Friday, July 29, 2016

NSFW Stills and Teaser Trailer for "Don't Fuck in the Woods"

Concept Media Films recently send us over stills for their upcoming film "Don't Fuck in the Woods". The upcoming film stars Brandy Mason, Scott Gillespie, Ayse Howard, Brittany Blanot, Brian Cornell, Nadia White, Roman Jossart and Hannah Herdt.

No release plans for "Don't Fuck in the Woods" at this time.

For more information on this film, you can visit the film's official Facebook page at:

Press Release:

The best movie title ever has been created.” – “Don’t Fuck In The Woods” is the upcoming creature feature from writer/director Shawn Burkett. Sex, drugs, gore, and a monster to scare you shitless are all a part of this new independent horror film.

Synopsis: After the stress and mental anguish of finals, Alex and her girlfriend Jane trek with a few friends into the woods for a little rest and relaxation. As the group begins to unwind, something in the dark has discovered a new and intoxication scent.

"Don't Fuck in the Woods": Teaser Trailer

Teaser Trailer for Upcoming Slasher "Pitchfork"

Pioneer Motion Pictures recently released a teaser trailer for their upcoming film "Pitchfork". The film stars Daniel Wilkinson, Brian Raetz, Lindsey Nicole, Ryan Moore, Celina Beach, Keith Webb, Sheila Leason, Nicole Dambro and Vibhu Raghave.

"Pitchfork" will make it's world premiere in 2016.

Press Release:

Pioneer Motion Pictures has unleashed a new teaser and poster for the new slasher film Pitchfork. The first film from Emmy-nominated choreographer Glenn Douglas Packard, Pitchfork kicks off a new franchise of horror, sending a broken and misshapen beast on a rampage fueled by secrets and betrayal.

Co-written by Packard and executive producer Darryl F. Gariglio, Pitchfork presents a new monster for the ages, joining the pantheon that has terrified audiences for decades as mutilated bodies pile up in their wake. Daniel Wilkinson stars as the titular Pitchfork, joined by Brian Raetz, Lindsey Nicole, Ryan Moore, Celina Beach, Keith Webb, Sheila Leason, Nicole Dambro and Vibhu Raghave.

Pitchfork will world premiere in 2016.

"Pitchfork": Teaser Trailer

Alterna Comics Announces Third Printing of the "The Chair"

Alterna Comics has sent us information that they've announced at San Diego Comic Con that they will be printing a third edition one of their most popular releases "The Chair". The book will also be adapted into an upcoming film staring Roddy Piper, Zach Galligan (Gremlins), Noah Hathaway (NeverEnding Story), Naomi Grossman (American Horror Story), Tim Muskatell (Deadgirl), and Bill Oberst Jr. (Daytime Emmy Winner for "Take this Lollipop").

The third edition of "The Chair" will be released in the fall.

For more information on the upcoming film release of "The Chair", you can goto:

Press Release:

Alterna Comics is set to debut the third edition of one of its most popular releases - THE CHAIR. A flagship title of the company, THE CHAIR was created, written, inked, and lettered by Alterna founder/publisher Peter Simeti with pencils by Kevin Christensen.

Witnessing savage killings at the hands of the prison's sadistic Warden and his cruel guards, an innocent man must match their brutality and confront his own horrifying past if he hopes to survive. Described as a psychological horror thriller that takes place on death row, the graphic novel has recently spurned a film adaptation.

Simeti states, "I think there's a central theme to THE CHAIR that really resonates with people. Sure, it's a psychological thriller with horror overtones but at its heart it's a story about the powerful versus the powerless. Even when the story seems to take one twist and turn after the other, that theme is always present."

This latest edition of THE CHAIR is available for preorder exclusively through the book market via IPG ($17.99, BW, 232 pages) and is set to debut in stores this September, just in time for the Halloween season. There are currently no official plans to solicit the book through Diamond's PREVIEWS catalog though.

"We've solicited and re-solicited various editions of THE CHAIR through PREVIEWS over the past few years, so while a part of me would love to solicit the book again for the fourth or fifth time, I feel that it might be a bit of overkill at this point." Simeti goes on, "With that said though, if there are comic shops that would love to stock the latest edition, I'm more than happy to be of service and work with them directly. Otherwise, we'll probably hold off and solicit it once the film is officially released everywhere."

