Thursday, March 30, 2017

Wild Eye Releasing Dares You to Enter "The Control Group" With These Stills

Wild Eye Releasing recently send us over stills for the upcoming horror film "The Control Group". The film stars Brad Dourif, Ross Destiche and Jenna Enemy.

"The Control Group" is currently available on VOD and hits DVD in May.

Press Release:

Wild Eye Releasing has announced the North American Cable and Digital HD release of Peter Hurd's The Control Group. Starring Brad Dourif (The Child's Play series, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, The Lord of the Rings) as a mad scientist, The Control Group follows kidnapped coeds as they attempt to escape from his grasp. Writer-director Peter Hurd's debut feature is now available on cable and digital platforms, including iTunes, Dish Network, Vudu, Xbox, Google Play, and YouTube. A DVD release is planned for May.

Five college students wake up in an abandoned, locked-down insane asylum - with no idea how they got there and no means of escape. They discover that they are the subjects of secret experiments, but these tests have awakened something that cannot be explained by science. The group must now fight to escape both the human and supernatural threats if they are to survive and break out of their prison.

David DeCoteau's Creepozoids Makes Blu-Ray Debut

Full Moon Features recently send us over information for the upcoming blu-ray of David DeCoueau's cult sci-fi horror film "Creepozoids". The cult film stars Kim McKamy aka adult film superstar Ashlyn Gere and Linnea Quigley (Return of the Living Dead, Trophy Heads).

Special features on the blu-ray includes the original trailer and a vintage Videozone behind-the-scenes featurette.

"Creepozoids" will be available on Full Moon Direct on April 11th.

Press Release:

From legendary cult filmmaker David DeCoteau (PUPPET MASTER III, SORORITY BABES IN THE SLIME BALL BOWL-O-RAMA) and producer Charles Band (RE-ANIMATOR) comes one the most beloved B-horror/fantasy films of the 1980s: CREEPOZOIDS!

Blending key elements of genre hits MAD MAX and ALIEN (while also incorporating elements of Band's PARASITE and METALSTORM) but produced on a tenth of their budgets, CREEPOZOIDS tells the tale of five Army deserters who wander the post-apocalyptic, post-industrial LA landscape seeking shelter from an increasingly toxic environment and poisonous rain. They end up in an abandoned laboratory where they explore, have sex and eventually run afoul of a cavalcade of genetically engineered creatures including mutant rats, a monstrous baby, a massive, bloodthirsty H.R. Giger-esque beast…and something even more malevolent.

Co-starring adult film superstar Ashlyn Gere – appearing here as Kim McKamy - and horror movie legend Linnea Quigley (RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD, TROPHY HEADS), CREEPOZOIDS is a fun, weird and bloody trash classic and appears here for the first time on Blu-ray, remastered and restored from the original 35mm camera negative and armed with a new 5.1 surround sound mix. Your flesh will crawl right off its bones

! CREEPOZOIDS is available on Special Edition Blu-ray for the first time on April 11th. Special features include the original trailer and a vintage Videozone behind-the-scenes featurette.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Review: "Capture Kill Release"

The found footage genre has been slowly going away as I haven’t seen many found footage films being released lately. When I came across “Capture Kill Release”, this looked different from most found footage films because of its subject matter.

The film is about a couple (Jennifer Fraser, Farhang Ghajar) who are out to film their murder of a stranger. They begin to plot and film every detail on how they are going to carry horrific plan. What they don’t know is the price they will pay emotionally, if they carry out their plans. The film has won many awards including best director at Shriekfest and Horrorquest Horror Film Festvials.

Sometimes there are films that are tough to watch due to the subject matter and violence. “Capture Kill Release is one of those films as the violence and subject matter was done in way that the violence is hard to watch but its also effective in getting a reaction.

