Friday, December 2, 2016

Official Stills for the Horror/Comedy "Paranormal Shades"

WildRebel Productions recently send us over stills for their upcoming film "Paranormal Shades". The film stars Robert Tarantino, Seth Raven, Biggie Waite, Christopher Charles Brown, Susi Ramberger and Elisabeth Oeh.

"Paranormal Shades" will screen at the historic Vista Theatre in Los Angeles on December 3rd.

For more information on this film, you can visit the film's official website at:

Plot Synopsis:

Washed-up Horror Movie Actor Jim Sutton, well-known for movies like "Voodoo Zombies from Skull Island" and "Chainsaw Torture Babes from Outer Space", is haunted by a paranormal demon who kills everyone who is involved in his life. Together with his best friend Link he tries to find out the reason why. What they find out is scarier than any movie Jim has ever starred in.

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