For more information on the upcoming film starring Roddy Piper, Zach Galligan (Gremlins), Noah Hathaway (NeverEnding Story), Naomi Grossman (American Horror Story), Tim Muskatell (Deadgirl), and Bill Oberst Jr. (Daytime Emmy Winner for "Take this Lollipop") can be found at

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Fantasia 2016: Official Stills and Trailer for the Argentinian Chiller "White Coffin"

Del Toro Films S.R.L. recently released stills and official trailer for Argentinian horror film "White Coffin". The film is the latest from director Daniel De la Vega (NECROPHOBIA) and written by Ramiro García Bogliano and Adrian García Bogliano (COLD SWEAT, PENUMBRA, SCHERZO DIABOLICO). Julieta Cardinali, Rafa Ferro, Fiorela Duranda, Damian Dreizik, Veronica Intile star in the film.

"White Coffin" will be making its world premiere at Fantasia on July 18th at the J.A. De Seve Theatre in Montreal QC. Screening time is 7:30PM. Producer Arelis Ruiz will be on hand for the screening.

Plot Synopsis:

While on the road in search of a better life, Virginia (Julieta Cardinali of NECROPHOBIA 3D) and her daughter Rebecca stop at an isolated gas station. Suddenly, Rebecca vanishes and Virginia is plunged into a frantic search for her beloved daughter. Faced with every parent’s worst nightmare, she frantically searches for clues, attempting to piece together her daughter’s location. On her search she encounters two other women, Angela and Patricia, who are on the same desperate mission. The closer Virginia gets to unraveling the disappearance of her daughter, the more supernatural forces seem to surround her as she discovers a religious sect, a history of tortuous rituals dating back decades, and an enigmatic man (Rafael Ferro of MEMORY OF THE DEAD) who gives her clues to her daughter’s whereabouts. Buckets of blood are spilt and Viriginia is faced with the question — to what lengths would I go to save my loved one?

"White Coffin": Official Trailer

Dario Argento's "Tenebrae" Hits Retail on DVD & Blu-Ray

Synapse Films recently send us over information that Dario Argento's "Tenebrae" will be available for retail on Blu-Ray and DVD, The cult Argento film stars AnthonyFranciosa, Daria Nicolodi, John Steiner and John Saxon.

Special features on the DVD and Blu-Ray includes All-new Synapse Films supervised color correction and restoration of a 1080p scan from the original camera negative, presented in the original aspect ratio of 1.85:1, Dual English and Italian language options with newly-translated English subtitle tracks for both, Audio commentary track featuring film critic and Argento scholar, Maitland McDonagh, Rare high-definition 1080p English sequence insert shots, playable within the film via Seamless Branching, Feature-length documentary, YELLOW FEVER: THE RISE AND FALL OF THE GIALLO by High Rising Productions, chronicling the Giallo film genre from its beginnings as early 20th century crime fiction, to its later influences on the modern slasher film genre., Original UNSANE (U.S. version of TENEBRAE) end credits sequence, Alternate opening credits sequence and Theatrical trailers. "Tenebrae" hits retail on September 13th.
Plot Synopsis:

American mystery author Peter Neal (Anthony Franciosa) comes to Italy to promote his newest novel, TENEBRAE. Unfortunately, a razor-wielding serial killer is on the loose, taunting Neal and murdering those around him in gruesome fashion just like the character in his novel. As the mystery surrounding the killings spirals out of control, Neal investigates the crimes on his own, leading to a mind-bending, genre-twisting conclusion that will leave you breathless! Featuring an amazing synth-music score from Claudio Simonetti, Fabio Pignatelli and Massimo Morante (formerly of Italian progressive-rock band, Goblin), this all-new 1080p high-definition TENEBRAE release was created from the original uncut camera negative. Also stars John Saxon (A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET), Daria Nicolodi (Dario Argento's PHENOMENA) and John Steiner (CALIGULA).