Most of the credit to why this film was very good was from directors Nick McAnulty and Brain Allan Stewart. I liked how the two made sure the film was filmed from the character’s point of view and using the found footage route to make the story work. It made the violence in the film come off as shocking. I also kept getting an uneasy and frightening reaction as I watched this film. It made the horror aspects work so well on screen. The other thing that makes the direction great was the acting. Both of the directors made sure that the performances had a realistic tone to them. It gave me chills watching the main characters as they came off as terrifying. It also helps that both Jennifer Fraser and Farhang Ghajar turn in very good performances here as they made their characters very terrifying. This is one of those films where the performances need to be very good in order for the film to succeed like it did here.

The screenplay written by McAnulty was very good as this was frightening from start to finish. One of the things that makes the screenplay good was the fact that this story is told from the point of view of the main characters. It helped added to the shock value, as I was cringing at the violence that was taking place. The other thing that it does well is have a screenplay that focuses on the main characters. He makes sure that aspect is handled in a way that its important to the story. By doing that, McAnulty does a good job making sure the characters have certain traits that it makes you terrified seeing them on screen because these aren’t likeable characters as the action is horrific and your sick to your stomach.

This is a film not for everyone as it’s ultraviolent and has scenes that will make you turn away from the screen. But with its great direction and very good performances from Jennifer Fraser and Farhang Ghajar, “Capture Kill Release” will go down as one of the most shocking films you’ll see all year.

Review Rating: Five Stars.

Horror Actor Sean Whalen is Looking for Your Help in Funding His Upcoming Film "Crust"

The filmmakers of "Crust" recently send the horror chamber information for their Indiegogo campaign. The film is set to star Sean Whalen (The People Under the Stairs, Laid to Rest) Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp) and Scout Taylor Compton (Rob Zombie's Halloween).

The filmmakers are looking to raise $60,000 by April 14th. This is a flexible campaign meaning the filmmakers will receive what they raised at the end of the campaign.

To contribute to this campaign, you can goto: .

For more information on this film, you can visit the film's official Facebook at:

Press Release:

Horror star Sean Whalen has written and will star in a new horror comedy called CRUST. Also starring horror favorites Felissa Rose and Scout Taylor-Compton, CRUST is a throwback creature feature in the vein of Little Shop of Horrors, Gremlins, and Willard.

The story revolves around Vegas Winters (Whalen), a burned out former child star who now works in a laundromat and collects all the forgotten and lost socks left behind in the dryers. At the height of his depressed rut, Vegas cries into the pile of socks and CRUST is born. The only problem is, CRUST gets angry. Very angry. Now CRUST is a bloodthirsty sock monster that will do anything to defend and protect his creator!

With many more cast members yet to be announced, CRUST will boast practical effects and a story that is crazy, scary, disgusting, heartfelt, and hilarious and the filmmakers are asking horror fans for their help! The following is a message from writer and star Sean Whalen telling where the story came from and why you should get involved with the project on Indiegogo:

“Recently I went through some large personal changes that shook me to the core. I got a divorce, moved, and my father passed within the same year. I went through a year of heavy anxiety and depression. I worked hard in therapy and came out the other end, but I realized something. We ALL suffer sometimes. ALL OF US. Then I sat down with a good friend, Jim Wald and wrote a story: A story of a lonely depressed man, Vegas Winters, who has a sock monster named CRUST which grew from his tears. It's a horror comedy. It's fun, it's different, and it has a heart. The heart is CRUST. Because I believe we would all love to have a little monster that would do anything for us when we are in our darkest times.

We want to tell this story. We want you all to see it. So we are trying to raise the money for physical production to start. The independent movie world has changed and most films that remain creatively unique are made outside of the studio system. So, I have surrounded myself with people who are passionate and uplifting to help me. We hope you can help, too. Because I believe, if you have experienced any tough times in your life, the power of movies to escape from that pain is transcendent. But, it is also nice to feel like you are not alone.”

Get involved with CRUST on Indiegogo here:

Follow along with the progress on Facebook at @CRUSTMOVIE and Twitter at @CRUST_MOVIE.

Dive In with Stills from "Pool Party Massacre"

Floating Eye Films recently send the horror chamber stills for their upcoming film "Pool Party Massacre". The film stars Kristen Noel Mckusnic, Margaux Neme and Leeann Vamp.

