Friday, October 28, 2016

Retro Review: "Return to Nuke 'Em High Vol 1"

“Return to Nuke’em High Vol 1” is the latest from Troma president and creator of “The Toxic Avenger” Lloyd Kaufman, who has directed some crazy and entertaining films like “Tromeo and Juliet”, “Terror Firmer” and “Poultrygeist”.

The film takes place at Tromaville High School where Chrissy (Asia Paredes), a high school blogger falls in love with Lauren (Catherine Corcoran), the new rich girl at school. Meanwhile, an organic food company that was built over the ashes of the Tromaville nuclear power plant is selling containment food to the high school. The food starts turning the smart people of the high school into mutant and rebellious cretins. Now, the two must solve what cause these mutations and save the high school from these cretins.

It’s always amazing that every time I watch a Lloyd Kaufman film, I always have a fun time.  Whether it’s the zany characters that appears in his films to the over the top violence, I never get tired of it. It was the same case with “Return to Nuke’em High Vol 1”, as I had a great time with this film.

Co-writer and director Lloyd Kaufman does a very good job with the film’s direction. What makes his direction work, he handles and balances the film’s humor and horror elements. Kaufman does a very making the humor funny. Whether it’s the raunchy gags to the some of the film’s laugh out loud moments, everything comes off as funny and entertaining. The other thing that I was impressed was the way that he uses the film’s gore and slime effects to his advantage. I thought that aspect looked a lot better than in previous Kaufman films. Everything comes off looking very good on screen and it helps drive the horror aspects of the film as it comes off as horrific.  

The acting was over the top but it works very well with the film’s story. Kaufman does a very good job making sure that his cast has chemistry with each other. He takes his time and makes sure the performances gel very well. It helps with a film like this, as I was interested in the characters and all of the happenings that went on during the course of the film.  It made the film very entertaining and fun.

The screenplay written by Kaufman, Travis Campbell and Derek Dressler does a very good job making sure that the screenplay has what you would expect in a Troma film. One of the things that I liked about the screenplay was the fact that the humor was funny. The writers did a very good job making sure the humor works with the story. Whether it’s the way the characters look to some of the film’s dialogue and gags, there were a lot of laughs in them and those scenes. They also did a very good job making sure the characters have certain traits to them. The traits in the characters is what helped made the characters work. Whether it’s the main character to some of the cretins, they had personality to them. It helps makes all the zany action works during the course of the film.

“Return to Nuke’em High Vol 1” is a very fun and crazy horror film that leaves you wanting more. Can’t wait to see how part 2 shapes up.

Review Rating: Four Stars.

Uncork'd Entertainment Takes a Trip to "Beacon Point"

Uncork'd Entertainment recently send us information that they've acquired the sci-fi/horror film "Beacon Point". The film stars Rae Olivier, Jon Briddell, Eric Goins, Jason Burkey, and RJ Shearer.

"Beacon Point" will be released in 2017.

For more information on this film, you can visit the film's official Facebook page at : .  

Press Release:

“innovative inferno of horror” BEACON POINT

Highly-anticipated science-fiction thriller Beacon Point has been picked up for distribution by Home Entertainment and Theatrical Film Distributor Uncork'd Entertainment.

The film, called “an intelligent and interestingly innovative inferno of horror, science fiction, folklore and thrills”, is the brainchild of rising newcomer Eric Blue.

Uncork’d Entertainment President Keith Leopard says audiences are “in for a treat here. As those that caught the film on the festival circuit earlier this year will attest to, Eric Blue has crafted a very unique and rather captivating science fiction film.”

"We are excited to be working with Uncork’d on the release of Beacon Point domestically," says Blue. "They have a great reputation and track record.” The Georgia-produced chiller, produced by Blue Lantern Films, is will be released sometime in 2017.

Zoe has quit her job to hike the Appalachian Trail as a tribute to her deceased father. She joins a small group of inexperienced hikers for an adventure of a lifetime. The group is, Dan, recently divorced and looking for a change from Silicon Valley, Cheese, a 17 year old kid, and Brian, his half brother he has just met. They are led by Drake, a hot headed trail master with a questionable past. They are upbeat as they set out on the ten day trek through the Great Smokey Mountains. Drake leads them away from the main trail and the tourists, promising a grand adventure and sights they’d never see with the standard tour. After a gruesome discovery, they become lost deep in the mountains. The adventure spins out of control when they are terrorized at their campsite by an unseen force.

Rae Olivier, Jon Briddell, Eric Goins, Jason Burkey, and RJ Shearer star in an Eric Blue film, written by Blue and Traci Carroll. Uncork'd Entertainment will release KRAMPUS UNLEASHED November 1 on VOD and December 13 on DVD. Uncork’d Entertainment’s recent releases include critically acclaimed comedy SPAGHETTIMAN, THE EVIL GENE, THE HOLLOW, in theaters October 7, and DOOMED : THE UNTOLD STORY OF ROGER CORMAN’S FANTASTIC FOUR, released on digital October 11.

