terror Film Festival 2015)

Trail Of Blood On The Trail is available to rent for as little as $1.99 and can be purchased for $8.99 through VHX and through Gumroad. VHX allows for streaming to most home theater systems through the VHX app with Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Smart TV, Xbox 360, or PS4. You can find the film and more information at

 "Trail of Blood On The Trail": Teaser Trailer


SGL Entertainment Wants You to Stay Up Late for "The Night Shift"

SGL Entertainment recently send the horror chamber information about their upcoming film "The Night Shift". The film stars Sadie Katz (Wrong Turn 6), Vincent Rivera (Insane, Hell Ride) and Greg Chandler Maness (Insane, Selma).

"The Night Shift" hits retail in early 2017.

Press Release:

SGL Entertainment is pleased to announce that they will be releasing THE NIGHT SHIFT on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD in early 2017. The film is directed by Massimiliano Cerchi and stars: Sadie Katz (Wrong Turn 6), Vincent Rivera (Insane, Hell Ride) and Greg Chandler Maness (Insane, Selma).

SYNOPSIS: A security guard (Vincent Rivera) gets hired to guard an empty mansion until the owner will arrive in the morning. Little does he know, he has been set up as a human sacrifice to placate the various Demons who “live” in the house. Will he survive the shift or will he be a victim ?

Volume One of "Inheritance: The Binding of Three" Set to Haunt Comic Readers

Outpouring Comics recently send the horror chamber information about volume of their latest graphic novel "Inheritance: The Binding of Three". The book is created by James D. Schumacher III along with graphic artist James Burton.

Volume one of "Inheritance: The Binding of Three" hits comic shops in New Jersey, Salt Lake City, California and Outpouring Comics' official website on April 15th.

Press Release:

Creator James D. Schumacher III has unleashed Volume I of Inheritance: The Binding of Three. Working with graphic artist and co-creator James Burton, Schumacher has crafted a chilling tale combining a unique blend of abject horror and the very human struggles of coping with terminal cancer. Volume I of The Binding of Three is available April 15 on Outpouring Comics as well as retail locations around New Jersey, Salt Lake City, and California.

Inheritance tells the story of Serling Normandy, a motorcycle mechanic who recently committed his terminally ill mother for severe schizophrenia and hallucinations. Suffering from his own growing delusions, the same his mother has claimed to see his whole life, Serling decides to confront the insidious family secret - his long-deceased evil great-grandfather, Walter. A man so vile and hated that even in death he still conjures fear and terror amongst those who remember him.

Delving into his family's insidious lineage, Serling unleashes Walter, who returns to the world hellbent on eradicating the last remnants of his family: Serling and his mother, Bean. Can Serling save his mother's life and his own soul or is it too late?

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Actress/Director Jessica Cameron Sets Her Sights on "An Ending"

Actress Jessica Cameron recently send the horror chamber about her upcoming film "An Ending" which she will co-direct and star in. The film also stars Heather Dorff (Truth or Dare, What They Say) and Ali Ferda.

"An Ending" stars production at the end of April.

For more information on this film, you can visit the film's official Facebook page at:

Press Release:

Scream Queen Jessica Cameron has just announced that her latest project, An Ending, which she will produce and co-direct with screenwriter Josh Chiara, begins shooting at the end of April.

Jessica Cameron will also star in An Ending as Florence, a woman who wakes up in a nightmare world after being rushed to a hospital for unknown reasons.

An Ending also stars Heather Dorff as Collette, a woman who has been in the nightmare world much longer than Florence, and Ali Ferda as Molly, a woman coming to terms with crushing guilt.

As the three women are stalked through the corridors of the nightmare world by something lurking in the shadows, they are split apart, and each finds herself on her own personal journey.

Josh Chiara previously worked with Jessica Cameron as DP on her film Mania, which just won its tenth film festival award. Heather Dorff acted in Jessica Cameron's debut feature Truth or Dare, and the two star alongside each other on Scream Queen Stream, a weekly variety show that airs online. Ali Ferda stars alongside Jessica Cameron in Desolation, which was shot as part of the Kill the PA road trip and is currently in post production.

Preview Pages for Issue #3 of "The House of Montresor"

Action Lab Comics recently send us over preview pages for issue #3 of "The House of Montresor". The issue is written by Erica Janga based on characters created by Edgar Allan Poe and art and cover art by Jason Strutz.

Issue #3 of "The House of Montresor" hits comic shops on April 6th.

Plot Synopsis for Issue #3:

Edana Fortunato is the sole surviving heir of two great families: clan Fortunato and the House of Montresor. Inheriting the money depends on Edana proving she is of sound mind, but even she doubts her sanity as the very walls of the house seem to be closing in. When Ingrid goes missing, Count Montresor reveals more sordid family secrets. Edana is about to learn there is more to fear than she ever dreamed.