No release date has been announced at this time.

For more information on this film, you can visit the film's official website at:

Plot Synopsis:

What started out as a relaxing summer day by the pool for a group of high maintenance young socialites quickly turns into a nightmare when an unknown killer starts stalking and murdering them one by one.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Bandit Motion Pictures Releases NSFW Trailer for "Space Babes from Outer Space

Bandit Motion Pictures recently send the horror chamber information about their latest film "Space Babes from Outer Space". The film stars Ellie Church, Brian Papandrea, Allison Maier, Alyss Winkler, and Josh Arnold.

To pre-order "Space Babes from Outer Space, you can goto:

For more information on this film, you can visit the film's official Facebook at:

Plot Synopsis:

Space Babes from Outer Space centers around three women from a faraway galaxy who come to Earth in search of sexual energy to fuel their ship. With the help of a lonely farm boy, they attempt to harness enough sexual arousal to return to their home planet, all while evading their enemies, the bloodthirsty Scrotes! The film stars Ellie Church, Brian Papandrea, Allison Maier, Alyss Winkler, and Josh Arnold (The Bob and Tom Show) with puppet creations by the Clockwerk Creature Company and a retro 80’s-style soundtrack featuring songs from Stackhouse and Glass Apple Bonzai.

"Space Babes from Outer Space": NSFW Trailer

Tromatic Double Feature "Fear Town USA" and "The Slashening" hits Blu-Ray

Troma Entertainment recently released information their upcoming blu-ray double feature release of "Fear Town USA" and "The Slashening". "Fear Town, USA" stars Anna Callegari, Cody Lindquist, Amber Sophia Nelson, Mark Vigeant and Dan Kenkel. "The Slashening" stars Anna Callegari, Samantha Reece Schecter, Elyse Brandau, Lily Du and Dana Clinkman.

Special features for "Fear Town USA" and The Slashening includes Fear Town USA Director's Commentary, Radiation March, Return to Return to Nuke 'Em High AKA Volume 2 Fantasia Teaser and Cannibal! The Musical Trailer.

"Fear Town USA"/ The SLashening double feature hits retail on April 11th.

Plot Synopsis for "Fear Town, USA":

On St. Blevins Day (the most debauched of regional holidays), four boys looking to lose their virginity, a girl haunted by a dark secret, a lonely teenager, and an escaped mental patient all meet at a party in the woods. They were looking for fun but what they found... was TERROR!

Plot Synopsis for "The Slashening":

Best friends Lucy, Eva, Ashley, Beth and Margot throw a slumber party... BUT MURDER NEVER SLUMBERS!!!!! It's a timeless tale of friendship, betrayal, madness, and the search for some decent guys.

Jess Franco / Christopher Lee "Fu Manchu" Double Feature Hits Blu-Ray

Blue Underground recently send us over information for their upcoming blu-ray release of the upcoming Jess Franco/Christopher Lee double feature "The Blood of Fu Manchu / The Castle of Fu Manchu". Both films star Christopher Lee as the villain Fu Manchu.

Extras for "The Blood of Fu Manchu" includes The Rise of Fu Manchu - Interviews with Director Jess Franco, Producer Harry Alan Towers, and Stars Christopher Lee, Tsai Chin, & Shirley Eaton, Theatrical Trailers and Poster & Still Gallery.

Extras for "The Castle of Fu Manchu" includes The Fall of Fu Manchu - Interviews with Director Jess Franco, Producer Harry Alan Towers, and Stars Christopher Lee & Tsai Chin, Theatrical Trailer and Poster & Still Gallery

"The Blood of Fu Manchu / The Castle of Fu Manchu" double feature hits retail on May 30th.