Abel Ferrara's "The Driller Killer" Heads to Blu-Ray Courtesy of Arrow Video

Arrow Video USA recently send us information that Abel Ferrara's "The Driller Killer" will be hitting Blu-Ray. The film is one of the most infamous video nasties ever made and will be available in regular and limited edition steelbook.

Special features on the blu-ray includes Audio commentary by director and star Abel Ferrara, moderated by Brad Stevens (author of Abel Ferrara: The Moral Vision) and recorded exclusively for this release, Brand new interview with Ferrara, Willing and Abel: Ferraraology 101, a new visual essay guide to the films and career of Ferrara by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, author of Cultographies: Ms. 45, Mulberry St. (2010), Ferrara's feature-length documentary portrait of the New York location that has played a key role in his life and work, available on home video in the UK for the first time ever, Trailer and Collector's booklet featuring new writing by Michael Pattison and Brad Stevens.

"The Driller Killer" hits retail on November 29th.

Press Release:

In career that has encompassed such controversial classics as Ms. 45, Bad Lieutenant and Welcome to New York, none of Abel Ferrara's films have quite managed to match the shock, extremity and downright notorious nature of The Driller Killer.

Ferrara plays struggling artist Reno, a man pushed to the edge by the economic realities of New York living in the late seventies and the No Wave band practising in the apartment below. His grip on reality soon begins to slip and he takes to stalking the streets with his power tool in search of prey...

One of the most infamous 'video nasties', in part thanks to its drill-in-head sleeve, The Driller Killer has lost none of its power to unnerve and is presented here fully uncut.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Film Review "Vampyres"

Jose Ramon Larraz’s “Vampyres” is a film that I personally consider as one of the great vampire films of all time. When I heard about this remake, it caught me by surprise. I didn’t think that this would be remade because of the content and the fact that it’s an obscure horror film.

The film is about trio of campers who camping in the woods. They discover an old house that is full of dark secrets. Soon, they find a couple of sexy vampires who is hiding a man in their basement. They have the taste of sado-masochism and blood. Now the campers must find a way out their sadistic rampage before it’s too late. The film stars Caroline Munro.

Going into this film, I was expecting the worst as remakes usually don’t work. But I have to say, I was surprised that “Vampyres” was very gothic and one of the better remakes that I’ve seen.

One of things that makes this remake very good was its direction. Writer/director Victor Matellano does a very good job making sure the film has the same feel that the original did. Whether it’s the way he handles the gore to making sure the images has a sense of dread, he’s able to create the same atmosphere that the original did. It made everything from the blood to the eroticism feel so gothic. It was the type of movie I was hoping for. Matellano also does a very good job making sure that the cast’s performances fit the film’s dark tone including the performances from Marta Finch and Almudena Leon as the seductive vampires in the film. They did a very good job making sure their performances stand up to the performances of Marianne Morris and Anulka Dziubinska from the original film. It stood out from the rest of the film.

The screenplay written by Matellano also does a good job making sure that it’s faithful to Jose Ramon Laraza’s classic. Whether it was the way that it handles the eroticism to making sure the film has a complete dark tone, everything is done so well that it doesn’t leave you complaining about the original is better or why it was made in the first place. The other thing that makes its screenplay very good was the fact it builds up the tension. Whether it’s the relationship of the vampires to the final act, everything is built to the point that it makes you interested with the story. If that wasn’t the case, then this film wouldn’t work at all and I would be angry at this remake. Thankfully that wasn’t the case, as I like this film as much as the original.

“Vampyres” is truly one of the recent remakes that has stayed true to the original. With its very good directing and its gothic tone, “Vampyres” truly up there with “Evil Dead” as one of the best remakes ever done. Fans of the original will enjoy this one alongside with the original.

Review Rating: Five Stars

Big Biting Pig Productions Latest Film "It Lives in the Attic" Makes World Premiere in November

Big Biting Pig Productions recently sent the horror chamber information about the world premiere of their latest film "It Lives in the Attic". The film marks the 10th film from the company.

The world premiere will be taking place at the  Byrnes Auditorium in Madisonville KY on November 12. The screening stars at 6:30 PM CST.

For more information on this film, you can visit the film's official Facebook page at:

Plot Synopsis:

The lives of several people take a terrifying turn after discovering the attic in an old house with a mysterious past. 

Vampblade Goes All Deadpool in Issue #9 of "Vampblade"

Action Lab Danger Zone recently send the horror chamber over preview pages for issue 9 of "Vampblade". Issue 9 is written by Jason Martin with art and cover art by Winston Young.

Issue #9 of "Vampblade" hits comic retailers on October 26th..

Plot Synopsis:

Now that Katie’s figured out she can control the appearance of the Vampblade costume, its time for an all new look inspired by one of her favorite comic books! She’s still got two blades and a thirst for TSD’s (translucent space d!@#s – aka space vampires), but now she’s rockin’ a crazy mercenary vibe too!!

