Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Madness - Halloween Horror Movie Marathon: Circus of Coulrophobes Week 1

Yours truly, every year takes part in a horror movie marathon on the Halloween Horror Movie Madness Facebook group with a specific theme. This year's theme has to do with the circus and clowns in particular. I was drafted on a team called Team F***ing Clownshoes where the judge is Nathan Hamilton of Son of Celluloid.

This is the first year that yours truly has posted this on a blogsite like his. Here's my week 1 list.  

Films (42)

Killjoy - 71 mins - 2.5 stars. Not a bad film even though it felt rushed at times and a bizarre ending.

Clown goes on Violent rampage 6pts

Killjoy 2 - 72 mins.- 4 stars. The best of the Killjoy series. It was very well executed and the acting including Killjoy was very good in this. 6pts

Clown goes on violent rampage
Demonic Toys - 82 Mins - 4 Stars -  Very intense chiller for the writer of Batman Begins and Dark City. 3 pts

Toy with the likeness of a clown. Jack Attack

Bouns Point Argurment: Aids in killing human

Dollman vs Demonic Toys - 60 Mins - 3 Stars - 60 mins really Charles Band.3pts

Toy with the likeness of a clown. Jack Attack

Blood Dolls - 82 mins - 5 Stars - One of Charles Band's best films along side the first two Trancers films and Trophy Heads. 2pts

Bonus point argument there's a character in the film with clown makeup on dressed up in a business suit as this film is totally weird. Do I get a point.

Ghoulies 2 - 89 mins  4 Stars - Ghoulies gone wild at a carnival. I'm surprised that Royal Dano and John Allen Nelson aren't wild card as they're both in this and Killer Clowns from Outer Space.

Takes place in a traveling carnival  Has a sequence in a fun house, Clown in the dunk tank gets arm ripped off. 5pts

The Multilator - 86 mins - 4 stars - had to ring in my new subscription to Shudder with a favorite of mine.  Still can't get Fall Break song being used in this film. Its a good song but I still feel the song makes you feel your watching a sitcom, not a horror film. 2pts

Killjoy 3 73 mins - You can find my review at:
 6-pt Clown kills human.

Killjoy Goes to Hell - 93 mins - Much better film than Killjoy 3.
Clown is a character. 4pts.

31 - 104mins - Got to leave you in suspense, as I'll be posting my thoughts on it this week. You can find my thoughts on the film and rating this week as I'll be reviewing here and
 Clown chainsaws and murders human 6pt

TV Shows (9)

Ash vs Evil Dead - 35mins  - 5 Stars - Hasn't lost a step from its first season. Saw this during the soft launch on Starz On Demand. Can't wait to meet Ray Santiago and Dana DeLorenzo at Rock and Shock. 6pt

Hellevator - 60 mins- Trapped on an elevator and the Twisted Twists behind the madness. I'm in. (1pt)

Agents of Shield - The Ghost - 60 mins - 4 Stars- Has supernatural elements with the Ghost Rider subplot.

Agents of Shield - Meet the New Boss - Loving his season. Has supernatural elements with the Ghost Rider subplot. 1pt

Estimated points 51

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