Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Review: Slasher.com

As a fan of the slasher genre, I usually will watch any type of slasher film. When I first came across “Slasher.com”, I was interested because it featured R.A Manhoff from Hatchet 2 and Jewel Shepard from Return of the Living Dead. It gained my interested immediately to the point that it was worth a look.

The film is about guy who meets a girl online. They decide on their first date to make it a special by renting a log cabin in the woods. They meet the owners of the cabin and things take a turn for the worse when the owners kidnap them and lock them up in their basement. Now, the new couple must find a way to escape them and the woods before it’s too late.

I wished that I never viewed this film as it was awful from start to finish. It’s been a long time since yours truly trashed a film. In fact the last time I had such hatred for a film that I never wanted to see it again was “Annebelle”. This is up there with that film as Slasher.com” was one film that I would like to forget and erase from my memory.

Director Chip Gubera doesn’t do anything to make anything in this film interesting. Whether it’s the way that he handles the action to the flow of the film, there was nothing that made me feel entertained as I was bored watching this film. I was waiting for something to get me into this film, instead I got scenes that has no intensity or they just fell flat. It also didn’t help that the performances were just awful. Gubera doesn’t take his time to make sure the performance aspects of the film work. The performances here come off as uninspiring and dull. Nobody looked like they wanted to be in this film. It made me not want to care about anything in the performances or the film all together. When that happen, you lose interest very quickly.

The screenplay by the Gubera and Chelsea Andes was even worse than the film’s direction. One of the things that I hated about this film was the characters. The screenplay gives you characters that are so generic and one dimensional that I didn’t care about them. When the film’s twists happens, I didn’t even care as I didn’t like any the characters at that point and it felt like it just came off as stupid. The other thing that I hated about this was the fact that nothing made sense. Whether it’s the film’s twists or the story, never did I get a sense that anything felt logical. It made for one tortuous viewing as I was waiting for this film to end.

There are plenty of good low budget slashers out there like “Strip Club Massacre” “Capture Kill Release” and “Are We the Waiting” which people should check out instead of this film. “Slasher.com” is one of those films that I couldn’t wait to disconnect as this was awful.

Review Rating: One Star

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