Friday, October 21, 2016

The Madness - Halloween Horror Movie Marathon: Circus of Coulrophobes Week 3

I swear, its been a busy month as your truly has been caught up in the election which is taking away most of my horror viewing his October but I'm still trying. Here's my week 3 results.

Films (23 pt)
The Chair - 96 mins - For thoughts and ratings, you can goto:

Shriker - 77 mins - Not one of David DeCouto's best films - 2 stars 2pts

Don't Go to the Reunion - 70 mins - Entertaining 80's homage slasher film. 4 Stars 2pts

Something Wicked This Way Comes - 96 Mins - Still holds ups today as it did when it was originally released. - 4 Stars. 6pt
Corruption of Souls

Rocky Horror Picture Show (1978) - 101 mins - Had to see this again before watching the remake. 5 Stars 2pts

Rocky Horror Picture Show (2016) - 88 mins - Even though, the remake felt sanitized, I still enjoyed it. - 3.5 stars 6pt

Chikara: King of Trios Night 1 - 183 mins -Entertaining wrestling from Chikara. It contains demonic wrestlers and a satanic like cult  3pt.

Tv Shows 4pt
Scream Queens - Halloween Blues - 60 mins - Another beloved character bites the dust.

Lucha Underground - The Open Road to Revenge - 60 mins - Love this show 5 stars
Argument - Demonic Wrestler

Lucha Underground - Payback Time - 60 mins - Another entertaining episode 5 Stars -Demonic Wrestler

Hellevator - Rest in Pieces - 60 mins - 5 stars - Favorite episode yet.

Attend Rock and Shock on Sunday 2pts 

27 or 29 points for week 3.

Film Review: "Phantom of the Theatre"

What drew me to “Phantom of the Theatre” was the fact that the synopsis looked into interesting enough to take to review it. Still, I had questions about it.

The film is about a filmmaker who sets out to make a film against his father wishes. He and a crew of people start filming in an abandon theater where is has been haunted for years by vengeance spirits. Soon, strange things are happening at the theatre as people are getting murdered mysterously. Can the filmmaker find out why people are mysteriously dying before he becomes the next victim?

Going into “Phantom of the Theatre”, I was thinking that this would be a total rip off of “Phantom of the Opera”. You had a theater as the main setting and you have a guy running in a mask. To my surprise, this didn’t feel that way as this was an entertaining horror/fantasy. Most of the reason why this film was good was the way that director Wai Man Yip makes sure the film’s look has a dark and creepy tone. Whether it’s the effects that he used to how he directs the action, this makes everything feel gloomy including making the scenes feel creepy as it helps keep you interested in the action. It made the action entertaining and helped with the some of the film’s tense moments feel intense. Man Yip also does a good job making sure he gets the performances he needs to make the film work. Some of the film’s best scenes is between the filmmaker, the actress and the filmmaker’s father. Man Yip makes sure that the main cast is into their roles while developing chemistry with each other. It provided some good acting especially towards the end.

The screenplay written by Jingling Li, Manfred Wong and Mei Yuan Yang does a very good job developing everything. From the characters to the backstory of the film, they take the time and make sure that everything is done in a way that it makes sense with what is happening. It kept my interested in the story as I was into everything in the screenplay. The other thing that the writers do well is to make the romantic parts interesting. They take the time in focusing on the relationship between the filmmaker and the actress. It helps make the dark love story between the two characters work as I was interested in that story and the relationship.

This is a very dark film that manages to keep your attention throughout. “Phantom of the Theatre” is a very dark love story with creepy images and a good screenplay that will haunt you the next time you go to the theater.

Review Rating: Four Stars

"Abbey Grace" Set to Terrify Your Living Room

Uncork'd Entertainment recently released the official trailer for their upcoming film "Abbey Grace". The film stars Debbie Sheridan, Jacob Hobbs, Amber Gallaway, and Semi Anthony.

 "Abbey Grace" hits VOD on November 8th and DVD on December 6th.

Press Release:

Director Stephen Durham (The Butchers) unleashes a new tale in terror with Abbey Grace, premiering on Demand November 8 from Uncork’d Entertainment.

When Stacy's mom dies, Stacey puts her life and career on hold and returns to her childhood home to take care of her OCD agorophobic brother Ben who hasn't been out of the house for 23 years only to find out the house they grew up in harbors a disturbing secret.

Debbie Sheridan, Jacob Hobbs, Amber Gallaway, and Semi Anthony star in a David Dittlinger and Stephen Durham written film, directed by Stephen Durham.

Abbey Grace On VOD November 8 and DVD December 6 from Uncork’d Entertainment.

