Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Terror Invades the Smallest State: A Look Back at Terror Con 2017

Terror Con is a horror convention out of the Rhode Island area where I’m located at. The show recently wrapped up their second convention this past weekend. I say second convention instead of second year is because the show was on hiatus for two and half years. Thankfully, it has come back as it was a great time and way better than the first one back in June 2014.

When I first walked into the convention hall, I had the feeling of excitement. It was nice going to a horror convention where I didn’t have to get a hotel room. he first thing that I did was to take a look at the horror themed funkos that one of the vendors had as I’m big into funkos especially the horror ones. I ended up getting a couple including the Barb “Stranger Things” one, as I’m a big fan of the show. Then decided to stop by the Vinegar Syndrome booth which I always do whenever I’m at a convention where they are also in attendance. Their representative was very nice. I picked up four titles including their recent ones “Don’t Answer the Phone” and “Slaughterhouse”. After visiting the booth, I decided to walk around and take pictures of the nice displays like the car from “Christine” and a “Hellrasier” display with the room in the open and the box from the second film I believe. Once the guests started to arrive, I started by visiting and getting autographs Tyler Mane and Scout Taylor Compton from the two Rob Zombie “Halloween” films. Then continued by getting all the Clive Barker related guests that were at the convention. First, it was Nightbreed’s Christina McCorkindale then it was on to the main reason why I was excited about this convention is to meet and get autographs from the cenobites from my one of my favorite horror sequels “Hellbound Hellraiser 2” minus Doug Bradley as he wasn’t a guest at this con. I met and got autographs from Simon Bramford, Barbie Wilde and Nicholas Vince. Then it was onto the panels as I took in Bill Diamond’s panel , The Walking Dead panel, Hellrasier panel and Slasher panel with Sid Haig, Kane Hooder, David Naughton, R.A. Manhoff and Robert Bryant Wilson all one after another. After that, it was time to call it for day 1.

Day two started with me meeting the legend Sid Haig. Got my DVD of “The Devil’s Rejects” signed then got my picture taken even though screwed up the pose a couple of time. LOL. Then it was on to “The Nightmare before Christmas” panel which was very good and it was nice getting insight on how the process of the film was made as i'm a big fan of the film. Then it was on to meeting John Kasier who is known as the voice of the Cryptkeeper on “Tales from the Crypt. One of the nicest guests I met at Terror Con. Then it was onto “Malcolm McDowell: Live on Stage”. That was a fun panel as it was Malcolm McDowell being Malcolm McDowell. It was one of my favorite highlights at the convention. If that wasn’t enough fun, the next panel “Rob Zombie’s Halloween: Ten Years Later” was even more fun as Tyler Mane and Scout Taylor Compton talked about the making of the film along with some funny moments with the two fooling around telling stories that happened on set. It along with the Malcolm McDowell panel really made the afternoon so fun. Then it was back to the convention hall for one final time as I manage to meet and get an autograph and picture with David Naughton from “An American Werewolf in London”. Then I stopped by Ming Chen (AMC’s Comic Book Men) booth from to get a picture and let me tell you he’s a very nice guy and did a great job with The Walking Dead, The Nightmare before Christmas, Malcolm McDowell and Rob Zombie’s Halloween panels. Then it was back to the horror chamber as that convention came to an end.

Some quick thoughts about the convention experience. I thought it was a very good one as Altered Reality Entertainment and the Rhode Island Convention Center did a very good job. I liked how everything was on one floor, everything was accessible, the vendors were good, and the guests were nice and there was no problems with another event that took place next to the convention. I had no problems moving around from one place to the next as the space was big enough for the flow of traffic to move smoothly. The attendance from my perspective looked better than I expected for a convention coming back from hiatus. Everything was well organized from the panels to the lines. It’s definitely a convention that I would go back to.

The only negative that I have was the fact that there was no film festival. This is the second straight horror convention that I went to where there was no film festival. I wish these would come back as it helps get some buzz to the smaller films that are looking for distribution.

Overall, I had a great time with Terror Con. I hope it’s not another two and a half years before the next one. I think if Altered Reality Entertainment treats this convention like they treat their main show Rhode Island Comic Con, I truly think this could be on the level of a Rock and Shock or Chiller Theatre Convention.

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