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Fantasia 2016: Official Stills and Trailer for the Horror/Comedy "The Love Witch"

Oscilloscope Laboratories recently released stills for their upcoming release "The Love Witch". The film stars Samantha Robinson, Elle Evans, Lily Holleman.

"The Love Witch" will be making its Canadian premiere at Fantasia on July 16th at 5:15PM at the J.A. De Seve Theatre in Montreal QC.

Plot Synopsis:

Elaine (Samantha Robinson), a powerful, love-starved witch, comes to town and rents a room in a beautiful Victorian gothic apartment. Stopping at nothing to have men love her, she concocts many spells, but they all seem to have disastrous effects! Is she a bad witch, or are the men in her life simply rotten to the core? Spiralling into self-doubt only strengthens her resolve, and as Elaine keeps searching for the man of her dreams, bodies start piling up! But who could blame her? She simply loves men to death!

Fantasia 2016: Official Stills and Trailer for Takashi Miike's "As the Gods Will"

FUNimation recently released stills and the official trailer for Takashi Miike's "As the Gods Will". The film stars Sota Fukushi, Hirona Yamazaki, Ryunosuke Kamiki, Shota Sometani and Mio Yuki.

"As the Gods Will" will be making its Canadian premiere on July 17th at 10:00PM at the SGWU Alumni Auditorium (Hall Theatre in Montreal,QC. Director Takashi Miike and producer Misako Saka will be on hand for the screening.

Plot Synopsis:

AS THE GODS WILL bursts onto the screen with a CLOCKWORK ORANGE-style daruma doll leading a class of students in a lethal game of Red Light, Green Light. If the doll sees someone move, it makes the person’s head explode, which promptly triggers further panic, and further explosions. Shun, a bummed-out teen obsessed with violent video games, wins the game, if only because none of his classmates made it through. The poor guy is hardly at the end of his troubles. Further trials, involving among other things a giant good-luck cat and nightmare nursery rhymes care of creepy kokeshi dolls, await the school’s few survivors, among them Shun, his crush Ichika, and Takeru, a goon with psychopathic tendencies.

"As the Gods Will": Official Trailer

Fantasia 2016: Official Still and Trailer for the Shocker "Bed of the Dead"

Welcome to the Anthony's T's Horror Chamber portion of's coverage of the 2016 Fantasia International Film Festival. We thought this was a little NSFW to move this story coverage over here.

Black Fawn Films and Breakthough Entertainment recently released an official still and trailer for their latest film "Bed of the Dead". The film stars Colin Price, Alysa King, Gwenlyn Cumyn and Dennis Andres.

"Bed of the Dead" will be making its world premiere at festival on July 16th at 11:59 at J.A. De Seve Theatre in Montreal QC. Director Jeff Maher and members of the cast and crew will be hand for the screening.

The film will also screen on August 1st at 5:00PM at at J.A. De Seve Theatre in Montreal QC.

Plot Synopsis:

When two young couples book a room at a seedy sex club for a birthday orgy, they bribe their way into a forbidden room that contains a massive, wooden bed, which happens to be carved from a cursed tree. They soon find themselves stranded when something pulls one of them beneath it. But this film ain't about your garden-variety bedtime boogeyman. Rather, it features a sentient piece of furniture that preys upon its victims' biggest fears and desires, punishing them for their sins. As the hallucinations mount, so does the body count. With the help of a troubled cop on the other end of the phone, the survivors must look to their own dark pasts to discover a way out.

"Bed of the Dead": Official Trailer

Welcome to Anthony T's Horror Chamber's Coverage of the 2016 Fantasia International Film Festival

In the past, has covered the Fantasia International Film Festival which runs from July 14th - August 3rd in Montreal, Canada. It's one of the world's best multi-genre film festival in the world where some of the latest buzz worthy and major studio genre films have made its premiere. After a hiatus, our coverage on the festival is back. This time, it'll span over two sites as Anthony T's Horror Chamber will also have coverage highlighting some of the obscure/horror/sci-fi films playing at the festival.

There are three ways you can follow our horror coverage.

First, you can follow it through The Horror Chamber's Twitter page at We'll also be retweeting whatever horror stories and reviews that happen on

Second, through the social media hashtag #Fantasia16 on Twitter and Facebook

Third, on the site under Fantasia 16 list on the left hand side.

