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Horror Chamber's Scream Queen of the Month: February 2017 - Ashley Mary Nunes

Ashley Mary Nunes is an up and coming actress who first gained notice last year when she starred in the Christmas horror film "All Through the House" and has made an appearance in 2012 film Inhuman Resources which was apart of the Fangoria Presents line. She is also The Horror Chamber's Scream Queen of the Month for February 2017.

Where are you from?

I am originally from the Bay Area (Benicia, CA). But, mostly grew up in Vacaville, CA.

What made you get into acting and working in the horror genre? 

I was born and raised into the horror genre. My older brother, Todd Nunes (writer/director of All Through The House) was obsessed with the genre growing up. He would film his own VHS horror movies with his friends and even did Friday the 13th and Halloween as stage plays when he was in High School. I was always included. If I had to be a creepy stuff animal that comes to life or a little demon, I was the to go to kid. I was never censored from horror movies growing up. I guess you can say that my brother was training me to be a Scream Queen from the day I was born.

Favorite Horror Film:

My number one horror movie will always be John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’. The opening sequence still captivates me to this day. I am a huge fan of the continuous shot of young Michael's POV. If I see it playing on TV, I always stop everything just to finish it.

Favorite Horror Character:

I would have to say that my favorite Horror Character is Chucky. Child’s Play hit home for me when it first debuted. I had my own real life “killer” doll named Chubbykins. Todd brought this doll to life and gave it its own persona and creepy voice before Chucky was even in the picture. This doll forced me to long jump to my bed every night and sleep with the lights on. It really affected my childhood, but it a good creepy way.

Favorite Horror Director:

Besides my talented brother, Todd Nunes, I would have to go with John Carpenter. Oh man, would I love to work with him. He worked extremely hard to get to where he his is today. I see a lot of John Carpenter in my brother, Todd. Maybe one of these days you’ll see some great early cult classics of Todd’s.

Favorite Horror TV or Film Series:

I would have to say that my overall favorite Horror Film Series is, SCREAM. There was something very special about experiencing SCREAM in the theaters while growing up. I really connected to it because I could relate to the main character, Sidney Prescott.

Favorite Horror Scream Queen:

I grew up admiring Jamie Lee Curtis and knew from a young age that I wanted to be just like her. She is just so very talented. She's more than a Scream Queen. She's one of those actors that can transform into anyone and really sell it. She's also hilarious and has great comedic timing. I also love that she cosplays with her son at conventions. Advice for people trying to make it in the Horror Business: May be a bit cliché, but really, NEVER give up! And learn to ignore the trolls. Trolls hide behind a computer and are really FANS of your work. If anyone takes time out of their day to comment, whether it be positive or negative, love or hate, they are your fans. Don’t ever let anyone bring you down. If this is what you truly love doing, keep pushing!

Any Upcoming or Current Projects:

Yes, I have a few projects set to film later this year. I am currently working alongside my brother,Todd on our next horror feature, “Death Ward 13”. It is a reimagining of the 70’s cult classic, “Don’t Look In The Basement”. I can’t say what my role in this film is, but I can say that I am the model on the poster. I am very excited to be working with Todd again. I am also very psyched to be working with director, Nicholas Hunt on his horror feature, “Safe Place” and directors Andrew Cain and Jimmy Wienholz on their horror project, “Sammy”. I am very passionate able these films and can't wait to start filming.

And you can now buy and rent my Christmas Slasher, “All Through The House”, directed by Todd Nunes from Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, and all major VOD platforms.

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