"Abbie Grace": Official Trailer

Monday, October 17, 2016

Film Review: "The Chair"

I’ve always loved Rowdy Rowdy Piper. Whether it’s in profession wrestling ring with his charisma to this performance in John Carpenter’s “They Live”, Piper was always entertaining. Sadly on July 31st, 2015, Rowdy Rowdy Piper passed away. “The Chair” is one of his last films. The film is based on the underground comic from Alterna Comics.

It focuses on a man who’s been sentenced to death. He’s living with no hope as he is forced to watch shocking brutal murders at the hand of the prison’s warden. In order to find a way of the warden’s game he must confront things that he’s done while creating some brutality of his own. The film stars Tim Muskatell, Bill Oberst Jr. (The Retrieval), Piper, Naomi Grossman (American Horror Story), Zach Galligan (Gremlins) and Noah Hathaway (The NeverEnding Story).

Going into this, I knew this was going to be a dark film considering the setting and what I’ve heard about the graphic novel beforehand. Never did I thing that I would be shocked and horrified with what took place in the film as it kept me glued.

This was a good film. Most of the reason why this works was Chad Ferrin’s direction. One of the things that I liked about it was that it gave you an unsettling feeling throughout. Whether it’s through his direction to the way that he and his cinematographer gave the film it’s very dark look, it felt very gritty and dark the entire time. It helps make some of the scenes feel very horrifying to watch at times. The other thing that works very well was the way that Ferrin directs his cast. He does a good job making sure the film’s performances fits it’s very dark tone. It makes the characters very demented as there is no good character in this film.

The film has a couple of really good performances from Bill Oberst Jr as the sadistic warden and the late Roddy Piper as one of the lead guards. Those performances really added to the dark and shocked tone that this film was going for.

The screenplay written by Erin Kohut and Peter Simeti (co-creator of the graphic novel which this film is based on) was a very dark one. I liked the way that they both create a dark tone throughout the film. Whether it’s the way that they the write the action to how some of the characters come off, everything has a disturbing vibe to it. It’s one of those case where it kept me feeling unhinged and shocked at times. The other thing that they do well is how they develop and focus on the relationship between the two main characters. It’s done in a way that it makes the characters interesting to keep me focused on the story.

This is one of those prison films will leave you horrified. “The Chair” is a very gritty and dark film that will shock the hell out of you.

For information on upcoming screenings of "The Chair", you can goto:

Review Rating: Four Stars

Susan Eisenberg and Kin Sheiner Join "The Chair" Premiere Screening in Burbank,CA

Alterna Films recently sent the horror chamber information that Susan Eisenberg and Kin Shriner will be attending that the theatrical premiere of "The Chair". They will be joining Kyle Hester, Naomi Grossman, Tomas Boykin, Christian Hutcherson, Corpsy Rhine, Brent Anthony at the event.

The screening will take place at the AMC Burbank 16 & IMAX on October 18th. Screening time is 7PM.

For more information on the film and where you can see the film, you can goto: Press Release:

SUSAN EISENBERG (WONDER WOMAN, Justice League Unlimited) and KIN SHRINER (GREEN ARROW, Justice League Unlimited) have cameos in THE CHAIR and we are thrilled to announce that they will be attending the premiere in Burbank!


NSFW Preview Pages for Issue #28 of "Zombie Tramp"

Action Lab Danger Zone recently released preview for issue #28 of "Zombie Tramp". The issue is written and regular cover art by Dan Mendoza with illustration by Marcelo Trom.

Issue #28 of "Zombie Tramp" hits stores on October 19th.

Plot Synopsis:

Vindictive wardens, disgraced sandwich kings, and past enemies thought to be dead. Boy, Janey sure has her hands full in this action packed conclusion of Skanks, Shanks, and Shackles.

The Madness - Halloween Horror Movie Marathon: Circus of Coulrophobes Week 2

Week 2 was a difficult one movie viewing wise with schedule problems and getting for Rock and Shock. But I had a great time as I was there for all three days. Here is my week two viewing habits 

Films (21)
Phantom of the Theatre - 102 mins -You can find my review and rating at:

Killer Clowns from Outer Space - 90 mins - Still one of my favorite B-horror films and my personal mascot film for this since I can't see "Circus of the Dead". 5 Stars.
Clown kills human 6pt.

Sideshow - 74mins - 2 Stars - Very dull film from Fred Olen Ray.
SINISTER PURPOSE is the COLLECTION or CORRUPTION OF SOULS. It turns the people into sideshow freaks for its attraction 6pts

Insane - 73 mins - 3 Stars - Found footage horror with a killer clown. It wasn't that bad.
 Bonus Point Argument. The spirit of killer clown takes possession of a character and kills humans. Would that be ATB as the spirit of a clown possesses a character and kills humans.
3pt or 6pt

The House that October Built - 91 mins - Another found footage film with clowns
Clown as character , SEASONAL WALKTHROUGH, - 4pts

TV Shows (4)

Ash vs Evil Dead - The Morgue - 29 mins - 5 Stars - A kickass episode from start to finish. - .5pts

Ash vs Evil Dead - Last Call - 30 mins - 5 Stars - It was a last call for a character. Even though I had a feeling it was going to happen at the end of the episode, I was still a little surprised that a character got killed off. Saw this, as Rock and Shock screened the first three episodes of season two.