Plot Synopsis for The Blood of Fu Manchu":

From his secret lair deep within the South American jungle, international super-villain Fu Manchu (Christopher Lee of COUNT DRACULA) and his sadistic daughter Lin Tang (Tsai Chin of YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE) reveal their latest diabolical plot for world domination: ten beautiful women are infected with an ancient poison so deadly that one kiss from their lips will bring instant death and lead to a global plague. Now the Asian madman's nemesis, Nayland Smith (Richard Greene of TALES FROM THE CRYPT), must desperately hunt an antidote in a savage land where rape and torture reign and the ultimate evil lies in THE BLOOD OF FU MANCHU.

Maria Rohm (VENUS IN FURS) and Shirley Eaton (GOLDFINGER) co-star in this wild Fu Manchu feature written and produced by Harry Alan Towers (EUGENIE) and directed by the one and only Jess Franco (VAMPYROS LESBOS). Also known as KISS AND KILL, AGAINST ALL ODDS, and KISS OF DEATH, Blue Underground presents THE BLOOD OF FU MANCHU in High Definition, complete with additional scenes of nudity and violence!

Plot Synopsis for The Castle of Fu Manchu:

Christopher Lee (THE LORD OF THE RINGS) returns as the diabolical super-villain who, along with his sadistic daughter Lin Tang (Tsai Chin of CASINO ROYALE), creates a fiendish new chemical weapon that will turn the seas into a giant block of ice. But when his archenemy Nayland Smith (Richard Greene of THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD) tracks the madman's trail of kidnapping, murder and massive global destruction, he himself becomes trapped in Fu Manchu's impenetrable lair of cruelty. Can any of the world's top secret agents (including a wild performance by Jess Franco) now stop the cold-blooded terror that lives in THE CASTLE OF FU MANCHU?

Maria Perschy (THE GHOST GALLEON) and Rosalba Neri (99 WOMEN) co-star in this notorious sequel directed by Jess Franco (THE BLOODY JUDGE) that marked Christopher Lee's final performance as the infamous Chinese madman. Now Blue Underground presents THE CASTLE OF FU MANCHU in High Definition, packed with Extras for a disc full of Fu Manchu mayhem!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Review: "Ravenwolf Towers": Episodes 2 & 3

Yours truly, decided to do something different for this latest “Ravenwolf Towers review. Since I had some spare time on my hands, I watched episodes 2 and 3 of the series back to back and decided to combine the episodes 2 and 3 into one review.

Episode 2 “Bonds of Blood” follows Jake as he is starting to form a romance with the beauty Mary. But unknown to him, she is an immortal matriarch and the source of the mysterious happenings in “Ravenwolf Towers”. He soon get helps from an investigator who is looking to the mysterious disappearance happening at the apartment complex.

“Episode 3 “Secret in the Wall” follows Jake and Ivan as they begin looking into the history of “Ravenwolf Towers. While they are investigating, one of its residents Dr. Locra has hired a private investigator to find out why and who hired Ivan to find out the reasons for the disappearances at the apartment complex. She quickly finds out some of the secrets that haunt this place.

Going into episode 2 “Bonds of Blood” and episode 3 “Secret in the Wall, I didn’t know what to expect after the surprise twist at the end of episode one. It didn’t have any surprising things happening here until the last episode but still these were two very good episodes.

Director Charles Band is very good here again with his direction he continues the job that he did with episode one. What I liked about with the way that he doesn’t get too crazy with the direction or action. Episode 2 and 3 as they both felt more gothic than the first episode as it focuses more on the characters than the happenings at the hotel. He manages to make sure the scenes strike a dark tone that it makes you feel you’re in this demented world. It made each of the episode move at a good pace. The other thing that I liked was the fact that there was more emphasis on the acting side episode 2 and more story on episode 3. Band does a great job making sure the performances are very good as both Shiloh Crevelling and Evan Henderson were very good in making their characters being the focus each of the two episodes as the performances are helping his series becoming very good to watch.

