Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Review: "Are We the Waiting"

Sometime a film with a catchy or interesting title will get my interest almost immediately. When I came across the title “Are We the Waiting”, it was one of those titles that gained my interest. It also help that this film has a killer poster art for it. No matter what, I had to check this film out for better or worse.

The film is about a group of friends who get together for a night of partying after one of them finds out that he’s been drafted to the military. They are having fun until a killer named Neo traps everyone in the house. They are forced to play his game as he know every move they make before that make them. Can they survive this night of terror or does Neo exacts his violent hostility towards them.

I liked how “Are We the Waiting” was able to gain my interest from the opening. First, the design of the killer’s mask was one of best designed ones I’ve seen in a low budget slasher film. It also does a very good job with not rushing things like some horror films tend to do.

Most of the reason why I had a very good time with this film was the direction from Michael Taylor Pritt. One of the things that he does well was to make sure that the death scene have an impact. Whether it was the gore that he and his team uses to the way that he directs the killer’s movement, it is done in a way to make the scenes have an intense effect. It made some of the death scene work very well especially at the end of the film. The other thing that Pritt does very well is to make sure the performances including his own are good enough to make the characters interesting. He makes sure that his cast make their characters likeable as there is some dialogue scenes in the beginning to establish the characters. This made the rest of the film work very well.

The screenplay also written by Pritt does a good job establishing the characters. I liked, the way that he spends time in the beginning to establish the story and his characters. It helped set up the rest of the film and it gave some time to get to know the characters before all the chaos ensues. This helped establish the backstory which is something that I personally like. The other thing that I liked a lot was the way that the action moves after the first half the film was over. It moved at a very good pace as there was some very good death scenes that had a bloody feel to them. This helped make this film a fun film to watch.

This was an entertaining slasher that will leave you in shock. With its good directing and intense bloody set pieces, “Are We the Waiting” is bloody fun that will leave a sinister smile on your face.

Review Rating: Four Stars


  1. Give the cast some credit... Good performances are not the work of the director, but the actors themselves. You should stop reviewing films.

  2. I agree that the cast deserves awesome credit. We, at Fun Time Productions appreciate all cast/crew & the hard work they do. I don’t think the reviewer meant to not include the cast in the review. He just got caught up in the making of the idea of this film. Thanks everyone for the comments! ��