I hope you enjoy our coverage and thank you for taking your time to visit Anthony T's Horror Chamber and

For more information on the film festival itself, you can goto:

Preview Pages for Issue #17 of "Puppet Master"

Action Lab Danger Zone recently send the horror chamber over preview pages and the official kill cover for issue #17 of "Puppet Master". The issue is written by Shawn Gabborin with art and standard cover by Antonio Ontiveros (pencils/inks) and Dan Olvera (colors)

Issue #17 of "Puppet Master" hits stores on July 13th.

Plot Synopsis:

The Bodega Bay Inn has become quite the hotspot! Sure, there’s Samuel creeping around the place doing who-knows-what… and the puppets are being attacked by an unknown enemy… and Anthony gets VERY angry at a specific guest. But three of Mexico’s hottest luchadores just checked in for the night! Nothing bad can happen there, right?

Friday, July 8, 2016

First Stills from the Upcoming Fantasy Horror Film "Amethyst"

Frolic Pictures recently send us information and first stills for their upcoming film "Amethyst". the film stars Grace Klich, Valerie Miller, Derrick Biedenback and Jared Masters (who is also directing).

"Amethyst" is set to be released later this fall.

Press Release:

Frolic Pictures and psycho-sensationalist Jared Masters invite you on a trip that might last… Forever. The new school of cinematic marvels is introduced in the form of… a girl, who gets trapped in that trip, because she exceeded the recommended dose, the warning; that one drop is enough.

Amethyst is the surreal true story of a beautiful birthday girl, whose 16 innocent years on earth are extremely disrupted by the celebration of her turning 17. It comes in the form of a dropper bottle, a full vile. It was intended for the entire party, but without thinking she consumes it all. Her quick decent into horrifying hallucinations transpire, as she explores her mother’s garden, with her best friend Ember, who tragically gave her the gift, in pursuit.

Introducing Grace Klich as Amethyst, and Valerie Miller as Ember. Co-starring Derrick Biedenback as the Centaur, with The Prince of Horror Erotica himself, Jared Masters, portraying the Nobleman. Cinematography by Takede Osheame. Production assistance and continuity by Matt McPartland and Casey Plemons. Written and directed by Jared Masters (Slink, Ballet of Blood, After School Massacre).

This new horror fantasy is being filmed in stunning 4K resolution. It will be the first feature film Jared Masters has shot outside of California, and is rumored to be completely void of dialogue. Psy Matix and Wizerd are in negotiations to provide the score. We can expect a release set for later this Fall, 2016. Trailer coming soon.

Rock Bands Hed PE, SOiL and Pulse To Have Music Featured in the Upcoming Thriller "The Night Shift"

SGL Entertainment send the horror chamber information that rock bands Hed PE, SOiL and Pulse will contributing music to their upcoming film "The Night Shift". The film stars Sadie Katz (Wrong Turn 6), Vincent Rivera (Insane, Hell Ride) and Greg Chandler Maness (Insane, Selma).

"The Night Shift" hits DVD, Blu-Ray and VOD in early 2017.

Press Release:

SGL Entertainment is working together with Pavement Music and Dark Star Records to Bring in some Killer music to “The Night Shift”, and we are happy to announce that ONE MORE BODY by Hed PE (Pavement Music) ONE LOVE by SOiL (Pavement Music) and NO FATE by PULSE (Dark Star Records) will now be included in the upcoming horror film “The Night Shift”. Special thanks to Mark Nawara and Tim King from Pavement Music plus Jeffrey A. Swanson and Lloyd Freeze from Dark Star Records for providing us this killer music.

The Night Shift is directed by Massimiliano Cerchi, Written by Anthony Werley, produced by Dustin Lebleu and stars: Sadie Katz (Wrong Turn 6), Vincent Rivera (Insane, Hell Ride) and Greg Chandler Maness (Insane, Selma).