Roger Barton’s screenplay was also good here. I liked how he makes sure that he goes more into the two main characters of the series. It makes them interesting as I don’t what the endgame is for each of them. It’s one of the things that makes this show work very well. I also liked how he started to integrate past full moon characters into the story. It helps add to the oddness tone that this series is going for. The other major thing that the screenplay does well was the way the action is handled in both of the episodes. Barton does a good job making sure that isn’t much of that as he goes for more of the story aspect and the main plot line of the series. It allows for the main characters to be the forefront of the story instead of having some random gory kill scenes that take away the focus of the story. That’s what makes a chamber drama like this work so well and keeps coming back for more. It also helped that the last scene of episode three gets me excited for the future chapters of the series.

With three episodes down, this series is starting shape like this is going to be equally as good or better than Full Moon’s last series “Trophy Heads”. Ravenwolf Towers” is quickly becoming one those series that is can’t miss on TV or VOD as its dark and creep as hell.

Review Rating: Five Stars

Ken Russell's Uncut Controversial Film "The Devils" Now Available on Shudder

Shudder recently send us information the they're recently added the uncut version of Ken Russell's controversial film "The Devils"  The 1971 film stars Oliiver Reed and Vanessa Redgrave. It marks the first that its been available uncut since its original theatrical release.

"The Devils" is currently on Shudder.

To view and subscribe to Shudder, you can visit the official website at:

Plot Synopsis:

Directed by Ken Russell, The Devils, follows the rise and fall of Urbain Grandier (played by Oliver Reed), a 17th-century Roman Catholic priest executed for witchcraft following alleged possessions in Loudun, France. Alongside Reed, Vanessa Redgrave, plays a sexually repressed, hunchbacked nun that finds herself at the center of the accusations against Grandier. Russell’s controversial film was partly based on the 1952 book The Devils of Loudon by Aldous Huxley and also draws inspiration from the play 1960 The Devils-which was based on Huxley’s book.

Charles Band's "Hideous" Set to Terrorize on Blu-Ray

Full Moon Features recently send us over information for their upcoming blu-ray release of Charles Band's 1997 film "Hideious" (aka Deformed Feaks). The film stars Mel Johnson Jr (Total Recall), Michael Citriniti (Demomic Toys 2, Ravenwood Towers), Rhonda Griffin (The Creeps), Tracie May and the amazing, smoking hot Jacqueline Lovell (Head of the Family, Trophy Heads).

No special features were announced at this time.

"Hideous" hits blu-ray on March 21st.

Press Release:

You never know what weirdness you’ll find in the sewers as a hapless treatment worker discovers when he enters the diabolical world of Charles Band’s HIDEOUS! Upon trudging through the subterranean sludge and doing his doody-sifting duty he comes across a pack of strange deformed mutant babies and monsters that he takes to the black-market in hopes of making a quick buck. What happens next is the sort of high-concept B-movie absurdity that only Band and veteran strange cinema writer Neal Marshall Stevens (THIRTEEN GHOSTS, RETRO PUPPET MASTER) could dream up, as evil doctors and mad hustlers vie to get their mitts on the re-animated miniature mutants. Gore, sex and wanton weirdness ensues.

If it’s a tasteless, terrifying and slickly produced trash masterpiece you’re looking for, look no further than HIDEOUS! This one has it all!

Starring Mel Johnson Jr, Michael Citriniti, Rhonda Griffin, Tracie May and the amazing, smoking hot Jacqueline Lovell from Band’s HEAD OF THE FAMILY(also out now on Blu-ray) and boasting a startling electronic music score by the great Richard Band, the utterly insane HIDEOUS! makes its Blu-ray premiere on March 21st, 2017 in a stunning Special Edition, with a crisp HD transfer remastered from the original 35mm camera negative

Killer Stills for the Slasher "Psychos"

Leomark Studios recently released stills for their upcoming release "Psychos". The film stars Angelica Chitwood, Deniele Cloutier and Melissa Elena Jones.

"Psychos" is currently available on VOD.

