Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Madness - Halloween Horror Movie Marathon: Circus of Coulrophobes Week 4

Final week of the Madness. It's was a tough one with the theme and everything but still had a fun time this year. Here is my week 4 total.

Movies (29 or 32pts)

Chikara: King of Trios 2016 Night two - 173 mins 4 stars
Creepy satanic cult like trio 3pts

Chikara: King of Trips 20l6 Night Three - 183 mins 4 stars
Creepy satanic cult like trio 3pts

Chikara: The Black Goodbye - 120 mins 4 Stars
Creepy Satanic like cult, Demonic wrestlers 2pts

Stitches - 92mins- 4 Stars -Really enjoyed this one to the point that I picked up after seeing it on netflix.
Clown kills human, Clown has sex. 6pts

Vampyres (2016) 79 mins - Read my review for thoughts and rating: http://thehorrorchamber.blogspot.com/2016/10/film-review-vampyres.html 2pts

Within These Walls -93 mins - Read my review for thoughts and rating at: http://www.film-arcade.net/2016/10/within-these-walls-review-by-anthony-t.html 2pts

Bite School - 93 mins - Featuring the late Herschel Gordon Lewis - Check out my extended thoughts and rating at:   http://thehorrorchamber.blogspot.com/2015/10/review-bite-school.html 2pt

Argument for bonus points: Clown gets killed by vampires in a dream

Return to Nuke'm High Vol 1 -85 mins - Read my review and thoughts on the film at: 2pts

The Last Circus - 104 mins - 5 star Very demented film. 6pts

Clown kills human

TV Shows (9)

Hellevator - Drop Dead Gorgeous - 60 mins - 4 stars. 1pt

Hellevator - All Cheerleaders Must Die -60 mins - 4 stars 2pts

Clown in the beginning as character.

Ash vs Evil Dead - D.U.I. - 30 mins - 5 Stars - My favorite show on TV. .5pts

Ash vs Evil Dead - Confinement - 30 mins .5

Agents of Shield - Uprising - 60mins - 1pt

Supernatual elements

Agents of Shield - Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire - 4 stars 60 mins 1pt

Supernatural elements

Agents of Shield - Locked Up - 60 mins - 1pt

Supernatural elements

Ring of Honor TV - 4 star - 60 mins -Creepy satanic like characters like Prince of Darkness Kevin Sullivan and Evil from New Japan. 1pt

Went to Rocky Horror Picture Show/ Thriller shadowcast 

40 or 43 points

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