Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Review: "Ravenwolf Towers": Episode 1 "Bad Mary"

Lately, yours truly has been reviewing films for both here and Film-Arcade.net. When I first heard the Full Moon Features was doing “Ravenwolf Towers” as another episodic series for their Full Moon Streaming site and DVD, I came about the idea of trying my hand at episode reviews. So each week for the next three weeks, we will be reviewing the first three episodes of “Ravenwolf Towers”.

The opening episode follows Jake, a person who has recently started as assistant manager at an apartment complex known as “Ravenwolf Tower”. The place features an assortment of unusual people including a mysterious doctor/collector, a vampire hunter, a clown and a family who has rented an entire floor. One day when Jake is fixing a leak in the hotel, he comes in contact with a mysterious beauty who he falls for instantly. Is she the girl of his dreams or will the girl will bring his demise?

After watching the end of the first episode of this series, it gave me that feeling that I want to see where this goes because I’m interested in the story. “Bad Mary” was a good start to “Ravenwolf Towers.

Director Charles Band does a very good job making sure that the first episode has some his trademark weirdness. Whether it was the look of the episode to how the action moves, everything is done so that it hooks you in. The other thing that he does well is to make sure the acting fits the film’s eerie tone. Band makes sure that he gets the performances he needs to make the characters interesting enough that it makes you want to tune into the next episode.

The episode written by Roger Barron does a good job setting up the character for this dark series. I liked how he doesn’t have too much action going on in the first episode. It allows for the introduction or re-introduction of the characters who are part of this series. It something that you want to hook you in like it did for me. The other thing that I liked about the screenplay was the fact that it’s dark and creepy. Whether it’s the situation the main character is in to some of the interiors, it comes off like a David Lynch film as you’re hooked into all the odd happening. It makes the atmosphere stand out which is something that’s needed for a series like this to work.

The first episode also does a good job making you want to continue this series by the way that it ends. Won’t tell you how it ends, but it was something that I didn’t expect and is going to make things interesting.

If this series is like the first episode, then I’m going to be for a fun time as I’m a fan of gothic and weird shows like “Dark Shadows”, “American Horror Story” and “Twin Peaks”. With its creepy tone and an ending that leaves you with questions, it makes me want to check back in to Ravenwolf Towers”.

Review Rating: Four Star

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