For more information on this film, you can visit the film's official Facebook at:

Plot Synopsis:

When three young women receive shocking videos anonymously, a nightmare is reawakened that ignites a thirst for bloody vengeance. They embark on a journey to locate the house, their sadistic captor and to discover the truth behind those locked doors. But, the most shocking revelation of this chilling tale is the identities of the victims. Angelica Chitwood, Deniele Cloutier and Melissa Elena Jones "bounce off one another wonderfully in an energetic and unpredictable ensemble" (More Horror) in Psychos, on VOD this March.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Take a Ride with the "Space Babe From Outer Space with these Stills and Trailer

Bandit Motion Pictures recently send the horror chamber information about their latest film "Space Babes from Outer Space". The film stars Ellie Church, Brian Papandrea, Allison Maier, Alyss Winkler, and Josh Arnold.

They are looking for help in funding their blu-ray replication of the film by pre-ordering the blu-ray on Indiegogo. They've raised their funding the blu-ray but they are looking to reach their stretch goals. Plus if you pre-order the blu-ray on Indiegogo, your copy will be signed by Ellie Church, Allison Maier and Alyss Winkler.

To pre-order "Space Babes from Outer Space, you can goto:

For more information on this film, you can visit the film's official Facebook at:

Press Release:

Bandit Motion Pictures has released a trailer, poster and a collection of stills to celebrate the pre-order launch of their third film, Space Babes from Outer Space. The sci-fi sex comedy is available for pre-order through Indiegogo beginning Monday, March 13th. Premiere screenings will be held in May, with pre-orders shipping out in June, ahead of a wider release date. Pre-order exclusives include blu-rays signed by the leading cast members and ‘special thanks’ credit in the film.

Space Babes from Outer Space centers around three women from a faraway galaxy who come to Earth in search of sexual energy to fuel their ship. With the help of a lonely farm boy, they attempt to harness enough sexual arousal to return to their home planet, all while evading their enemies, the bloodthirsty Scrotes! The film stars Ellie Church, Brian Papandrea, Allison Maier, Alyss Winkler, and Josh Arnold (The Bob and Tom Show) with puppet creations by the Clockwerk Creature Company and a retro 80’s-style soundtrack featuring songs from Stackhouse and Glass Apple Bonzai.

Space Babes from Outer Space is the second film written and directed by Brian K. Williams, who made his directorial debut with 2014’s exploitation revenge flick Time to Kill. Space Babes marks a departure into comedy for both Williams and Bandit Motion Pictures, the company he founded with Scott Schirmer (Found) in 2016. “We want to make all kinds of films, and we’ll always be into horror,” says Williams, “But we felt what the world needs now more than anything is to laugh and have fun. If Space Babes can give people a little escape from reality, I couldn’t be happier.”

"Space Babes from Outer Space": Official Trailer

NSFW Preview Pages for Issue #33 of "Zombie Tramp"

Action Lab Danger Zone recently send the horror chamber over preview pages for issue #33 of "Zombie Tramp". The issue is written by Dan Mendoza with art by Marco Maccagni. Cover art by Dan Mendoza.

Issue #33 of "Zombie Tramp" hits comic shops on March 15th.

Plot Synopsis:

Now that we know of Xula's secret alliance with Kaiju Queen, will she prove her worthiness in the next task that has been laid out for her? Fan favorite voodoo priestess Xula gets the spotlight!

Features 3 regular and risqué variants, including a pair of covers by series creator Dan Mendoza (DollFace)!!!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Terrifying New Trailer and Teaser Poster for Ridley Scott's "Alien Covenant"

20th Century Fox recently released a new trailer and poster for Ridley Scott's upcoming film "Alien: Covenant". The film stars Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, Danny McBride and Demián Bichir.

"Alien: Covenant" hits theaters on May 19th.

For more information on this film, you can visit the film's official website at:

Plot Synopsis:

Ridley Scott returns to the universe he created, with ALIEN: COVENANT, a new chapter in his groundbreaking ALIEN franchise. The crew of the colony ship Covenant, bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise, but is actually a dark, dangerous world. When they uncover a threat beyond their imagination, they must attempt a harrowing escape.

"Alien: Covenant": Official Trailer #2

Official Stills for the Upcoming Cannibal Drama "Raw"

Focus Features recently released stills for their upcoming cannibal drama "Raw". The film stars Garance Marillier, Ella Rumpf and Rabah Naït Oufella.

