Monday, June 27, 2016

Official Preview Pages for Issue #5 of "Freelance Blues"

Alterna Comics recently sent the horror chamber over stills for the latest issue of "Freelance Blues". The issue is written by Ian Daffern, Mike Leone and art by Vicki Tierney, John Lang, Diego Moreno.

Issue #5 of "Freelance Blues" will hits retail on June 29th.

To purchase this or past issues, you can goto:

Issue Synopsis:

It's Prom Night of the Living Dead and guess who's gotta save the day (and night)? That's right – good ol' Lance Bunkman. Can Lance save some high schoolers, get his car, and finally make it cross-country to see his dying Grandpa? Only one way to find out! (pssst… you have to read this issue and the next one).

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