Scream Queens -  Scream Again - 60mins - 4 Stars - A good start to season two - 1pt

Scream Queens - Wants and All - 60 mins - 3.5 Stars -  Not a bad episode 1pt

Scream Queens - Handidates - 60 mins - 5 Stars - Best of the three episodes. 1 pt

Attended Rock And Shock Friday and Saturday and competed two challenges. Picture with Bill Mosley and Picture with Pancho Moler and David Udy.

Also, don't forget to check my review of "31" at:

 Estimated points  45

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Review: "31"

Rob Zombie has been an interesting direction. When I saw his first film “House of 1,000 Corpses”, it only latest 10 minutes as I thought the beginning was awful and it was going to stupid. It was so bad that I didn’t want to ever see a Rob Zombie film ever again. My opinion of him as a filmmaker changed when he came out with his version of the classic horror film “Halloween” back in 2007. Ever since then, I’ve have seen every one of his films including his best film “The Devil’s Rejects” and everything except 1,000 of House Corpses. This leads me to his latest film “31” which deals with a bunch of homicidal clowns and aristocrats.

The film is about five carnival workers who get kidnapped by a bunch of homicidal clowns and aristocrats. They are forced to play their game called 31 for the 12 hours. The object of the game to fight and survive against their captors. If they can, they may just walk out of there alive. The film stars Sheri Moon Zombie, Malcolm McDowell, Richard Brake, Elizabeth Daily, Meg Foster, Jeff Daniel Phillips and Lew Temple.

It seems like every Rob Zombie film is either one of those where you love it or you really hate it and wish he’d stop directing film. This film has same theory with all of the reviews for this film. But I’m going to go out on a limb and say that “31” is equal or better than “The Devil’s Rejects. One of the reasons that it very good was Zombie’s direction. He does a very good job with the way that he directs the action. The scenes were thought out very well as it had an intense 70’s throwback feel to them where it puts you on the edge of your seat. It also helped that the tone of film also added to the intense action. The other thing that makes it very good were the performances. Zombie does a very good job making sure the performances work with the film’s tone. Whether it’s the way that he directs his villains to the other characters in the film, he makes sure that they stand out in one way from other.

Speaking of standing out, I thought Richard Blake stood out from everyone in this film. I liked how he make his character Doom-Head very sinister through the way that he approaches the character from the way that he speaks to the way that he moves. It had a sinister tone that keeps you frightened. Hopefully this will get him more work in the genre, as he does a great job pulling off this character.

Zombie’s screenplay was also good. What I liked about it that he keeps the level of dread throughout very dark and intense. Whether it’s the film’s opening scene to the ending, it had that level of frightening moments that make a horror film stand out. It’s what makes this a shocking film for the entire time. The other thing that makes the screenplay good was the fact that the villains had a demented personality to them. Whether its characters like Doom-Head, Sex-Head and Sick-Head, they brought a level of the dread that makes the horror in the film feel horrifying. It adds to the film’s disturbing and bloody tone.

“31” is an intense and shocking film from start to finish. If you’re on the fence on getting Rob Zombie’s “31”, get it today as this is the most shocking and gory film that you’ll see this year.

Review Rating: Five Stars.

Charles Band's "Meridian" Makes Blu-Ray Debut

Full Moon Features recently send us information that Charles Band's "Meridian" will make its blu-ray debut. The 1990 film stars Sherilyn Fenn, Malcom Jamieson and Hilary Mason.

No special features were announced at this time.

"Meridian" hits retail on October 24th.

Press Release:

Director Charles Band's 1990 horror classic MERIDIAN is coming to Blu-Ray for the first time on October 24. Band's Full Moon Entertainment is releasing the film which stars Twin Peaks’ Sherilyn Fenn as a beautiful young artist who must choose her destiny in this hauntingly sensual tale of love, passion and revenge.

Catherine Bomarzini (SHERILYN FENN; “Twin Peaks”, “Fatal Instinct”, “Gilmore Girls”) returns to the family castle in Italy after her father’s death and gets caught in the web of a mysterious love triangle: a man (MALCOM JAMIESON) who is at times repulsive, at other times enchanting; and a creature of the night whose gentle eyes and touch reveal his infinite love and devotion.

With the help of Martha (HILARY MASON), her faithful childhood nanny, and the ghost of a slain young girl, Catherine discovers the medieval curse that threatens their lives and only she can dispel.

Alex Daniels and Phil Fondacaro are also in the cast of the cult classic which is produced by Band & Debra Dion.