"Raw" hits theaters in limited release on March 10th.

For more information on this film, you can visit the film's official website at:

Plot Synopsis:

Everyone in Justine’s (Garance Marillier) family is a vet. And a vegetarian. At sixteen she’s a brilliant student starting out at veterinary school where she experiences a decadent, merciless and dangerously seductive world. Desperate to fit in, she strays from her family principles and eats RAW meat for the first time.

Justine will soon face the terrible and unexpected consequences as her true self begins to emerge…

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Review: "Ravenwolf Towers": Episode 1 "Bad Mary"

Lately, yours truly has been reviewing films for both here and When I first heard the Full Moon Features was doing “Ravenwolf Towers” as another episodic series for their Full Moon Streaming site and DVD, I came about the idea of trying my hand at episode reviews. So each week for the next three weeks, we will be reviewing the first three episodes of “Ravenwolf Towers”.

The opening episode follows Jake, a person who has recently started as assistant manager at an apartment complex known as “Ravenwolf Tower”. The place features an assortment of unusual people including a mysterious doctor/collector, a vampire hunter, a clown and a family who has rented an entire floor. One day when Jake is fixing a leak in the hotel, he comes in contact with a mysterious beauty who he falls for instantly. Is she the girl of his dreams or will the girl will bring his demise?

After watching the end of the first episode of this series, it gave me that feeling that I want to see where this goes because I’m interested in the story. “Bad Mary” was a good start to “Ravenwolf Towers.

Director Charles Band does a very good job making sure that the first episode has some his trademark weirdness. Whether it was the look of the episode to how the action moves, everything is done so that it hooks you in. The other thing that he does well is to make sure the acting fits the film’s eerie tone. Band makes sure that he gets the performances he needs to make the characters interesting enough that it makes you want to tune into the next episode.

The episode written by Roger Barron does a good job setting up the character for this dark series. I liked how he doesn’t have too much action going on in the first episode. It allows for the introduction or re-introduction of the characters who are part of this series. It something that you want to hook you in like it did for me. The other thing that I liked about the screenplay was the fact that it’s dark and creepy. Whether it’s the situation the main character is in to some of the interiors, it comes off like a David Lynch film as you’re hooked into all the odd happening. It makes the atmosphere stand out which is something that’s needed for a series like this to work.

The first episode also does a good job making you want to continue this series by the way that it ends. Won’t tell you how it ends, but it was something that I didn’t expect and is going to make things interesting.

If this series is like the first episode, then I’m going to be for a fun time as I’m a fan of gothic and weird shows like “Dark Shadows”, “American Horror Story” and “Twin Peaks”. With its creepy tone and an ending that leaves you with questions, it makes me want to check back in to Ravenwolf Towers”.

Review Rating: Four Star

Fright Meter Films Need Your Help to Fully Fund the Christmas Slasher "Stirring"

Fright Meter Films recently send the horror chamber over information for their Kickstarter Campaign for their upcoming film "Stirring". They are looking to raise $13,500 by March 10th, 2016 or the film will not happen. They've have already reached $6,251 of his $13,500 with 9 days left. If they don't reach their goal then the film won't be funded.

Horror icon and Scream Queen Brinke Stevens is set to star in the film alongside Helene Udy who appeared in the classic 1981 slasher My Bloody Valentine and up and coming indie horror actress Kaylee Williams (Model Hunger, The Lashman, Porkchop 3D).

Press Release:

Troy Escamilla, in collaboration with Fright Meter Films, is set to produce his second feature film and bring true holiday terror to the screen in Fall 2018. Titled Stirring and penned by Escamilla, it was inspired by Escamilla's favorite horror film, 1974's Black Christmas and will focus a group of students attending a Christmas party at a sorority house with a sinister past who are stalked by a bloodthirsty killer. Horror icon and Scream Queen Brinke Stevens is set to star in the film alongside Helene Udy who appeared in the classic 1981 slasher My Bloody Valentine and up and coming indie horror actress Kaylee Williams (Model Hunger, The Lashman, Porkchop 3D).

