Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Horror Chamber's Top 10 Films of 2016 #6 - #10

2016 has come and gone. It was a great year for horror. Over the next two days, I'll be highlighting the ten best horror films of 2016. Today, I'll start with 6 - 10.

6. Nina Forever

“Nina Forever” was one of those very odd horror comedies. It was also one of the best films that I’ve seen all year. One of the things that I liked about this film was the performances. I thought Cian Barry, Abigail Hardingham and Fiona O’Shaughnessy were great together as the three made their characters entertaining especially with the scenes that they are in with each other. It made this film fun. I also liked the way writer/directors Ben & Chris Blaine do a very good job moving the action and making sure the dark humor is timed very well while focusing on the film’s main character. It made it very twisted and entertaining. Check this film out on VOD and Shudder.

7. The Invitation

The Invitation was one of those films that takes a while to get in to, but the end result made it one of the best thrillers of 2016. One of the things that made this very good was Karyn Kusama’s direction. He’s able to keep you interested through the way that he directs the performances and action. It kept my interest and made me wonder if the main character is breaking down or is there’s something sinister at work. The screenplay from Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi was very good. I liked how they build up the suspense by focusing on his main character and the dinner party. By doing that, it allows everything to be built up to the very intense last act. It makes it worth through sitting through the dialogue scenes which was also very good. It also helped that the film has great performances from Logan Marshall Green and Tammy Blanchard as they help drive this film as the troubled ex couple. This worth checking out if you like intense thrillers.

8. Harvest Lake

If “The Neon Demon” wasn’t released this year, I would be considering this as the oddest film of the year. It was the follow up from “Found“ director Scott Schirmer. One of the things why I liked it a lot was the screenplay. It does a very good job with the way that it handles the dark elements especially with the sex scenes as they had a bizarre tone and added level of dread. The other thing that I liked was that it had a very good cast that included Elle Church, Tristen Risk, Kevin Roach and Dan Nye as the performances kept me interested as the story developed.

9. 10 Cloverfield Lane

Going into “10 Cloverfield Lane”, I was expecting it to be more like “Cloverfield” with the found footage format and everything. Instead, this was way different and way better than “Cloverfield” as it mostly felt like an Alfred Hitchcock film than a straight up monster film. Most of that had to do with the screenplay. I like how the screenwriters go something completely different by going the thriller route for most of it. It made some the scenes intense and made the story feel different from other sci-fi films. The film also has great performances from John Goodman and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. This could’ve easily been made by Alfred Hitchcock.

10. 31

Rob Zombie was back in 2016 with one of his goriest and one of his best films to date with“31”. This film was intense and shocking. It had a 70’s horror vibe to it which made shocking elements work so well. It also had villains that were terrifying to watch. This also has very good supporting performances from Richard Brake as the twisted Doom-Head. The performance alone literally brought the film to another level as it gives the gloom and doom that this film is going for.

Honorable Mentions: Bed of the Dead, Model Hunger, Flesh for the Inferno, The ID, Vampyres

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