"Tromeo and Juliet" to Screen at the Museum of Modern Arts

Troma Entertainment recently send the horror chamber that Museum of Modern Art will be screening "Tromeo and Juliet" as part of the Breaking Bard: Shakespeare on Film program there.  The film will be followed with a post-screening discussion with Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Avenger along with associate producer Andrew Weiner, and editor Frank Reynolds.

The screening will take place on October 15th at 2pm at the T 1 Theatre 1 in The Museum of Modern Art Theater 111 West 53 Street New York, NY 10019.

To purchase tickets for the screening, you can goto:

Press Release

Lloyd Kaufman and James Gunn's (director of Guardians of the Galaxy) Tromeo and Juliet, Troma Movies masterpiece film adaptation of William Shakespeare's star-crossed tragedy released in 1996. The movie will be followed with a post-screening discussion with Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Avenger, associate producer Andrew Weiner, and editor Frank Reynolds, it was announced today by Elizabeth D'Ambrosio, spokesperson for Troma Entertainment.

Tromeo and Juliet is a selection by MoMa Film curators for Breaking Bard: Shakespeare on Film, a film screening program scheduled to run through mid-October (Oct. 12-24) in tribute to the Bard ("Poet"), William Shakespeare, on the 400th anniversary since his death. The screenings are intended to both commemorate the playwright as well as present a series of films from all genre and throughout history since the inception of cinema that are influenced by Shakespeare's Comedies, Tragedies and Histories.

Troma's Tromeo and Juliet is a Shakespearean time-capsule of New York City late in the 20th Century. It is both unique and canonical in MoMa's program,for its sincere interpretation of the play that is realized with modern forms as classical archetypes and a dialectical urban dialogue to honor Shakespeare's lyrical form delivered in the experimental and science-fiction driven language of Troma Movies and Lloyd Kaufman.

In the 42 years of Troma Movies Independent Cinema, Tromeo and Juliet is largely considered one of the most important titles and is a testament to film craft when projected. Throughout Kaufman and Gunn also deploy mesmerizing and brilliantly graphic practical in their visualizations of the infamous murders, slow-deaths and violent stunt driven revenge, and use of veritable feats in film processing effects demonstrate scenes of metamorphosis in a deeply surrealist language that somehow, despite being grotesque, maintain a genuine interest in beauty.

Tromeo and Juliet marked a 20th Anniversary milestone this year since its release (2016) and stars both Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead and Legendary B-Movie Film Star Joe Fleishaker, both of whom passed this year.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Preview Pages for the Special Halloween Issue "Puppet Master: Halloween 1989 The Creature"

Action Lab Danger Zone recently send us preview pages for the special "Puppet Master" Halloween issue, "Puppet Master: Halloween 1989 The Creature".  The issue is written by Shawn Gabborin with art and cover art by Daniel J. Logan (pencils/inks) and Dan Olvera (colors).

"Puppet Master: Halloween 1989 The Creature" hits retail on October 12th.

Plot Synopsis:

Halloween night, 1989. An unknown creature steps out of a long forgotten cave beneath the Bodega Bay Inn. While their master sleeps, the Puppets fight back to protect her from this mysterious intruder. Join us as the Puppets dive headfirst into another beloved subgenre: the creature feature!

Preview Pages for Issue #3 of "Oblivion"

Action Lab Danger Zone recently send us preview pages for issue #3 of "Full Moon Presents: Oblivion" The issue is written by Tim Seeley with art and cover art by Romina Moranelli (pencils/inks) and Marcelo Costa (colors).

Issue #3 of "Oblivion" hits retail on October 12th.

Plot Synopsis:

Marshall Stone and his crew must save their past archenemy’s daughter from the clutches of a crazed bounty hunters obsessed with an apocalyptic version of their future!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Madness - Halloween Horror Movie Marathon: Circus of Coulrophobes Week 1

Yours truly, every year takes part in a horror movie marathon on the Halloween Horror Movie Madness Facebook group with a specific theme. This year's theme has to do with the circus and clowns in particular. I was drafted on a team called Team F***ing Clownshoes where the judge is Nathan Hamilton of Son of Celluloid.

This is the first year that yours truly has posted this on a blogsite like his. Here's my week 1 list.  

Films (42)

Killjoy - 71 mins - 2.5 stars. Not a bad film even though it felt rushed at times and a bizarre ending.

Clown goes on Violent rampage 6pts

Killjoy 2 - 72 mins.- 4 stars. The best of the Killjoy series. It was very well executed and the acting including Killjoy was very good in this. 6pts

Clown goes on violent rampage
Demonic Toys - 82 Mins - 4 Stars -  Very intense chiller for the writer of Batman Begins and Dark City. 3 pts

Toy with the likeness of a clown. Jack Attack

Bouns Point Argurment: Aids in killing human

Dollman vs Demonic Toys - 60 Mins - 3 Stars - 60 mins really Charles Band.3pts

Toy with the likeness of a clown. Jack Attack

Blood Dolls - 82 mins - 5 Stars - One of Charles Band's best films along side the first two Trancers films and Trophy Heads. 2pts

Bonus point argument there's a character in the film with clown makeup on dressed up in a business suit as this film is totally weird. Do I get a point.

