Saturday, January 7, 2017

Horror Chamber's Scream Queen of the Month: January 2017 - Jessica Sonneborn

Jessica Sonneborn is an actress that has appeared in horror films such horror films as "Bloody Bloody Bible Camp", "The Haunting of Alice D" and most recently "Never Open the Door". She is our Horror Chamber's Screen Queen of the Month for January 2017.

Where are you from?

I’m originally from Connecticut, but live in Los Angeles now.

What made you get into horror acting?

I’ve always been a big ham, but I got a lot of my inspiration from my Dad who is a film historian. I didn’t go to acting or film school, so my education has been on set. I started auditioning when I lived in Boston and many of the first projects I booked were horror films. I caught the bug from there.

Favorite Horror Film:

Every one I’ve been in. 😊 I would have to say The Shining and The Orphanage.

Favorite Horror Character:

This is a tough one. I’m really old school in my taste, so I’ll have to go with Norman Bates.

Favorite Horror Director:

I love and respect so many of them, but I’d have to go with Carpenter. His movies are so much fun.

Favorite Horror TV or Film Series:

Black Mirror

Favorite Horror Scream Queen:

I keep wondering if I should answer with an old school SQ or someone I’ve worked with, because I truly have many favorites. 😊

Jamie Lee Curtis for old school and Augie Duke for who I’ve worked with. Augie and I have done several projects together, including our latest, Wild Boar. Her and I have WAY too much fun together. 😊 

Advice for people trying to make it in the Horror Business:

I always say if you want to try it, volunteer to work or act on a short film. After 12 hours, covered in blood, cold and dirty, if you’re still smiling… you may have found the right business to play in.

I have links to movies that are out and info on movies coming out on my Official Website:

Official Social Media Pages:
Twitter and Instagram: @jesssonneborn

I have two horror movies that just came out in November and December.

One Night Of Fear: and Never Open The Door

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