Monday, October 17, 2016

The Madness - Halloween Horror Movie Marathon: Circus of Coulrophobes Week 2

Week 2 was a difficult one movie viewing wise with schedule problems and getting for Rock and Shock. But I had a great time as I was there for all three days. Here is my week two viewing habits 

Films (21)
Phantom of the Theatre - 102 mins -You can find my review and rating at:

Killer Clowns from Outer Space - 90 mins - Still one of my favorite B-horror films and my personal mascot film for this since I can't see "Circus of the Dead". 5 Stars.
Clown kills human 6pt.

Sideshow - 74mins - 2 Stars - Very dull film from Fred Olen Ray.
SINISTER PURPOSE is the COLLECTION or CORRUPTION OF SOULS. It turns the people into sideshow freaks for its attraction 6pts

Insane - 73 mins - 3 Stars - Found footage horror with a killer clown. It wasn't that bad.
 Bonus Point Argument. The spirit of killer clown takes possession of a character and kills humans. Would that be ATB as the spirit of a clown possesses a character and kills humans.
3pt or 6pt

The House that October Built - 91 mins - Another found footage film with clowns
Clown as character , SEASONAL WALKTHROUGH, - 4pts

TV Shows (4)

Ash vs Evil Dead - The Morgue - 29 mins - 5 Stars - A kickass episode from start to finish. - .5pts

Ash vs Evil Dead - Last Call - 30 mins - 5 Stars - It was a last call for a character. Even though I had a feeling it was going to happen at the end of the episode, I was still a little surprised that a character got killed off. Saw this, as Rock and Shock screened the first three episodes of season two.

Scream Queens -  Scream Again - 60mins - 4 Stars - A good start to season two - 1pt

Scream Queens - Wants and All - 60 mins - 3.5 Stars -  Not a bad episode 1pt

Scream Queens - Handidates - 60 mins - 5 Stars - Best of the three episodes. 1 pt

Attended Rock And Shock Friday and Saturday and competed two challenges. Picture with Bill Mosley and Picture with Pancho Moler and David Udy.

Also, don't forget to check my review of "31" at:

 Estimated points  45

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