SYNOPSIS: A security guard (Vincent Rivera) gets hired to guard an empty mansion until the owner will arrive in the morning. Little does he know, he has been set up as a human sacrifice to placate the various Demons who “live” in the house. Will he survive the shift or will he be a victim ? SGL Entertainment will be releasing THE NIGHT SHIFT on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD in early 2017

Troma to Host Outdoor Screening of its Latest Release "Hectic Knife"

Troma Entertainment recently send the horror chamber information about the New York premiere of their latest film "Hectic Knife". The film stars Peter Litvin and J.J. Brine.  The screening will also serve as a pre-party fundraiser event for Tromadance which takes place on July 29th and 30th.

The film will be making its world premiere on the rooftop of  Our Wicked Lady in Brooklyn, NY on July 28th.   Screening time is 8pm.

Press Release:

Ladies of the Night agree that the "Hectic" keeps the scumbag sick perverts that lurk the dark alleys of a crime stricken city at bay, at least for now! Finally a vigilante with some street-credit and a psychological paradox that doesn't involve bourgeois baggage and Daddy-issues! Troma Entertainment has acquired "Hectic Knife", an action-horror-comedy film directed by Greg DeLiso. The new acquisition will be celebrated this month with a New YorkCity Premiere Brooklyn rooftop screening at Our Wicked Lady at 8:00 PM on July 28th, 2016 as a pre-party fundraising event for TromaDance, the companies Film Festival which runs the weekend of July 29th and 30th. it was announced today by Lloyd Kaufman, prexy of Troma Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Avenger.

DeLiso cites Troma Entertainment as an early influence and inspiration in his pursuit of filmmaking;

"Of all the self help, directing 101, learn how to talk to actors nonsense out there, the only real nugget of truth comes from Lloyd Kaufman: Make Your Own Damn Movie. That's the most important thing. But, for me the next most important thing is working with a distribution company like Troma that understands that the best thing for a movie is for people to see it! Viva la Troma! -- the only company out there that understands movies and movie makers!"

DeLiso's movie portrays a down and out crime-fighting, knife-wielding vigilante hero (character, "Hectic Knife", played by Peter Litvin), who faces a life-changing disruption when a new super villain, the evil "Piggly Doctor" (played by J.J. Brine), arrives in town. .

Will Hectic be able to find the chosen technology in time to save the entire world!?

Some of the answers to these questions, plus tons of blood, babes and bagels (?!) populate this insane and graphic pulp comedy/slasher!

The carefully crafted retro feel to Hectic Knife is a reverential nod to cinematic symbolism, and film archetypes are referenced throughout the course of the movie. Characters experience inexplicable flashbacks, imagery like a lone tear traveling down the withered hero's cheek and Mighty Aphrodite -esque hookers with a heart of gold weave together to tell Hectic's story.

This bizarre and hilarious, genre-bending comedy is a modern marvel of movie-making from the school of Tromatic Tradition!

The rooftop screening at Our Wicked Lady on July 28th will be attended by director Greg DeLiso along with a Q & A after the film. The event is a pre-party fundraiser for The 17th Annual TromaDance, Troma Entertainment's free to submit, free to attend celebrated Film Festival that includes both short and feature length movies from international independent filmmakers that is followed by a World Famous afterparty, also free to guests!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Official Feature Length Selections for the 17th Annual Tromadance Film Festival

Troma Entertainment recently send us information on the feature films that will be playing at the 17th annual Tromadance Film Festival that takes place Friday, July 29th and Saturday, July 30th at The Paper Box in Brooklyn,NY.

The feature films that were selected are " Raiders! The Story of the Greatest Film Ever Made", "Night of Something Strange", Banjo (UK) and "Be My Cat: A Film for Anne" (Romainia).

For more information on this film festival, you can goto:

Press Release:

The Official Feature Length Selections for the 17th Annual TromaDance, which will be held at the Paper Box Theatre in Brooklyn, NY, have been confirmed, it was announced today by Lloyd Kaufman, prexy of Troma Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Avenger.

Yesterday, June 28th 2016, Troma Entertainment made public The 17th Annual TromaDance Short Movie Official Selections. Today's highly anticipated announcement of the four titles curated by NYC's Troma Team demonstrate in some cinematic form the dedication to original, historical and socially significant themes, images and techniques and represent ingenuity in genre by skirting the experimental through ambitious and dedicated pursuit in documentary and exploiting the potential of conventional narrative. These selections are:

Be My Cat: A Film for Anne /directed by Adrian Tofei/Romania (english). 2015. 1 h 27 min.

