Friday, May 6, 2016

Site News

This is Anthony T, the keeper of the horror chamber. There's a couple of new things on the horizon for this site. First, I'm planning on expanding this site to include more news that relates to sci-fi, exploration and grindhouse flicks as you're starting to see now.

I'm doing because its tough covering exploitation films over at I'm trying to keep that more PG to PG-13 as the site caters more towards serious and more basic films. I'll still have some horror news and reviews when warranted there.  By expanding the site, this would would give me a chance to review some exploitation films that I've been wanting to for a while but couldn't given the direction of that I want it to be. Also I've been wanting to add sci-fi news on the site for a while just to give it more variety instead of just being all horror stuff and adding more content to our comic news portion.

Second, you will start see old retro reviews, as I'll dust off some of my old genre reviews for By doing this, I want to get more reviews on the site. I'll be revisting some of my favorites along side some of the worst films that I've reviewed.

Also, I'm contemplating a couple of more idea which you'll see, if I decide to do it.

Thank you for checking out this site and I hope you'll enjoy the changes that happening here.

Have a good day.

Anthony T

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