Escamilla has reached $6,251 of his $13,500 with 9 days left, so show your support and remember there are a plethora of great rewards available for backers, including the opportunity to be an extra in the film! Troy Escamilla knows and respects the horror genre. He founded the Fright Meter Awards, which have grown in respect and popularity over the last few years with global backers that make up the over 50 member international Award Committee, including bloggers, writers, directors, producers, actors and fans in the horror genre.

Fright Meter Films first feature, Party Night, was filmed this past June after being successfully funded on Kickstarter. Also written and directed by Escamilla, it wrapped post production last month and has received very positive early reviews from sites such as Dread Central, iHorror, The Horror Sydicate, and PopHorror. Escamilla plans to hit the festival circuit in 2017 with Party Night. He promises Stirring will not disappoint: “Fans of holiday themed horror will enjoy the hell out of it; it’s bigger, bloodier and bolder than Party Night! Fans will recognize winks to Black Christmas, Silent Night, Deadly Night and To All a Goodnight, but will also appreciate its own unique style and take on the Christmas themed slasher,”

JOIN THE PARTY & support the film at:

Remember: Kickstarter Campaigns are all or nothing.

Pledge now. There are great rewards for backers! Big or small, all pledges are welcomed and all count! Every amount helps us hit the front Kickstarter page! Remember: the money is not contributed now—It will not be paid until the campaign ends and only if the project meets its funding goal! Visit the Kickstarter page even if you can’t pledge. All views help boost our notice!

If you know someone who could contribute and is a fan of the arts and/or horror, tell them about the film and ask them to pledge at Kickstarter.

Let others know—share the Kickstarter campaign page on your social media accounts.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Official Stills for the Upcoming Slasher "Capture Kill Release"

Midnight Releasing recently send the horror chamber stills for their upcoming release "Capture Kill Release". The film stars Jennifer Fraser and Farhang Ghajar.

"Capture Kill Release" hits VOD and DVD only available on Amazon on March 7th.

Press Release:

Midnight Releasing has announced the March 7th Digital HD and MOD premiere of Capture Kill Release. Co-directors Nick McAnulty and Brian Allan Stewart deliver a romantic bloodbath that blends the true horrors of the Barbie and Ken Killers with the tropes of found footage, to stomach-curling effect. Capture Kill Release will be available to rent or own beginning March 7th on iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play, Vudu, XBox, FlixFling and more.

Capture Kill Release has been a hit with critics and audiences since the world premiere at the Sunscreen Film Festival. The film has screened at genre fests around the world, sending chills through crowds at Shriekfest, Splat!, the Bram Stoker International Film Festival, HorrorQuest, Blood in the Snow, Fright Night Film Fest and many others over the past year.

Leading lady Jennifer Fraser makes her debut in Capture Kill Release as the unhinged wife with awards for Best Newcomer (Blood in the Snow) and Best Actress (Louisville Fright Night, HorrorQuest). hailed the film, singling out her performance as "utterly compelling" and "pretty much the female Patrick Bateman". Co-directors McAnulty and Stewart took two awards (Shriekfest, HorrorQuest) and two nominations (British Horror Film Festival, Torremolinos) for Best Feature Film, with a Best Actor win for Farhang Ghajar as the devoted yet reluctant husband (HorrorQuest) and Jon Gates (Louisville Fright Night) for his turn as an acquaintance who gets too close to the lovebirds for his own good.

A young married couple documents their descent down the rabbit hole as they seek to fulfill one of their darkest desires: kill a stranger and film it for posterity. Strain and second thoughts pull at their devotion to each other as they carefully plot out a heinous crime for the sake of curiosity. While they may have carefully thought out every small step and detail of getting away with murder, nothing can prepare them with the guilt and the weight of moving on in the aftermath. Shot in a documentary style from the perspective of the couple's camera, the film follows unflinching as they document their moral decay for the sake of "art".