Friday, November 4, 2016

Wisdumb Productions Launches Kickstarter to Bring "Escape From Jesus Island" to Trade Paperback

Wisdumb Production  recently send us information for their latest Kickstarter campaign. They are looking for your help to fund a their trade paperback version (Issues #1-4) of their popular comic "Escape from Jesus Island".

The makers of the comic are looking to raise $10,000 by November 30th at 9PM EST. So far they have raised $4,139. They need to raise $10,000 or the project is dead.

To contribute or for more information on this Kickstarter, you can goto:

Press Release:

Kickstarter: ‘Escape from Jesus Island’ comic book campaign more than a third funded on first day

Christ has returned. A lot.

That was the message from Wisdumb Productions on Kickstarter as they released their campaign for the Apocalyptic comic book series, Escape From Jesus Island on Halloween. Less than a day later, they had already broken the 30% mark and were well on their way to making this trade paperback a reality.

Escape From Jesus Island is a creator-owned, digitally painted comic book series about an attempt to clone the savior that goes badly off the rails. ReGen Corporation eventually succeeds in its quest, but only after creating scores of hideously deformed near-Jesus freaks and a monstrous twin brother, Yeshua. When the Pope learns of Christ’s return and sends an elite Vatican Black Ops extraction team to ReGen’s remote island testing facility, all Hell breaks loose.

Written by filmmaker and video-game writer Shawn French (“The Wrong House,” “Epic Tavern”), illustrated by Mortimer Glum (“Cthulhu Williams”), and edited/lettered by Shawn M. Greenleaf (“Oathbound, “Astropunk”), Escape From Jesus Island is a twisted retelling of the prophecies from the Book of Revelation.

“Bringing the fans into our story, literally, has always been the key for us,” said French. “In our first four issues, 47 fans have already appeared as characters. Nearly every character in our book is modeled after one of the diehard horror freaks who made our series possible.”

Six new fans were added to the cast in the first day of the campaign, in roles including ReGen Corp guards and their Hit Squad Commander, and even an electrocuted mutant freak.

Twenty-eight roles are still up for grabs, ranging from dying a horrible death in the story to two major, recurring roles as the Antichrist’s most trusted Mutant Apostles (rewards that includes a metal gaming miniature of your character).

“One of the centerpiece rewards in our campaign comes courtesy of the FX artists at The Shoggoth Assembly,” French said. “We’re creating a flesh-bound bible, made from stitching together assorted pieces of super-realistic and creepy silicone flesh and assorted body parts. Every book will be a unique creation and two of these horrific collector’s items were snatched up on the first day.”

“The Jesus Island team is obviously thrilled about the support we’ve received right out of the gate from our fans and the Kickstarter community,” French said. “I’ve been obsessed with this story since first writing it back in 1994. To be able to hold our first four issues in a single trade paperback will be a dream come true.”

You can get onboard the EFJI Kickstarter train through the end of November at:

Much more information is available at and

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