Ghoulies 2 - 89 mins  4 Stars - Ghoulies gone wild at a carnival. I'm surprised that Royal Dano and John Allen Nelson aren't wild card as they're both in this and Killer Clowns from Outer Space.

Takes place in a traveling carnival  Has a sequence in a fun house, Clown in the dunk tank gets arm ripped off. 5pts

The Multilator - 86 mins - 4 stars - had to ring in my new subscription to Shudder with a favorite of mine.  Still can't get Fall Break song being used in this film. Its a good song but I still feel the song makes you feel your watching a sitcom, not a horror film. 2pts

Killjoy 3 73 mins - You can find my review at:
 6-pt Clown kills human.

Killjoy Goes to Hell - 93 mins - Much better film than Killjoy 3.
Clown is a character. 4pts.

31 - 104mins - Got to leave you in suspense, as I'll be posting my thoughts on it this week. You can find my thoughts on the film and rating this week as I'll be reviewing here and
 Clown chainsaws and murders human 6pt

TV Shows (9)

Ash vs Evil Dead - 35mins  - 5 Stars - Hasn't lost a step from its first season. Saw this during the soft launch on Starz On Demand. Can't wait to meet Ray Santiago and Dana DeLorenzo at Rock and Shock. 6pt

Hellevator - 60 mins- Trapped on an elevator and the Twisted Twists behind the madness. I'm in. (1pt)

Agents of Shield - The Ghost - 60 mins - 4 Stars- Has supernatural elements with the Ghost Rider subplot.

Agents of Shield - Meet the New Boss - Loving his season. Has supernatural elements with the Ghost Rider subplot. 1pt

Estimated points 51

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Retro Review: "Killjoy 3"

Please Note: This is repost of my review from 4/18/11. This review took place during Reviews from the Horror Chamber over at where the Horror Chamber got its start.

Going into “Killjoy 3“, I didn’t know what to expect with this film. I haven’t seen any of the sequel, so I’m relatively new to the series.

The film is about a group of college students, who find a mysterious mirror on the doorsteps of the house that they’re house-sitting. They decide to open up the package, even though it’s not addressed to the them. Once it’s opened, Killjoy wants to lure the students and have them play in his own realm with his group of friends. Now the students must find out who is Killjoy’s intended victim, before he and his sidekicks have their way with them.

When thinking about “Killjoy 3”, I can’t stop and think about what a wasted opportunity to make a good film. Writer/director John Lechago does a good job with the direction of the film, but the writing was less to be desired. Lechago does a good job with the visual aspects. I liked the way that he and his special effects team made the effects good. It didn’t feel cheesy or bad to the point that it distract you from what was going on. It helped cover some of the flaws in this film. What saved this film from being unbearable, the way that Lechago is able to get good acting from his cast. I liked , how he’s handles that aspect. One of the things that he does, he gets the performances that he needs to make it work. It kept my interest, even though I had problems with the screenplay.

Lechago’s screenplay was bad, as there’s no other way to put it. For the first fifty five minutes, this film felt like a comedy than a horror film. There wasn’t any attempt to generate some scares or intense moments, which really hurts this film. I was waiting for more action, but instead he just focuses on how many one liners Killjoy can get off. It’s one of the reasons that this film fails. The other reason, Lechago holds the majority of the horror action, until the last fifteen minutes. Even then, that isn’t even handled right. There was no suspense or intensity in the action, which made me feel bored. Thankfully this was a seventy-seven minute film or else it could’ve gotten even more worse.

“Killjoy 3” is a film that had promise with the direction, but the screenplay makes this film fall flat on its face.

Review Rating: Two stars.

Adrienne Barbeau to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award from New York City Horror Film Festival

The New York City Horror Film Festival recently send us information that Adrienne Barbeau (Creepshow, Escape from New York, The Fog) will be receiving their Lifetime Achievement Award. She will be there to except her award on Saturday, November 12, after that evening’s program, at approximately 9:30 pm.

The New York City Horror Festival will be taking place on November 10-13th at the Cinépolis Chelsea Cinemas.

For more information on this festival, you can goto:

Press Release:

The 14th edition of the New York City Horror Film Festival celebrates the career of Adrienne Barbeau this November with the festival’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Debuting in her first feature film in her then-husband John Carpenter’s THE FOG, Ms. Barbeau continued in George Romero’s CREEPSHOW, and other favorites including Carpenter’s ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK and Wes Craven’s SWAMP THING. Her long and varied career crosses all genres, from Broadway to television, and the beloved actress is thrilled to accept her award on Saturday, November 12, after that evening’s program, at approximately 9:30 pm.

