Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Uncensored Cover Art and Preview Pages for Issue #24 of "Zombie Tramp"

Action Lab Danger Zone recently released preview for issue #20 of "Zombie Tramp" entitled "Epilogues and Interludes" The issue is written by Dan Mendoza and illustrated and regular cover art by TMChu.

Issue #20 of "Zombie Tramp: Epilogues and Interludes" hits comic shops on June 22nd.

Plot Synopsis:

This is it! Now that Janey has merged souls with Xula to form a powerful entity known only as KAIJU QUEEN, will they be able to destroy the demon Naga that Yagga has become? Man! All this work just to kill a pimp?!? Jeez! It’s the conclusion of Pimps, Ho's, and Hocus Pocus!

Features a risqué variant, plus regular and risqué “action figure” variant covers by series creator Dan Mendoza, and regular and risqué artist variants by Marcelo Trom (Zombie Tramp specials).

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