Depraved vengeance continues in The House of Montresor, a sequel to Edgar Allan Poe’s classic tale, “The Cask of Amontillado.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Film Review: "What Have You Done to Solange?"

Lately, I’ve been diving into Italian horror and Gallo films in my spare time as of latly. Seeing films like Dario Argento’s “Suspiria” and “Tenebre” to “Demons” to some of Lucio Fluci’s classic films “The New York Ripper” and “The Beyond”, it’s been giving me the bug to check out some more Italian horror that isn’t related to Argento and Fulci. This leads me to the Italian gallo “What Have You Done to Solange?”

The film is about a maniac killer who is killing girls at St. Mary’s. When a schoolgirl witnesses a murder, she has a hazy recollection of the accounts. Her account does nothing to help the police investigation as they thing the main suspect her teacher (Fabio Testi) who she is having an affair with that student. What could be the reason for the killing and what does Solange have anything to do with the investigation. The film also stars Cristina Galbo (Living Dead at the Manchester Mourge) and Camille Keaton (I Spit on Your Grave).

Even though this isn’t on the level of some of Argento of Fulci’s films, I still liked “What Have You Done to Solange?” One of the reasons that I liked this film was the fact that it had great direction from Massimo Dallamano. What makes it work was his ability to keep things moving. Whether it’s the way that he handles the subplots to how he makes some of the death scenes have a horrific feel to them, it helped make the scenes move at a good pace. Dallamano also does a very good job making sure the acting fit the film’s dark and creepy tone. The performances in this film was very good especially from the film’s leads Fabio Testi and Karin Baal. Dallamano does a great job making sure that both of these actors have good chemistry with each other. It helps with the whole subplot with their characters marriage and how they try to find the killer.

The screenplay written by Dallamano and Bruno Di Geronimo was very good. What makes this screenplay good was the fact it’s able to keep its dark and creepy tone throughout. Whether it’s how the story was created to how some of the action was written, this screenplay had a tone that gives you an uneasy feeling when watching this film. This makes some of the horrifying scenes work so far. The other thing that makes this screenplay good was how the main character develops during the course of the film. In the beginning I really didn’t like the character as he came off as a sleazeball, but as the film along I became interested as he’s trying to solve these murders. It’s credit to the decisions that the screenwriters made during the course of the film.

With its great direction and good screenplay, "What Have You Done to Solange?" is entertaining and horrifying gallo film that will keep you on edge.

Review Rating: Four Stars

"Lights Camera Blood!" Set to Roll on Blu-Ray and VHS

SRS Cinemas recently released the official trailer and Blu-Ray/VHS preorder information for their upcoming film "Lights Camera Blood!". The film stars Alan MacKenzie, Dan Baker-Moor and Heather Russell.

The film will be available as a limited edition on Blu-Ray and VHS with DVD release to follow later this year.

"Lights Camera Blood!" will be available for pre-order on April 3rd at 7PM EST.

To purchase the limited edition Blu-Ray, you can goto:

To purchase the limited edition Blu-Ray and digital download, you can goto:

To purchase the limited edition VHS, you can goto:

Press Release:

SRS Cinema is excited to bring you the blood-soaked homage “Lights Camera Blood!” to limited edition Blu-Ray and VHS this Sunday night! “Lights Camera Blood!” tells the tale of a down on his luck filmmaker forced to turn to snuff films to live the Hollywood dream. It’s a fun-filled Drive-In style throwback to the works of the “Godfather of Gore” himself, H.G. Lewis, such as “Blood Feast” and “The Wizard of Gore”.

“Down on his luck and financially strapped low budget horror filmmaker Mandalor is the laughing stock of the film community. His films are terrible and the contrived, poorly done gore-effects make them unintentional comedies of the cinema. When he presents his latest effort to sleazy, exploitation film producer, Gelstein of Gorrific Pictures, with the hopes of getting a distribution deal, he is laughed out of the screening room. But the ever-determined Mandalor, along with his trusty hunch-backed cinematographer Rodney, set out to do another horror film. But on their next set, as Mandalor tries in vain to direct an intoxicated and uncooperative actress, he accidentally kills her! And when he realizes Rodney captured the dastardly deed on camera, he includes the graphic footage in his film. When he screens it to an impressed and delighted Gelstein, the producer offers him a multi-picture deal to deliver more gore galore! Now a wretched plan hatches that only filmmakers with nerves of steel could carry out, along with a hatchet or an cleaver... “

“Lights Camera Blood!” was written and directed by Kevin Doherty and stars Alan MacKenzie, Dan Baker-Moor and Heather Russell. The Bluray release will be limited to just 100 units, while the VHS just 25. There will be unique artwork for each of these releases and they go live Sunday night 4/3 @ 7p,m EST. A national release of the movie on DVD will be coming this Fall from MVD, and VOD will follow as well.

"Lights Camera Dead!": Official Trailer