The 2016 New York City Horror Film Festival opens Thursday, November 10, with Darren Lynn Bousman’s ABATTOIR, at 7:00 pm. Jonathan Straiton’s NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE continues the creepiness Friday November 11 at 9:30 pm, Steven DeGennaro’s FOUND FOOTAGE 3-D precedes Ms. Barbeau’s award ceremony at 5 pm on Saturday Nov. 12, and Sunday’s final wrapup feature is Caradog W. James’ DON’T KNOCK TWICE, starring Javier Botet ([REC], Crimson Peak) at 6:45pm. The full festival runs Nov. 10–13, 2016, at the Cinépolis Chelsea Cinemas. For full schedule and ticket info go to

Darren Lynn Bousman has been bringing the grue to gruesome over the past two decades with his blood-drenched filmography. From SAW II, III, and IV, through REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA, THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL, and now ABATTOIR, Bousman continues plowing through the gore. Caradog James’ first feature film, the BAFTA-winning LITTLE WHITE LIES, was also listed in Variety’s top 10 British Films of that year, and his second feature, THE MACHINE, premiered at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival. His latest feature film, DON’T KNOCK TWICE, stars Katee Sackhoff (Oculus, Riddick), Nick Moran (Lock Stock), and Lucy Boynton (Sing Street).

The NYC Horror Film Festival was born in 2002 by filmmaker Michael J. Hein as a venue for newer independent horror filmmaking. After Michael’s passing in 2011, the festival created the Michael J. Hein Achievement Award to celebrate the hard work and perseverance of creators in the field. Recipients include Rob Zombie, Stuart Gordon, and Tom Atkins. George Romero was the first recipient of the festival’s Lifetime Achievement Award, followed by other classic scaremeisters including Tobe Hooper, Roger Corman, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Frank Henenlotter, Robert Englund, Angus Scrimm, Sean Cunningham, and the beloved late Wes Craven. NYCHFF is proudly sponsored by Final Draft, the #1-selling screenwriting software, and the choice of professionals.

Unrated Director's Cut of Jess Franco "99 Women" Makes Blu-Ray Debut

Blue Underground recently send us information about the upcoming Blu-Ray/DVD/CD 3 disc release of Jess Franco's "99 Women". The 1969 film stars  Maria Schell, Herbert Lom, Mercedes McCambridge, Luciana Paluzzi, Maria Rohm, Rosalba Neri, Elisa Montes, Valentina Godoy.

Special features includes Jess' Women - Interview with Director Jess Franco, Jess, Harry & 99 WOMEN - Interview with Stephen Thrower, author of Murderous Passions: The Delirious, Cinema of Jesus Franco, Deleted & Alternate Scenes, Theatrical Trailer, Poster & Still Gallery, BONUS Collectable Booklet includes writing by author Stephen Thrower and BONUS CD - 99 WOMEN Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Bruno Nicolai.

"99 Women" hits retail on December 13th.

Plot Synopsis:

For his epic shocker of caged women gone wild, legendary director Jess Franco (MARQUIS DE SADE'S JUSTINE) brought together a once-in-a-lifetime cast of International beauties including Maria Schell (THE ODESSA FILE), Luciana Paluzzi (THUNDERBALL), Rosalba Neri (LADY FRANKENSTEIN) and Maria Rohm (VENUS IN FURS). Oscar(r) winner Mercedes McCambridge (JOHNNY GUITAR) and Herbert Lom (THE DEAD ZONE) co-star as the sadistic wardens of an island prison where abused yet luscious young lovelies surrender to their own depraved desires. Behind bars... without men... experience the unchained passion of 99 WOMEN!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Take a Bite With These Official Stills for the Upcoming Remake of the Cult Classic "Vampyres"

Artsploitation Films recently send us over stills for their upcoming release of "Vampyres". The film is a remake of Joseph Larraz's 1974 cult classic. "Vampyres" stars Caroline Munro, Christian Stamm, Veronica Bacorn, Marta Flich and Almudena León.

"Vampyres" hits retail on October 18th.

Press Release: 

Faithful to the sexy, twisted 1974 cult classic by Joseph Larraz, Vampyres is an English-language tale that pulsates with raw eroticism, wicked sado-masochism and bloody, creative gore. Director Victor Matellano (Wax, 2014; Zarpazos! A Journey through Spanish Horror, 2013) sets his story in a stately English manor inhabited by two older lesbian vampires and with their only cohabitant being a man imprisoned in the basement. Their lives and lifestyle are upended when a trio of campers come upon their lair and seek to uncover their dark secrets, a decision that has sexual and blood-curdling consequences. The film is infused with eloquent and atmospheric cinematography, impressive special effects makeup from master Colin Arthur (The Neverending Story, Conan the Barbarian, 2001: A Space Odyssey) and stars screen genre icon Caroline Munro (The Golden Voyage of Sinbad, At the Earth's Core, The Spy Who Loved Me, Maniac, Slaughter High).