A story of a young man in Romania who goes to shocking extremes to convince Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway to star in his film. Banjo /directed by Liam Regan /UK. 2015. 1 h 22 min.

British comedy-fantasy Banjo, directed by Liam Regan. follows the developing mania of a young man as he is manipulated by his imaginary friend to exact revenge on his tormenting co-workers.

Raiders! The Story of the Greatest Film Ever Made/directed by Eric Jeremy Coon and Tim Skousen/USA . 2016. 1 hr 46 min.

Childhood friends Chris Strompolos, Eric Zala and Jayson Lamb reunite 25 years later to shoot the final scene of their shot-for-shot remake of Steven Spielberg's classic film Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Night of Something Strange directed by Jonathan Straiton/USA 2016.

Teenage friends out for beach week get unexpget unexpectedly detoured to an isolated motel where a deadly STD virus now runs rampant, turning those infected into "the living dead" .

Upcoming T.B.A. for The 17th Annual TromaDance Film Festival 2016 are the talent lineups for the World Famous TromaDance AfterParty!!!

Congratulations to all those filmmakers selected to be in the 17th Annual TromaDance Film Festival, hosted at The Paper Box Theatre in Brooklyn on July 29th and 30th, 2016!

Intense Close Up Stills From "Model Hunger"

Wild Eye Releasing recently sent the horror chamber official stills for the upcoming DVD and VOD release of Debbie Rochon's "Model Hunger". The film stars Lynn Lowry (Shivers, The Crazies, Cat People) and Tiffany Shepis (Tales of Halloween, The Violent Kind, Sharknado 2), Brian Fortune ("Game of Thrones"), Suzi Lorraine (Wrath of the Crows) Carmine Capobianco (Galactic Gigolo) and Voltaire (ABCs of Death 2.).

"Model Hunger" hits retail on July 12th

Plot Synopsis:

B-movie legends Lynn Lowry (Shivers, The Crazies, Cat People) and Tiffany Shepis (Tales of Halloween, The Violent Kind, Sharknado 2) headline as two women on a deadly collision course. Supported by Brian Fortune ("Game of Thrones"), Suzi Lorraine (Wrath of the Crows) and Carmine Capobianco (Galactic Gigolo), the feeding frenzy begins Summer 2016.

Former pinup model Ginny (Lowry) had been cast aside by the heartless and exploitative modeling industry. Ginny didn't take rejection well and grew into a revenge-seeking, bloodthirsty, broken woman. When her new neighbors Debbie (Shepis) and Sal (Capobianco) move in, Debbie begins to notice strange things going on. Sal believes she is mentally unstable, but Debbie becomes determined to figure out what secret life Ginny is leading. Her new nosy neighbor throws a damper on Ginny's private life: her cannibalistic addictions and ever-growing body count. Both women become determined to put an end to the other's obsession.

Sci-Fi Comic "Kim & Kim Blast Its Way to Comic Shops

Black Mask Studios recently send the horror chamber over preview pages for issue #1 of the Sci-FI LGBT comic "Kim & Kim". The comic is written by writer Magdalene Visaggio with a creative team that includes Eva Cabrera (Bravest Warriors) and Claudia Aguirre (Malice Is-).

Issue #1 of "Kim & Kim" hits comic shops on July 6th.

Plot Synopsis:

KIM & KIM is a day-glo action adventure that’s bursting with energy and enthusiasm and puts queer women and trans women front and center.

Badass besties Kim and Kim are out to make a name for themselves in the wild world of interdimensional cowboy law enforcement – and they very quickly end up in way over their heads.

Blending the punk exuberance of TANK GIRL with the buddy adventure wackiness of SUPERBAD (if Michael Cera was a trans woman and Jonah Hill a queergirl partner in crime), Kim & Kim focuses on the power and meaning of female friendships as engines of validation. A bright, happy, punk rock sci fi adventure that is queer as shit.